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Zilla Parishad

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 6,43,080

  • EMD

    ₹ 12,862

  • Opening Date

    28 Jan 2019

  • Closing Date

    13 Feb 2019


Extension Of Water Supply Hdpe Pipe Line From Contai Belda Road Near Natdighi Stand To Bharat Bhunias House. Mouza Natdighi, Plot No.789 To 642, Jl No. 190, Raipur Pashimbarh Gp.

Office of the Contai-lPanchaYatSarrirfy. Contai :: Purba MediniP r E mail : bbdoconta i1@gma, Pin: -721401 N Datedi 25.01.2019 For and on behalf oi the Contai- I, Panchayet Samity Authority, the Executive Officer,Memo. No. - 628.(26) / PS Contai' I, PanchaYet SamitY invites Percentage rate tenders through E-tendering for the following works bY two folder sYstem uP to 11-00 l{ouls on 13th Feb, 2019 (Wednes day). Pre-qualification are to beother folder documents in a seParate folder and Bid document with schedule rate in an te class with PWD / submitted bY the qualijied contac ols reglsteled in aPProPrla CPWD/MES/NH Al / Railwavs and bonafide outsiders who satisf]' the tcrms and conditions ualification documentset out in tors viz. Contract I Exteniion of wate r suPPlY HbPE pipe line from Contai - Belda Road (N ear Natdighi Stand) to Bharat Bhunia's House of Mouza Natdighi, Plot no 89 to 642, lL no 190, 12A62 7 within Raipur Paschim Bar G.P. Contai - Block, contai, Bengal Fund Dist: Pu BEUP, Scheme no : O4l201 rba Medinipur, West Time of ComPleti (in Months) Earnest (Rs) Estimate Cost (Rs)De!criPtion of Worksl. N ('Rs) 1000.00 1 1 TenoER Nortce Tender {ees 6,43,080.00 19 or caocel aflY $ afi Pff' ontai- I, Panchayet Samity lification documents and bid I IBI 1. The aPPlicant in the same name comP leted at least one value o{ 50% o( estirna Organizations. 2. The contractor should ha comPlete the work the dght to reiec \vhats('et €iAuthority reserves assig. ing any reasol document without A REGIVENB Ew,- should have succegsful and stYle as P rjme confactor .ontract of similal ted cost in a single type oi tencler comPleted within Civ il/ Electrical Engineer last 5 Years ing work to a , ftom the Govt. / Semi Govt' tools and Plants to ve sufficient technical ranPower' rn submitted for and P5. cleal the last financial Year); ance certificate uP to :f Tax, 1T (PAN Cetificate, and lT Retu with uP to date rehrn;3, GS GST registration certili'ate date % Cess under W.B. Building and other 4.A onstuction Workers t()11, taxes and other levies PaY Central Governmen Bid Pice sulmitte t lor any (Regul other cause ation able bY tI EmPloYmen the Contractor , shall be included in the rates, Pdces ts & Condit ion o{ Serv ice) Act, 19961, under the Contract to the State / and total B. e u & Co of I U duties, ta{es cess, [including 1, rovalties, C Cons d bY the s e bidder 19i, ofE 1 the ted to inspect the site of the ProPosed construction *oIr'r-,Arut ."",1i;:.;:i"xxl"si."\ 996 11 5. The intending bidderc are reques r'l before quoting thei r bid Datedi 25 01'2019 * " T:;i;*:{:ti:if iin::r,',:*:::t"t **"'' 1. . The Savao'Dau .' -*i,',t" tul"oin,pr' iili i[{rn{ii*iru'':rt"^'' : ll: m:l i:*'p11111 $*l [:ll"i,,"J I I {qEii:x':iii"fl:if'"fl9i'ili3lli'B* ""* s,havee sam tv panchayal samitv :,'i, i;H;;;i"i" GIam Panchayal ii,:*+'f:i,",". ;lm t"lr.r ":::i""* ;" :X":". :l-::T"':" ;","--:" * lifi:ril+rd:i.':;x,x'*T:,*"'"'' ".r#;1{;I#*:lJ' Office of the Contai-l P anchaY at SamttY' (ifilt1i:: Pur E mail : bdocontail@g List of ImPortant Dates of BiaT R OT ha Medin, iput Pifi-72l40l N.l.T - 02 of 2018-2019 D Memo. No. -. 628 (26\ /PS 9 (MondaY).01 Year 201Date 28 month Date of Publication'1 lffi -"J#lr::Hil, Year 2o1e (wednesdaY)' (Monday) 2019onth 01From- Date 28 NI Time - 11-00 Hours Bidding Documents oad offor downlPeriod and time2 v)ednesda2019 (\{Date 13 Month 02 Year Original document submission and verilication ofd PlaceLast Time, Date an lffi ;.l?irtilli; Year 2o1e (wednesdav) 9 (MondaY)01 Year 201!rom- Date 2E Month 'Iime - 11-00 Hours Time of Submission.4 Time - 11-00 Houts q (Frida,v)02 Year 201Date 15 MonthopeningTime and Date {or5 To be notified later on Financial Bids' (omPletion of Evaluation). (Subrected to Technical Time and Date of oPening6 Contai-l MediniPur PurbaContai,SamitYPanchaYat dsbiPlace oPemng7 iear 2020Date 28Mon th 01Bid ValidityLast Date of8 contai'l Panchayat Sam itvExecutive

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