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Nagar Panchayat

Sangrur, Punjab

  • Opening Date

    10 Sep 2019

  • Closing Date

    01 Oct 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 4,70,000

  • EMD

    ₹ 9,400

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Const. Of Drain And Interlocking Tiles Subash Chand To Niraj Ward No 6

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Const. of Drain and Interlocking tiles Subash Chand to Niraj ward no 6
1for complete- 470000

dPqr ngr pMcwieq KnOrI,(ijlHw sMgrUr) ID: eI-tYNfr noits Pon 01676-250308 eI-tYNfr- NP Khanauri/2019-20/4 ngr pMcwieq KnOrI, ijlHw sMgrUr v`loN ngr pMcwieq KnOrI dy pRvwnq Tykydwr qy ikrq sBwvW qoN do p`DrW qy inmn kMmW dy inptwry leI eI-tYfrW dI mMg kIqI jWdI hY [ (a) imqI qy smyN dI swrnI Awnlwien syl qy dsqwvyj dwKl krn dI imqI/smW qknIkI bolI Kolx dI imqI qy smW iv`qI bolI Kolx dI imqI qy smW Up to 01.10.2019 11:00 01.10.2019 13:00 01.10.2019 14:00 (A) kMmW dI sUcI S no. NAME OF WORK AMOUNT Enrest Money Time 1 Supply of Patwari NP Khanauri 0.60 1200 6 Month 2 Const. of drain and I/L tiles near h/o Billu to Papu ward no 11 0.45 900 2 Month 3 Const. of DB Paving near h/o Nek Singh to Drain ward no 2 NP Khanauri 1.68 3360 3 Month 4 DB Paving on edge shop of sh. V.K string store to h/o Ramphal Mistri ward no 7 2.50 5000 3 Month 5 Providing and Laying tiles near h/o Avtar Singh to Harmsh Singh ward no 2 0.61 1220 2 Month 6 Const. of Room in Nagar Panchayat Khanauri 3.60 7200 2 Month 7 Repair of fogging Machine 0.25 500 2 Month 8 Purchase of AC for Nagar Panchayat Khanauri 0.43 860 2 Month 9 Purchase of Computer for Building Branch 0.65 1300 2 Month 10 Earth filling and RCC Poll on route to Solid Waste Dump 2.40 4800 2 Month 11 Providing and fixing Tree Guard in Nagar Panchayat Khanauri 3.00 6000 2 Month 12 Purchase of Disposal Pump set in Nagar Panchayat Khanauri 0.60 1200 2 Month 13 Earth filling old toilet place near Ambedkar Park ward no 13 3.90 7800 2 Month 14 Repairing of staff room in bus stand 4.09 8180 2 Month 15 Purchase of Street Light 25W LED for various ward 2.00 4000 2 Month 16 Const. of Drain and Interlocking tiles near h/o Karnail Singh to Jeet Singh ward no 2 4.00 8000 2 Month 17 Repair of Street Light Stairs 0.30 600 2 Month 18 Const. of Drain and Interlocking tiles Gyan Chand to Jaspal Mittal ward no 6 7.91 15820 2 Month 19 Const. of Drain and Interlocking tiles Sat Narayan Godown to h/o Pandit ward no 6 12.74 25480 2 Month 20 Const. of Drain and Interlocking tiles Subash Chand to Niraj ward no 6 4.70 9400 2 Month 21 Const. of Drain and Interlocking P/B tiles Near NH52 to h/o Parjapat ward no 12 4.81 9620 2 Month 22 Paver Interlocking tiles and Drain Near h/o Bhramroop to Bhola Tiper wala ward no 12 3.01 6020 2 Month 23 Providing Interlocking tiles Baypass to Partap Colony 9.81 19620 2 Month 24 Supply of Labour for Sanitation 15 Safai Sevak one year 17.24 34480 2 Month aukq eI-tYNfirMg pRikirAw iv`c ih`sw lYx leI Tykydwr nMU kol Kud nMU rijstrf krwauxw pvygw Aqy XUjr AweI.fI Aqy pwsvrf pRwpq kro[klws-3 ifjItl isgnycr eI-tYNfirMg iv`c ih`sw lYx leI lwzmI hY[ 1. cwhvwn /tYNfrkwrbolIkwr vYbsweIt qoN Awnlwien tYNfr dsqwvyz KRId skdy hn[ 2. bolIkwr nMU tYNfr pRosYisMg PIs Awn-lwien hI Adw krnI hovygI[ 3. ibAWnw rkm, kwrj swDk APsr ngr pMcwieq KnOrI dy p`K iv`c Awn lwien Awr.tI.jI.AYs. dy rUp iv`c Adw kIqI jwvy[ 4. bolIkwr/Tykydwr/tYNfrkwr aukq drsweI vYbswiet qy tYNfr dsqwvyz inrDwrq smyN q`k dy skdy hn, Aqy vYbswiet ielYktRwink tYNfr iv`c muMkml tYNfr dsqwvyz pys kr skdy hn[bolIkwr/Tykydwr swry kwgjwq, ijvyN ik inXmW Aqy srqW iv`c loVINdy hn,dIAW skYn kIqIAW nklW n`QI krn[ 5. soD/vwDw/suDweI jy koeI hoeI qW ieh kyvl vYbswiet qy jwrI kIqI jwvygI[ 6. AYn.AweI.tI. Aqy inXm Aqy SrqW dyKx leI ngr pMcwieq KnOrI dI vYbswiet ivKy Aplof hn[eyjMsIAW not krn ik Awnlwien tYNfr aukq drsweI vYbswiet (CyqI hI Aplof kIqy hn) ivKy auQy vyrivAw/hdwieqW Anuswr pyS kIqy jwx[ 7. pMjwb srkwr dy notIiPkySn Aqy mwnXog pMjwb AYNf hirAwxw hweIkort dy PYsly Anuswr 40 l`K rupey q`k dy kMmW qy lybr sBwvW nMU pihl id`qI jwvygI [ srkwr dIAW hdwieqW Anuswr ibAwn

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