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Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam

  • Opening Date

    01 Aug 2019

  • Closing Date

    16 Aug 2019

  • Tender Amount

    Refer document

  • EMD




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Water Supply Works Of Following Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalaya In District Sonebhadra

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OFFICE OF THE BXECUTIVE ENGINEER . T]NICEII PROJECT UNIT(E/M). I-etter No. C behail'ol the Chairman of U"P. jal Nigam e-tender from experienced Contractors registeled in [J.i'. .lal l,igan in entitle<i Class & category are hereby invited by the undersigneC. Tender dociturent shail be ai ailable itt e-proourement website http:/letender' Interested contlaclors may vier,v, clownloaci anii Lrf l,,.r,l rherl rir rJcr As per'thllowing progrrmme. F,i.rnre o1'\Iork :- Waler Supply works of lbllorving Kasturaba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya in District Sonebhadra undel DIVIF Prngramme. Namc ofarea Soh,cna) (R:i. ln lncs) Iorest villagc .i Lrgail l.0t .1.1]0I{a-lr-am. Chq:an r000.00 r r8%, (iS'l 1fl00.00 r l3% (is] 0.t0 Chatara 0.10 .1.00 erts"qanJ {.00 1, .--"- -. Cost of le!der doounrerls Earnest money (Rs. in lacs) Date ol starl ol availabiliL), oftender docluticnt Bid Submissiorr slarl dale & time Bkt suhmission 'close dale & tiorc Date & lill]e ol opeoing ofc- bid in oii]ce ol l-).a.U.P.ti (ElM) lj.P .lal i\l; Sonebhadra Complctioll pcr;od ir,l in inr u rr enlillcd Class iflE&lu i,i.,uding ;!rrtrllation oi P.P. 3 4 81 r000.00 + l8% (;sT 0.10 06,08-I9 I5:00 hrs oI 06 03-19 l5:0(lhrs ) 1648-19 rtpto 17:00 hI.s t't "08-tt) l2*0 hrs 2 nronrhl 06-0{i-t9 I5r00 hrs 06-08-19 I s:00 h.s 16-08-19 rpto 17:00li! 06-08-t9 {r6-08-t9 l5:00 hl1s I ii00 hrs 16-08-19 npto l7:00 hrs I ?-0,9- I.' l:$0 hr$ 1?,08-i9 l::00 hrs 2 nrorths 2 nrorths (' ,000.00 + t8% 6SI 0.10 06-08-i, i5:00 hrr 06-08-r9 l5:00 hrs l6-08-19 upto l7:00 hrs ? nrolths17-08-19 12$0 hrs U.P. JAL NIGAM, SONEBSADITA. Dated: 10 r ./ E-Tender Notice UB!4!,AND_eoIDUIANEI t htending applicants will have to pay non-r'efundable cost of tender docuirent to Exccirtiic Enqln..c. Linic:e1'Ploject Llni(E/Mi li.P. .lal Niganr. Sonebhcdra only tl1t or.lgh ]t]'GS in Stare llank ol India. itobixlsgani Nea[ Hotei Szrvela, District-Soneb]radra A/c No. 37819014818 (iFSCt Cocle SB1N0000i 70) and receipt r:f RTGS must be uploaded u,ith tender docrunent. Bank dra1l or cash etc rvill rror be ar:cepled. 2 Tcnder' lllust be accomplished with requircd earllest money (EMD) to Executilc Engineer lJnicet I']r'o.iect tJnit(E/M) iJ.P. .lal Nigam. Sonebliadra only through RTCiS in State Ba:ik ol India- iiobertsganj NeaI llotel Savera, Districl-Sonebhadra :\lc No. 37819014818 (IFSC Cloric Sts1N00001 70) r;r.ithout r.vhich tender ri,ill not be considered I 'l-hc Bidders have to submit RTGS ileceipt (both in original) ir.r a seaied envelope on clate & tipe as pet column r]o-6 in the office of Execntive Engineer Unicef Project Unit(E/M) tJ.P. Jal Nigaur. Sot.rcbhacira rvithout wh;ch the tender r,vill not be considered. .1 l he biddels har,-e 1o irpload the following documents along with the tender :- ril Col)y of rcceipt of RTGS tol EMD & turrrler. lees. (ii) CopY ol Solveucy Cerlificate issued by District Magistrate/ Nationalized Balk or. privalc banli {l{Di:C. ICIa'1. IDBI and Axis bank only) as per column uo I 1. ln case of bank solvenc-y it should not be issLrecl Lretbre Lhan April.2018 (iii) copi' orregistratio* certitlcate in U.p. Jal Nigam in appropriate crzLss & categorl,.. r ir r (iopy ol P AN. (i,) Copy of GST Regisrration Certihcate. 6 (l { // Eutl. No. t1 tl t M'll t r3 ,"" (Himanshu Yndav) &xecutive Engineer Dated: t l6 llt i. S.E. Yantrik Mancial, U.P. Jal Nigam, Allahabad' 2. P R O, U.P. .Tal Nigan.r, r-""t""*-f* pf"ci11g the tender notice at U'P' 'Tal Nigam web sitc along ,"itt, i.O. & tenclei notice i, 6 copies for puLlication in daily I{indiiEnglisli Natio'al Ner'r's Coov to t'ollorvitr s for inforrnation:- Papers. 3. IlivislonalAccoulltant. 4. Computer tbr Record. 5. Notice lloard. b. vt/s....,....... ?\ 't1 Executivc Enginccr (r,i) Copy of Labour Cess legistlation cefiificate .|.fheorigirralcopyofuptoadeddocr:mentsl1avetobeprorluceclasandu,hendemandedbyU.,P..lal Nigarn. 6 The qttautum of rvott may increase or declease to any extent'./ ll holiday is declar"ecl on date of sealed envelope su

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