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Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board


  • Opening Date

    26 Feb 2019

  • Closing Date

    28 Feb 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 2,89,900

  • EMD





Annual Repair Of All M.c. Properties In Additional Mandi Dabwali (2019-20)

The H.S.A.M. Board invites on line tender (through e-tendering) for the following worKs:- Date of receipt/ opening of tenders Time LimitName of work Estimated Cost (ln Lacs) Amt. of E/MoneY (ln Rs.) cost of E'l tendering & E-service fee, Date ot Closing of tenders s. N o. 28/02/L9 14.30 at sirsa 3 Months 2.95 1000+1000 28.Q2.19 ar 14:00 PM 2a.O2.L9 at 14:00 PM 2a.O2.L9 al 14:00 PM ,8.OL1' ar 14:00 PM L Annual repair of All M'C' Propenle5 rIr NGM at Jiwan Nagar (2019-20) 28/02/rs 14.30 at Sirsa 3 Months 4.29 8,600/- 1000+1ooo 2 Annual repair ofAll M c Propertles In NGM at Rania (2O79-2Ol 28/02/7s 14.30 at Sirsa 3 Months 4.49 9,O0ol- 1000+1000 1000+1000 3 Annual repair of All M'c Propenles In NGM at Dabwali (2019-20) 28102/Le 14.30 at Sirsa 3 Months 2.94 6,000/- Annual repair of All MC Properrres ldditionai Mandi Dabwali (2019-20) 28.02.19 at 14:00 PM ze/ozltg | 3 Months 14.30 at ISirsa I 338 I 6,800/- 1000+1.000 5 Annual repair of All M c Properrres rrl NGM at Mallekan (2019-20) 28/02/rs 14.30 at Sirsa ,8/orlt 14.30 at Sirsa ,8lOr/t 14.30 at Sirsa 3 Months 3 Months a M""tt" 3.45 6,9oo/- 1000+1000 1000+1000 at 14:00 PM ,8.OLL' ".14:00 PM 6 Annual repair of Purchase centre In Dabwali constituency GrouP-2 (Habuana, Desu Jodha, Chatha & ^'-nt^,''"1 /?nl q-2O) vro,r^yvr e, \---- , ,. 4.00 8,000/- 7 Annual repair of XEN ottlce oullqrrrts' dt sirsa (2019-20) 4.50 9,OOOl- 1000+1000 28.O2.L9 ar 14:00 PM8 ANNUAL REPAIR OF STAFF (IUAK I EI' cLASSlll & CLASS lV Ar slRsA (2019- 20) For details please visit our website hitps:l/harvanaeprocurement'qov'in conditionr rhe oldo:, o:::'::: ::;n'J,lff#Jiii::T",fJffil:li"i,:'ffi1iffi il: llffi"i#ilI ilil""ff iiioE ritting ttt" tender' Deposit of Eamest yo-::l ol. r11'":1"1'"#; l; iee wittr sinsle e-Procurement portal' m,j;:U[:,:f,,:#;.,:fllT' '[fi;:"-'J11il iliil;'-;;; 'iii u" iit"'e'uo"d with 'c'cr Bank eatewav. Earnest Money and "t"""tloo"'i'"' l"cuments of bid will uil"t"i*o only on line and no pap-er document will Le received manua y and the u"."rufi;;;:";;tie right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning "u:*" gefl*ffzl1q (Viiender Shatmal Executive Engineer Ph' 01666-240743_rt4, Endst. No.......-s.-1.? q - 5c 33 o"teo.......**..'...* i f A copy of the above is forwarded for wide publicity and information to:- 1. The chairman, H's.A.M. Board4, Panchkula. 2. The chief Administrator, H'S.A.M. Board, Panchkula' 3. The Chief Engineer{ & ll, H.S'A.M' Board, Panchkula' 4.ThesuperintendingEngineer,H.S.A.M.Board,Hisar/Rohtak/Karna|/Gurgaon/Panchku|a. The Deputy Commissioner, Sirsa. Allthe Executive Engineer, H.S.A'M. Board in the State' Executive Engineer, (1.T.). H.S.A.M. Board, Panchkula. He is requested to put the tender notice on Board's website' The D.M.E.o., H.S.A.M. Board, Sirsa. All the E.O.-Cum-secretaries Market Committee, Sirsa/Ellenabad/Rania/Dabwali/ Kalanwali and Ding. All the s.D.o.'s H.s.A.M. Board, Sirsa. All the Enlisted Contractor's of Sirsa Division. AIlthe Class-l Contracto/s enlisted in the Board. The Registrar, co-op. Societies, Haryana Manimajra, Chandigarh' 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. t7. L2. 1? 74. The Manager, the co-op. L&c society Union, sirsa' Notice Board, Sirsa. Iled&q (Vijender sharma) ' Executlve Englneer Ph.oL_6w743 rl-.

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