Telangana Tenders - Government Tender Details - 2021

Telangana Tenders - Government Tender Details - 2021

Currently, there are more than 3,600 Telangana tenders available on BidAssist for you to explore. But, how are you going to catch up to them without any fuss? For starters, you can click on the search tab and write “Telangana tender” on it. This way, you can find every tender that has been tagged with the same term. You may also find it under the “By States” option, which can be found on the India Tenders tab.  

1. TWED Tender, Telangana 

With this Telangana tender, you will get the opportunity of constructing a dormitory in the TW Ashram Girls High School at Ananthapuram. The module has an overall tender amount of INR 43.00 lacs and will be available until 20th September 2021. Be sure to download its documents prior to the deadline to garner more details about the same. 

2. SCCL Tender, Telangana 

Released on 6th September, this tender is all about reconstructing the collapsed compound wall at Mines Resue Station, Mandamarri. The tender amount, in this aspect, is around INR 4.92 lacs, while the details on EMD cost are available on its documents. You can bid on this tender until 20th September. So, hurry up. 

3. Panchayat Raj Engineering Department Tender, Telangana 

This Telangana tender will ask you to construct a 2-BHK housing program in the Banswada Colony, Telangana. The tender amount for this module would be around INR 23.47 lacs, which should be ideal for project completion. However, like any other tender, it also comes with a closing date of 16th September 2021. So, we would ask you to gather its other details as soon as possible and bid on it, if you are interested. 

4. SCR Tender, Hyderabad, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Chandrapur 

If you are interested in performing indoor and outdoor tasks in the distributed electronic segment, this tender would be ideal. It has an overall tender amount of INR 12.15 crore and comes with a closing date of 24th September. You can download its documents to learn more about its EMD cost, tender fee, and other aspects. 

5. NFC Tender, Hyderabad 

The NFC  Telangana tender will ask you to do loading in the segment of an electric generator system. It is a Hyderabad-based tender, which comes with a tender amount of 43.92 lacs, while the tender fee is only INR 500. The module was first released on 4th September and will be closing on 17th September. Be sure to click on its name to know more about the project. 

6. TSMSIDC Tender, Telangana 

With this tender, you will get the opportunity to construct a sub-center building in Padakal in Telangana. The module boasts a tender amount of INR 12.95 lacs and has a tender fee of INR 5,000. It will expire on 17th September. So, hurry up and put a bid on it as quickly as possible. 

7. MES Tender, Hyderabad

Contrary to any other Military Engineer-related government tenders, this one comes with a huge tender amount of INR 25.90 lacs. Additionally, it has an EMD cost of INR 51,800 as well. Your task, in this aspect, will be to provide special repairs and replacement of a few tools and equipment at the Station Begumpet in Telangana. It will be closing on 16th September.