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FOREST DEPARTMENT DIVISIONA1 FOREST OFFICER CHAilDRAPUR DIVISION CHAilDRAPUR Range Chichpalli qls Z Loo>''" f7go3orqn' ESTIMATE FOR Construction of cement Bandhara at c.N. 1005 at Pimpalkhut in chichpalli Range of chandrapur Division, Dist. Chandrapur Estimated Amount Rs. @ to 24 6q) Estimate framed in the office of the DIVIS|ONAL FOREST OFFICER CHANDRAPUR DIVISION CHANDRAPUR of the probable expenses that will be incurred in the Gonstruction of Cement Bandhara at C.N. 1005 at Pimpalkhut in Chichpalli Range of Chandrapur Division, Dist. Ghandrapur Division. Sub Division. Fund Head. Departmental Head Service Head. Major Head Minor Head Com. No. : 1005 Range: Chichpalli Estimate prepared by Estimate checked by Technically sanctioned No. ESTIMATE DIVISIONAL FOREST OFFICER CHANDRAPUR DIVISION CHANDRAPUR Range Forest Officer Chichpalli Beat: Pimpalkhut Round : Mahadwadi Rs. 1132171.004Work Portion Cost of Estimate No. Desk;- No. Desk Date:-Date:- Technically Sanctioned for Administratively approved for Rs. Ws**;,", F.f Rs. DIVISIONAL f,'ORE ST OFF'ICER CHANDRAPUR DIVISION CHANDRAPUR 13 Aq 6c1lRs. zfSZftiO0-.O0,_E=_- Name of Work :: Estimated coat :: !ntroduction Necessity Water Availability Hydrology Foundation Economics :: GENERAL REPORT Construction of Cement Bandhara at C.N. 1005 at Pimpalkhut in Chichpalli Range of Chandrapur Division, Dist. Chandrapur 13246q\ €szr,ffii3iu.l. Cement Concrete Bandhara is proposed in C.N.1005 of Chichpalli Range. This Bandhara will help to store water within the banks of Nalla. Stored water is available for drinking purpose to animals. This Nalla is only source of drinking water to animals in sorrounding vicinity. The stored water against Bandhara will help animals, at least for month up to March end. Catchment area up stream at the site is ...... Sq.kmt ............ Sq. mile and capacity of Bandhara is... ... ... ... ..TCM. Catchment is good so for as run off characterstic is concerned. Area lies in modrate rainfall zone. Catchment is having modrate slope with thick forest area. Average rain fall of District is 1400 mm. lnglish flood discharge is limited to .cumes and yield available up to Bandhara site is ... M Cft. 1) Hard rock is not available at economical depth and hence Bandhara is proposed on rubble soling. The cement concrete in M-10(40 MSA) is proposed as bed concrete. 2) Main Bandhara is proposed in Cement Concrete M-20 ( 40 MSA) with surface reinforcement. 3) Flank Walls are proposed on both banks with proper slope on Earth surface with 0.60 m width on top surface. 4) Stilling basin with proper length is also designed. Due to water impounded by this Bandhara, animals will get drinking water near by their wandering places. 6ni"",, Construction of Cement Bandhara at C.N. 1oO5 at Pimpalkhut in Chichpalli Range of Ghandrapur Division, Dist. Chandrapur ABSTRACT S.N ITEM OF WORK QTY RATE UNIT AMOUNT 1 Excavation in all kinds of soil including boulders upto 0.6 m diameter (0.113 cum) for canal, seating of embankment, filter drains/catch water drains etc, and placing the lrrig. W.R.D.- C.S.R.ltem No. 1 / Page No.16 626.70/ 70.12( Cum 43944.04 2 Piotding and laying rubble soling below foundation in layers including filling with rubble chips, murum etc' comolete (excludinq royalty of material) rrig. W.R.D.- C.S.R.ltem No.65 / Pg. No.28 37.3y 1377.73/ CuM 51431.00 3 P;o;iAfig-And-iAting in situ cement concrete of grade M-101 of trap/ granite I quartzite / graded metal for foundation andl bedding with Batching Plant & Transit Mixer includingl lrrig. W.R.D.- C.S.R.ltem No. 228 Pg. No. 22 30.027 437e.Bo( Cum 131482.00I 4 ilo;iailg?;d-iarilg in situ cement concrete of grade M-20] of trap / granite / gneiss / quartzite I graded metal for RCC works of gallery, sluice, spillway crest, spillway downstream lrrig. W.R.D.- C.S.R.ltem No. 258 I Pg. No.22 137.587 5477.5{ Cum 753607.00 5 Cutting, bending, hooking, laying in position and tying M.S. bars for reinforcement of R.C.C. work as per detailed drawing e

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