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Jharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Company Limited

Hazaribag, Jharkhand

  • Opening Date

    03 Sep 2019

  • Closing Date

    14 Sep 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 90,86,500

  • EMD

    ₹ 1,81,800



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Construction Of P.c.c Road And R.c.c Drain Nizam Tailor To Kerbala Gate Via Badruddin, From Mahavir Sthan To Gulam Ansari Via Imambara, From The House Of Nasim To Naushad Khan Via Arshad Mistry, From Charka Bhuinya To Moazzam. In Ward No. 1

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Government of Jharkhand Urban Development Department Hazaribag Nagar Nigam, Hazaribag e-Procurement Short Tender Reference No. UDD/NN/HZB/11/2019-20 Dated : 29.08.2019 1. Detail of work : Group No. Name of Work Estimated Cost Earnest Money Cost of BoQ Completion Period for Construction I Construction of P.C.C Road & R.C.C Drain from the house of Nizam Tailor to Kerbala Gate VIA House of Badruddin, From Mahavir Sthan to the House of Gulam Ansari VIA Imambara, From The House of Nasim to the House of Naushad Khan VIA House of Arshad Mistry, From the House of Charka Bhuinya to the House of Moazzam. in Ward No. 1 90,86,500/- 1,81,800/- 10000/- 03 Months (90 days) II Construction of P.C.C Road and Drain from the House of Tarzan Khan to the House of Aainaullah VIA House of Hazi Akbar, From Shop of Ekram to the House of Akil Khan VIA the House of Danish Sir, From the House of Haidar to Main Road VIA House of Ayub, From the House of Safique to the House of Mukhtar Ansari VIA the House of Fida Hussain. in Ward No. 2 94,41,800/- 1,88,900/- 10000/- 03 Months (90 days) III Construction of P.C.C Road & Drain with Slab from the House of Tapas Bangali to Kali Mandir & Construction of P.C.C Road from the House of Shivendu Kumar to the House of Girdhari Rana. in Ward No. 3 90,58,200/- 1,81,200/- 10000/- 03 Months (90 days) IV Construction of P.C.C Road, and Guard Wall & R.C.C Drain From Kala Tanki to Jheel Nagar VIA the House of Deepak Sinha, From Gandhi Smarak to Kala Tanki VIA Back Side of Indira Gandhi School in ward no. 04 89,81,000/- 1,79,700/- 10000/- 03 Months (90 days) 2 Date of Publication of Tender on website 31.08.2019 at 11:00 Am 3 Last Date/Time of receipt of bids online 14.09.2019 up to 2:00 PM 4 Hardcopy Submission date 16.09.2019 11:00 am to 3:00 pm 5 Bid Opening date 17.09.2019 at 3:00 pm 6 Name & Address of office inviting tender Office Municipal Commissioner, Nagar Nigam, Hazaribag. 7 Contact No. of Procurement officer 9431180442 NOTE : Only e-Tenders will be accepted. Further details can be seen on website http:/ Executive officer Nagar Nigam, Hazaribag fo'ks"k fu;e ,oa 'krsZ tks vke 'krksZa dk voØe.k gksxkA 1- ifjek.k foi= Ø; gsrq fuEufyf[kr 'krksZ dks iwjk djuk gksxk ¼d½ bl dk;Z gsrq uxj fuxe] gtkjhckx@uxj fodkl ,oa vkokl foHkkx ds leqfpr ;k ,d Åij ds lEosndksa dks fucaf/kr gksuk vfuok;Z gksxkA ¼[k½ dkyhd̀r iFk dh fufonk esa Hkkx ysus gsrq viuk Hot mix plant, Paver, Vibrator, Road Roller dk LofeRo gksuk vfuok;Z gksxkA ¼x½ ifjek.k foi= dk ewY; ¼tks okil ugha fd;k tk,xk½ cSad Mªk¶V@cSadlZ psd tks dk;Zikyd inkf/kdkjh] gtkjhckx uxj fuxe gtkjhckx ds inuke ls jk"Vªh;d̀r cSad esa Hkqxrs; gksxk ds :Ik esa Lohdk;Z gksxk rFkk fu/kkZfjr frfFk ,oa le; rd ewy :Ik esa tek djuk vfuok;Z gksxkA 2- fufonk lwpuk esa vafdr ifjek.k ,oa ÁkDdfyr jkf'k ?kV&c<+ ldrh gSA rnuqlkj ifj.kke foi= esa vafdr jkf'k ds vk/kkj ij vxz/ku dh jkf'k ns; gksxhA 3- fufonk ds lkFk tek dh tkusokyh vxz/ku dh jkf'k ¼nks Áfr'kr½ Mkd ?kj ds 6@8 o"khZ; jk"Vªh; cpr Áek.k&i= ;k 3@5 o"khZ; Mkd ?kj lkof/k tek ikl cqd fu/kkZfjr frfFk ,oa le; rd ewy :Ik esa tek djuk vfuok;Z gksxk] tks dk;Zikyd inkf/kdkjh] gtkjhckx uxj fuxe ds inuke ls ÁfrfKr ¼IysTM½ gksxk bZŒ fufonk esa vkWu ykbZu fufonk ds lkFk layXu fd;s x;s vuq:i vxz/ku jkf'k dk ewy dkxtkr ;Fkk ,u0,l0lh0] iklcqd fu/kkZfjr frfFk dks dk;kZy; esa lefiZr ugha fd;s tkus ij mUgsa bl fufonk ds fdlh Hkh xzqi dk dk;Z vkaofVr ugha fd;k tk;sxkA 4- fufonk nkrk dks fufonk ds lkFk oS/k vof/k dk fuca/ku Áek.k i=] v|ru vkpj.k Áek.k i=] iSu dkMZ] v|ru lsYl VSDl lQk;k Áek.k i= dh LovfHkÁ Áfr layXu djuk vfuok;Z gksxkA 5- foxr foÙkh; rhu o"kksZ dk leku :Ik ,oa le dksVh dk dk;Z iw.kZ djus laca/kh Áek.k i= LovfHkÁ Áfr layXu djuk gksxkA rkfd le nj dh voLFkk esa vf/kd

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