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GARDEN REACH SHIPBUILDERS & ENGINEERS LTD. गार्डन रीच शिपबिल् र्र्ड एण् र् इंजीननयर्ड शिशिटेर् (A GOVERNMENT OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) (भारत र्रकार का प्रनतष् ठान) 43/46, Garden Reach Road, Kolkata 700-024 43/46, गार्डन रीच रोर्, कोिकाता-700 024 Phoneदरूभाष: (033) 2469-8100, FAXफैक्स: (033) 2469-3932 Web siteवेब:, E-Mailई मेल: CINसी आई एन: U35111WB1934GOI007891 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT) ननववदा आमंत्रण सूचना Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited is a leading Warship Builders and Engineering Product Company, invites interested, reputed, resourceful and financially solvent contractors and subcontractors to submit single stage two part (Part I- Techno- Commercial & Part II- Price) bids through e-tendering mode for the work packages per following bid document. NIT Noननववदा संख्या: FIB/CKD/OT/AMC – Odisha/N.ET-0781 Job Title कायय का नाम:“Carrying out 02 Year AMC of 04 Nos. 5T and 09 Nos. 12T FIBs in Odisha region with required service & spares to be executed as per SOTR No: AMC-FIB/OD/02 (Annexure I) Tender issuing Dept.बबभाग द्वारा जारी: Boat Shed (FIB) ARTICLE 1अनुछेद-1: SCHEDULE OF CALENDAR DATES र्िायाविी की अनरु्चूी: ARTICLE 2अनुछेद-1: COMMERCIAL REQUIREMENT FOR THE NITननववदा की ब्यवर्ानयक आवश्यकता: SCHEDULEर्ारणी Tender Due Date ननववदा जमा की अनंिम निथी 27.08.2019 Up to 12:00 HRS Tender Opening Date (Part I) ननववदा खलुने की निथी 29.08.2019 At 14:00 HRS Offer Validity Period minimum ऑफर की ननयुन्िम वैधिा अवधी 120 days from Tender due date FEES / DEPOSITS Tender Fee (refer clause xx of STAC) ननववदाप्रपत्र मुल्य (स्टैक के पररछेद xx मे उदधिृ) INR 500 (indicative) Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) (refer clause xx of STAC)बयाना राशि जमा (स्टैक के पररछेद xx मे उदधिृ) Rs. 10.46 Lakhs Security Deposit (SD) प्रनिभनूि 5 % of Order Value PBGपी बी जी 10 per cent of Order Value Liquidity Damage पररननधायररि नुकसान 5 per cent of unexecuted job Billing Frequencyबबल करने की अवधी Stage wise Evaluation of L1 एल1 का मूल्यांकन Yard wise L-1 bidder of West Bengal based Firm ARTICLE 3अनुछेद-3: ANNEXURES FORMS PART OF THIS TENDER ननववदा की र्ंिग्नक प्रपत्र: ARTICLES ENCLOSED FORMING PART OF THIS e-TENDERई-ननववदा अतंगडत र्ंिगगत पररछेद Annexure 1 र्ंिग्नक-1 Statement of Technical Requirement (SOTR) and Special Terms and Conditions Yes Annexure 2 र्ंिग्नक-2 GRSE Standard Terms And Conditions (STAC) (please refer Yes Annexure 3 र्ंिग्नक-3 Format for - Bank Guarantee Format for EMD (please refer Yes Annexure 4 र्ंिग्नक-4 Format for - Integrity Pact (please refer No Annexure 5 र्ंिग्नक-5 Format for Technical Eligibility Criteria No Annexure 6 र्ंिग्नक-6 Format for Financial Eligibility Criteria No Annexure 7 र्ंिग्नक-7 Format for – Non Disclosure Agreement (please refer Yes Annexure 8 र्ंिग्नक-8 Format for – Disclosure by sub-contractor of existing work load and proposed execution plan of this tendered job (please refer Yes Annexure 9 र्ंिग्नक-9 Check List for Bill submission (please refer Yes Annexure 10 र्ंिग्नक-10 Format for - Bank Guarantee Format for Material Guarantee, SD and PBG (please refer Yes Annexure 11 र्ंिग्नक-11 Format for - Bank Guarantee Format for SD (please refer Yes Annexure 12 र्ंिग्नक-12 Format for - Bank Guarantee Format for PBG (please refer Yes Annexure 13 र्ंिग्नक-13 Format for – Indemnity Bond (please refer Yes ARTICLE 4अनुछेद-4: DOCUMENTS TO BE UPLOADED अपिोर् हेतु दस्तावेज Self-Attested documents are to be scanned and uploaded with Part I of e-bid ई-बिर् के भाग-1 के र्ाथ स्कैन एवं अपिोर् हेत ुस्वअशभप्रािाणणत दस्तावेज 1 DD/PO or MSE/NSIC Exemption certificate

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