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Nagar Panchayat

Sangrur, Punjab

  • Opening Date

    29 May 2019

  • Closing Date

    12 Jun 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 2,30,000

  • EMD

    ₹ 4,600




Laying Earth Work Drain And Db Paving Near H/o Sakur Khan,tarsem Chand And Suresh Kumar W. No. 2

dPqr ngr gzukfJs, yB"oh ( ijlHw sMgrUr ) eI-tYNfr noits NP Khanauri/2019/19 Bro gzukfJs, yB"oh ijlHw sMgrUr v`loN pRvwnq Tykydwr qy ikrq sBwvW qoN do p`DrW qy inmn kMmW dy inptwry leI eI-tYfrW dI mMg kIqI jWdI hY [ (a) imqI qy smyN dI swrnI Sr. No Last date of online sale of Tender and online submission of Bidding Document Opening of technical Bidding Documents Opening of Financial Bidding Documents 1 Date 12.06.2019 Time 17:00 Date 13.06.2019 Time 11:00 Date 13.03.2019 Time 13:00 Sr. No Name of work Estimated cost (in Rs) Earnest Money (2%) Time limit (months) 1 Providing and Laying Interlocking tiles near h/o faler Ram, Jit Singh and Ambedkar Park ward no.1 Khanauri 3.45 6900.00 2 Month 2 Laying Earth Work Drain and DB Paving near shop of subash Chand, factory Jagan Nath and Hans Raj Satrane wale W.No 2 3.46 6920.00 2 Month 3 Const. of Drain and Interlocking tiles near h/o Dr. Kala Ram and Sita Ram Sharma W.No 2 0.57 1140.00 2 Month 4 Laying Interlocking near h/o Babli Ram, Ved Parkash and Lekh Ram W.No-9 0.48 960.00 2 Month 5 Const. of Boundarywall and Footpath in Municipal Park 12 Khanauri 2.60 5200.00 2 Month 6 Providing and Fixing Interlocking tiles near h/o Master Bhagat Ram to Harjeet Pujari W.No.3 1.83 3660.00 2 Month 7 Const. of Boundary wall and foothpath in Ambedkar Park W.No 13 21.98 43960.00 2 Month 8 Const. of 200 metre Track with 16rft width NP Khanauri 4.81 9620.00 2 Month 9 Const. of Volleyball ground N.P. Khanauri 0.27 540.00 2 Month 10 Const. of Handball ground N..P Khanauri 0.69 1380.00 2 Month 11 Const. of Badminton Court N.P. Khanauri 1.84 3680.00 2 Month 12 Const. of Drain and DB Paving near h/o Nek Singh and Gurbachan Singh W.No. 1 Khanauri 2.18 4360.00 2 Month 13 Const. of Drain and DB Paving and Earth Filling near h/o Roop Chand W.No. 1 Khanauri 2.28 4560.00 2 Month 14 Laying Interlocking Paver Block Tiles and Drain near h/o Joga Singh, shop Billu karyana Store and Tarsem Chand W.No 2 1.80 3600.00 2 Month 15 Laying Earth Work Drain and DB Paving near h/o Sakur Khan,Tarsem Chand and Suresh Kumar W. No. 2 2.30 4600.00 2 Month 16 Laying and Fixing water discharging borwell in Stadium Nagar Panchayat Khanauri 4.28 8560.00 2 Month aukq eI-tYNfirMg pRikirAw iv`c ih`sw lYx leI Tykydwr nMU kol Kud nMU rijstrf krwauxw pvygw Aqy XUjr AweI.fI Aqy pwsvrf pRwpq kro[klws-3 ifjItl isgnycr eI-tYNfirMg iv`c ih`sw lYx leI lwzmI hY[ 2. cwhvwn / tYNfrkwr bolIkwr vYbsweIt qoN Awnlwien tYNfr dsqwvyz KRId skdy hn [ 3. bolIkwr nMU tYNfr pRosYisMg PIs Awn-lwien hI Adw krnI hovygI [ 4. ibAWnw rkm, kwrj swDk APsr Bro gzukfJs yB"oh dy p`K iv`c Awn lwien Awr.tI.jI.AYs. dy rUp iv`c Adw kIqI jwvy[ 5. bolIkwr/Tykydwr/tYNfrkwr aukq drsweI vYbswiet qy tYNfr dsqwvyz inrDwrq smyN q`k dy skdy hn, Aqy vYbswiet ielYktRwink tYNfr iv`c muMkml tYNfr dsqwvyz pys kr skdy hn[bolIkwr/Tykydwr swry kwgjwq, ijvyN ik inXmW Aqy srqW iv`c loVINdy hn,dIAW skYn kIqIAW nklW n`QI krn ns/ nZgb'v ehs/ ekriks dh fJZe ekgh ;hb pzd fbckc/ ftZu N?Avo UgB j'D dh fwsh s' gfjbk dcso Bro gzukfJs, yB"oh fty/ iwQK eotkJh ikt/. 6. soD/vwDw/suDweI jy koeI hoeI qW ieh kyvl vYbswiet qy jwrI kIqI jwvygI [ 7. AYn.AweI.tI. Aqy inXm Aqy SrqW dyKx leI Bro gzukfJs, yB"oh dI vYbswiet ( ivKy Aplof hn[eyjMsIAW not krn ik Awnlwien tYNfr aukq drsweI vYbswiet ivKy auQy vyrivAw/hdwieqW Anuswr pyS kIqy jwx[ 8. pMjwb srkwr dy notIiPkySn Aqy mwnXog pMjwb AYNf hirAwxw hweIkort dy PYsly Anuswr 40 l`K rupey q`k dy kMmW qy lybr sBwvW nMU pihl id`qI jwvygI [ srkwr dIAW hdwieqW Anuswr ibAwnw rkm jmW krwauxI lwjmI hovygI, jykr iksy vI dsqwvyj iv`c koeI qrutI pweI geI qW tYNfr leI ivcwirAw nhI jwvygw [ lybr sBwvW Aqy TykydwrW dw auhnW dy lwiesMs Anuswr eyrIAw AprySn pitAwlw, sMgrUr ijlHy nMU pihl id`qI jwvygI [ 9. eyjMsI/Tyk

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