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GOVERNMENT OF ODISHA OFFIGE OF THE EXEGUTIVE ENGINEER, R.W. DIVISIONNI, CUTTACK copr *-t.irt"t o rtitt"iiFngi*er, Rumr worklr / chier En:inee,l Ruml worklri l"rCorriq.ndum In respect of the lender called online vide EEcTc-lI-o7 012013-19 dr. 10.0r,201, through eProcuremeni. the dare & rimc of bids is rescheduled as rollovs due to unavoidable rron:2210I/2019 ai I l:00 AtrI 'l'.: 0l/lr2/20lrr xt J:lr0 P\l Irrcm: 0l/02/2019 at l1:00]{M Tor 15.0?.2019at 'l:00 PM All otherthiies i', thcTctrdft c,ll N.ticc 6n,ir mah.rcd Meno No. ? i/ I lD e ar/t lLa ,oDJ .o a-ded o rhe V*-age, {P:ui.a,o1, ta ,R uo\.mm.n' o.. h BhubanesM vith a requesl 1o eer it published in News papers al m early date for wide circularion. Tne complementdy copy of the nem papeB containing rhe Tender C.ll Norice nD, bc scnl to thh oti€ lor relerm.e and recod. blXKit,,*.,:";tr"t)t MenoNa.::1:---J Dd.. rLA Q;,ln V;\, X Engineer, Rual Vorhs lll (O) Bhubaneswar / Superinlcnding Eneineer, Rur, works Cnck, Cultack fot r..oL, orli,d inib,ma.ion d necesd -rio,. &fr,* Memorro. ',? ro,". a'/o /'t i:,*'^ii:'-l , oo m,t" n-.p"coi-in cnaa.,r ro.,r, r.. .*".1 .. .r"*.',i , -i *.".,i j d. inl 6!y2,^,, F,",-i" P""lh ) MemoNo. . u- tD^e. 7yr4t-_ V, tu" { , Copy b.he Asi.ranr F\i.L i\. rrEincs.Rral Wor\"Srb-Di\:oi. ^JaErl BdJi Bar b./ /Divisional Accounls Oitrcer / A.E.l. (Estinaro, / J.E. (Estimaror) / Compurer seciion / Head Clcrk / .J.hier Nori.e Boa'd "or in.o.ndor ddre,esl.ra.rior Ar"C_h ,/",,,x:Hfil;l \X'l'2-:' Email lD- cutacliN2nd@) in 'l elcFhoDe / Iax No. (0671)-24451 19 GOVERNMf,I{T OT ODlsH-E OFTICtr OT THE EXf,CT]TOIf, ENSNNtr& RUSiL IdIOAI(S DMSION.II, CUTTACK e-procurement Notice for RoAp & BUILpINGworks Bid Identific,tion No. EECTC-I!07 of20lE{9 dt. 10.01.2019 2. L 5. 6. Esihalod cosr. (Approx) sale & rcceipt ofbid documeDt online Date & tine ofope rsofbids N ane and addEss of Inviting Offi cer 04 (Four) No. of Buildins Wo.ks 0l (Onc) No, ofRold worlts 02 (Tn o).llendar Monr[g Fronr 22.01.201, !t ll:00AM Io: rt 4:00 PM 05.02.2019 {t,l:30IlM R, W. Dn hionll, Cutt ch, N ty, biztrr, Cnil, ck-753004 Ithsr/tcndersorhs!.sor.inFu herdetrilscanbdseeni.m the State G.vt Doftal s -C.K. Bhol) Fxecttive ErEheu t R.w. Diiio Jl,( n,* MLmo No. G.E IFr.c., /oJte.trnttq.op' ion\drded o ar V rgp.,Pubi.Jr',r/. a lR Dcp"n !nr. uo\eio'e.. o O,lisl.'. Bhubaneswr Nith a request io gct it publishcd in 2 (6vo) Nos, oller.Uns Oriy! d{ib & l(onc) No. of Locrl trnglhh daily Nsvs papes al m eany d,te lirr *ide cncuhtun. The conDlenretrtry copy of dre ne\6 papcts conlainine thc TcndorCallN.tice frat be senr to rhis ollce for rclereDce and rcod. { I F)"::t?^, /)rr-tT,"r"'lr\ i;.q 6,t Emair lD- cutl,cknr2nd@J! Telepho.e / F.x No. (06?l) 24451l9 GO\48NMENT OT ODISH.A OTTICE OF THE trX.E,CTIn}t, SNSNEES, R,UR.AL WOR]I.S DMSIOFII, CUTTACK Invitation for Bids (IFB) e-Procur€meDt Nofice for ROAD works Bid ldentification-Tender Calt Notice No. 07 of 2018-19 dt. 10.01.2019 l. fieDxecutiveDtrlnreer,RuralworkrDivisiorctrtt,ck-Il,Cull!.konbehauolColehorol Odisha invites Percentage Rlte bids i. Single cov€r systenr in otrlirc nodc for the construcrion of wo& as derailed in the rable, from rhe cla$ oleligible contdctoB 6 nenrioned in coloun.,6 (Six) registered with $d Sllte Covemmenh d conrracros ol cquivalent Grade/ Clds Registned {ilh Centr.l Govement/ MES/ RailwayVCPWD loi execution of ciril $orks. fte Fmof.l regislration lron lhe appmpriate audroriry shall be enclosed along with rhe Bid. lfsuccesstul. rhe bidder lvho nas not resisleFd under Stalc Coventue.t has to resister undft the appiopri,& resisle.ins authodry of the Stale Covdmentolodishainapprop ateclassof eligibilitlbelorcawadolrhework. Ths biddeB n,y subnit bids for rhe folosing wor[s. ANNEXURETABT,E blosk lbr the r-err 20 L 8- I 9 Compoundwall.lTi8nia ,! 1 block lbr rhe verr 20 I 8 I 9 Bid docunenls consislins ofplans. specincation., thc Bill ofquanlities and dre set oflenns and conditions ol con

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