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Department Of Fertilisers

  • Opening Date

    07 Oct 2019

  • Closing Date

    14 Oct 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 10,884

  • EMD


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Oil Seal Single Lip

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us”kuy QfVZykbt+lZ fyfeVsM National Fertilizers Limited (Hkkjr ljdkj dk midze) (A Government of India Undertaking) xksgkuk jksM] ikuhir] gfj;k.kk – 132 106 Gohana Road, Panipat, Haryana – 132 106 (ISO-9001, ISO-14001 ,oa OHSAS-18001 bdkbZ) (An ISO-9001, ISO-14001 & OHSAS-18001 Unit)  : 0180-2652481 ls 83,85, 0180-2681304  : 0180-2652481 to 83,85, 0180-2681304 QSDl: 0180-2652515, bZ-esy: FAX : 0180-2652515, E-mail: Th],l]Vh],u] : 06AAACN0189N1Z8,lh vkbZ ,u : L74899DL1974GOI007417 GSTN: 06AAACN0189N1Z8, CIN : L74899DL1974GOI007417 fufonk vkefU=r djus dk uksfVl / NOTICE INVITING TENDER REG. / SPEED POST Tender Ref No: NFP/PUR/SC/180127/1918606 Date: 04/10/2019 AS PER LIST Due Date : 14/10/2019 EMD Required: ` 0.00 egksn; / Dear Sir, 1- layXu vuqlwphs esa fn, x, fooj.k ds vuqlkj oLrqvksa dh lIykbZ ds fy, fuEu gLrk{kjdrkZ )kjk eqgjcUn fufonk,a] vkefU=r dh tkrh gS A Sealed tenders are invited by the undersigned for the supply of items as mentioned in the attached schedule. 2 izR;sd fufonk nksgjs fyQkQs esa Hksth tk, A nksuksa fyQkQksa dks fof’k’V lhy ls lhycan fd;k tk, rFkk mu ij fufonk la[;k rFkk fu;r frfFk fy[kh tk, A ckgjh fyQkQs esa] tgka visf{kr gks ] vuZsLV euh ds fy, cSad M~kQV] j[kk tk, rFkk vUnj okys fyQkQs esa jsV D;ksVs’ku j[kh tk, A nks ;k vf/kd D;ksVs’ku ,d gh fyQkQs esa u Hksth tk,a rFkk izR;sd fufonk ds fy, Ik`Fkd D;ksVs’ku Hksth tk, A Each tender should be sent in duplicate cover. Both the covers should be sealed with distinctive seal and superscribed with tender No. and due date. The outer cover should contain Bank draft for earnest money wherever required and the inner cover should contain the price quotation/schedule of rates. Two or more quotations should not be sent in one cover but the quotation against each tender should be sent separately. For tenders received in unsealed/stapled/open/condition or without super scription, resulting in opening of tender before due date, the risk and responsibility of losing confidentiality shall rest with the tenderer. 3 njsa buDokjh esa fn, ;wfuV vFkkZr ua0@fd0xzk0@fe0Vu@ehVj@yhVj@fd0yh0 bR;kfn esa D;ksV dh tk,a A fufonk [kqyus dh frfFk ls rhu eghus rd dhvof/k rd njsa vifjorhZ gksa rFkk ,Qvksvkj@एफ ओ टी (fMLiSp) igqapus ds LFkku dk uke rFkk chek jfgr gksa A njsa vadks rFkk “kCnksa nksuksa esa fy[kh tk,a A The rates should be quoted in the Measurement Units given in the enquiry only i.e. Nos/Kgs/MT/Mtr/Ltr/KL etc. Rates should be firm for a period of three months from the date of opening of the tender and should be on FOR/FOT _______________ (name of place of despatch / destination) excluding insurance. The rates should be quoted both in figures and words. The rate should be exclusive of transit insurance from your wherehouse too wherehouse.the goods shall be covered under NFL‘s open marine policy. 4 D;ksVs’ku esa viuh Th],l]Vh],u iathdj.k la[;k rFkk vk;dj }kjk fu;r LFkkbZ ys[kk dk vfuok;Z rkSj ij mYys[k djsa A Your GST Registration No. and permanent Account No. allotted by Income Tax Deptt. should be mentioned in the quotation positively. 5 fufonk fu;r frfFk dks nksigj 2-30 cts rd bl dk;kZy; esa igqap tkuh pkfg;s A fufonk,a mlh fnu 3-00 cts] tks fufonknkrk mifLFkr gksaxsa] muds lEeq[k [kksyh tk;saxh A D;ksVs’ku ij ihNs dh vksj nh xbZ “krksZa ds vuqlkj fopkj fd;k tk;sxk A The tender should reach this office on or before 2.30 p.m. on due date. The tenders will be opened at 3.00 P.M. on the same date in the presence of such of those tenderers who may like t

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