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Head Of Forest Force Tender

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I ,Providing and la5rng C""t in tir" "R":O) Mh cement concre i granite I quartzite I gne i s s meral t",, * !{:-.::l j:?::f-Tril:*"i:ffi ...1...... i :.00 i ' : ..........;' r ii' 'tii;|^ i;' C ili";;#;',I of ""iio"*8 iil;;idi.g;d ii'il! fi il;iti;; tMC - FE :'soo t"i '" idiameterst"'*'C'Sfiitt''p"'iooti'-tg"'foundations'slabs'beamscolumns'asper icanopies, "t^i..J*., ,r"\"els, chajjas, irrr,"r" puId1l, copings, fin ' arches et idetatted U.*r*r.-=]-O-r;;;;" ".a. ".fr"A.,les. inciuding cutiing' bending' hooking the ibars, binding *ttt, ,r,ir"" or tack;;;;;J ".rppoi,i,,g as required complete' 8,082.00 i : dcuringetc'complete' " """i "" " i ! i .. ..i """ ""i" " ' i : i - iiJ'*#*?;;;;;; I ttrt; ;t"'{"i iz** it'i"t i" ;ilsi; ;;;i i' '""''",-,t ;';t;; i i ir;4 rvithout neeru finish.o "or-r"r"',. #otttit ""tt""""'i' all positions including l i'Jil1H:Jf ff.':Hil:;":T,"{,i":,:""*'s:::*;*ffi i#iiltff 3r:I- i,preparing trt" prt"t""-J"rface 'applyt"* "t'i* "otl '""tttolding if necessary' and irl^,.ri"*ih" "t"f^t" for tr'r'o days etc complete' : NorB' po'1tt',', No' 15 to 18 prior approval bf i i i i 'i "::""'i : : 'al l\f,': -':.........,... " :" " i " "" " ' pproved : ...,..........i...... ...... ...... " " ":i to iPro'iding ano applving two coats-"|::l::*"X:m*,::t,'"li}ltll";leaning. iSuperintending trngineer r'r'ili be necessary : . . . -i , , . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . 8,082.'J[) 9B2.itr'; l ffi"i;i#,l;X':::il, "H;'::riili*#*'ffxff r:iff :1,l:[,:" provided ,..rd "rrrr-rg-.'t..-.o-pfete. (Excludilg reinforcem.enia'-td structural steel)' ivith ru l1y auto m atic H# ;G " "' o# a"t?C :* :":,^:l ::*ff$ J:;;;ilo" ;i'lJ1'J":*'#?ffi:;;5;ff ,'J#+ffi iip.',mixer)etccompletewith ,"irr"f "*"d/V' S'I' qualitv Artificial Sand l i : i I- #t'f#* i,a r.v i' g c'= i i,, = i t' i :j:al X t :: *:* l':;f -[*,|": :':ff , J:iio"iakrg and lay n Cast rn slru/ r\cdur.;. ;;;;;"nd tintels as per detailed itr""ri. lo" artz\iel gneiss i,",11^t"^l,T:lr,,ai,.,o centerins, t"r***r., cover blo, iilltJ::'.ffi lYi::13::'::S':?"'fi -i:*:*::**n',i$Jt?tfi,:ff ill'.'xl' iffi,f ;i,H,1l?:'::il,:n,l{,'."*;;::i: jii;*r*:L",Tr:iff :[',l*: i#i:,Y"1."#'.'li;""#3"U*T:d:*:1'?*#*X"='mlHffiT'.:l:?:iJ'"""',p-"'i9",1 ^i1:::: i,li;,l"illixT",]:;;;;^i?c rnith scADA enable<l reversibleirn'ith full:' automatr< -- :-- -1^nr (pan mixer) etc. complete. With!;,.'};|llllr:*:?)".fr':::,ffid?T'""i i'-"" **r) l t wi i;;;;i;nd/V' S'I' qualitv Artificial Sand ........:....,...,.'....... .. ":. !L iiiiin No. 8 : isuperintending trngineer rvill be necessary niy;:r:"T:it"3';'i"":#:,';;l;::i::iiliil"l;i',lll:Hl]i,:i$l:' idiameters for R'C'u p1le caps' ruvL,r6'' , fins, arches etc' as icanopies, staircase, newels,'cla.ij_lf1.1i::"1",:lill;!"J.ffig, bending, hookingi $iels, cnallas' rrrrLLrr r'*^---' 1a*tilag, e"", ;'"*tngs and ;n:1':"^ii'l:::t r,"s as required complete i t::li"., JHT';f llXl I? T:J :J:ilil il :"p p'?'i" g i r e p l te No. , ' it,; ';r,;:;;;;";t' iinish io concr('te or brick surraces' lrl arr PUJrL - i per the i - iir;i|r1?r.rt*"i ;;*;;r ;ti;:^1,-t*.lll:|;lJj:,flTt::[,::U* mo*ar i 't "rrt t"=, i"t ll positions including i :i..............i : : : .i..'.."""i :':':::: i i i 0 ffi ;id :t'f Y; :i,T:,:.":i; : I ;ffi:';1,J**.. !i:h::,"-':* ::::: $ean in gimanufacture ar i,preparing the plasteisurface ,i-11itt"* primer coat 'scaffolding if necessary' and i;;;;;it" ""'r^" for two t?;,"h:",[xl'i,'.. ,t to 18 prior approval bf l l i 8,082.!'ir ' - Orrntitv Vide as Pcr ltcm No 9 i ....i,................X.::lllll: 1:: '::li 1 "i l'"" ' r ri iiliT,#'full..*i',g *ira =I""i giiiri.t; "; p";;h. J"t"ii"a aii*i"g incruding i irrirrg.s, iocking arrangements and pulrr,irrg in three coats of oil paint of approved i icorour and srrlde etc.-complete.lweight rs tg. to 2o kg. Per sq'm') i iSp.".No': As directed by Engineer- in-charge' :A.AOltion of Royalty Charges As per Items wise Quantity of material requirecl in the estimate j(, It. No. D

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