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In figure Rs. Ps. In words 1 3 4 5 6 7 1 420.00 SM Trimming of the canal section manually for preparing sub grade for laying cement concrete 32.66 Rupees Thirty Two and Paise Sixty Six only SM 13717.20 2 256.36 CM Excavation for foundation in all sorts of soil including sandy and gravelly soil, soft murrum including depositing the excavated stuff as and where directed including back filling the tranches with suitable excavated stuff etc. complete for lead up to 50 and lift upto 1.50 mt. ( Mannually without dewatering ) 141.34 Rupees One Hundred Forty One and Paise Thirty Four only CM 36233.92 3 16.00 CM Excavation for foundation in hard murrum including depositing the excavated stuff as and where directed including back filling the tranches with suitable excavated stuff etc.complete for lead up to 50 mt. and lift as under. (Manually without dewatering).(a) Lift upto 1.50 mt 204.13 Rupees Two Hundred Four and Paise Thirteen only CM 3266.08 4(a) 341.04 CM Providing and laying Plain/Reinforced cement concrete of cement ,sand and metal (20mm to 25mm) size) in following proportion laid in situ including centering and shuttering , temping, smooth finishing, curing etc. complete as directed for for all lead and lifts.(iii) 1:3:6 3388.40 Rupees Three Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Eight and Paise Forty only CM 1155579.94 4(b) 77.40 CM (iv) 1:2:4 4121.30 Rupees Four Thousand One Hundred Twenty One and Paise Thirty only CM 318988.62 Constng. A West weir & strengthning of bank at Village Tati Zagda, Ta- Palsana, Dist- Surat. Name of work : Quantities estimated but may be more or less SCHEDULE - B Item No. Total Amount according to estimated quantities Estimated Rates Memorandum showing items of work to be carried out Item of work Unit 2 1 3 4 5 6 72 5 11.23 Qntl Providing and placing in position reinforcement bars including, position reinforcemnet bars including cutting, bending welding, joints where necessary, hooking etc complete as perdrawing for all lead and lifts. (b) TMT 4953.00 Rupees Four Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Three Only Qntl 55622.19 6 JOB JOB Survey of tank basin takingInitial level before excavation in tank basin area & Final level after completion of excavtion & embankment by dumpy level instrunment including chaining, ranging as per grid as directed etc. complete. 9000.00 Rupees Nine Thousand Only JOB 9000.00 6 19000.00 CM Earthwork in embankment using soil,soft & hard murrum excavated from approved borrow area/village tanks etc including breaking clods dressing to the design section with lead up to 1.0 K.M. and all lifts ( By Poclane machienary) 47.20 Rupees Forty Seven and Paise Twenty only CM 896800.00 100 cm 2 2492265.70 2492265.70 I/We am/are willing to carry out the work at _______ % above/below ( percent should be written in figures and in words ) of the estimated rates mentioned above. Amount of my/our tender works out as under. 2492265.70 put to tender Rs. 2492265.70 Deduct ____ % below Rs. _________ Add ____ % above Rs. _________ Net Rs. _________ Total Rs. _________ In words ________________________ In words _______________________ *( Please strike out which ever is not applicable ) Note : 1 *Estimated amount Rs. *Estimated amount All work shall be carried out as per Public Works Department Handbook and other specifications of Division or as directed. 7 1350.00 100 cm 2 Providing and fixing marble data plate 2cm thickness including engraving and filling paint for letters as directed. Rupees Two Hundred Twenty Six and Paise Fifty only SURAT EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PANCHAYAT IRRIGATION DIVISION SURAT Total Rs. Rupees Twenty Four Lacs Ninety Two Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Five and Paise Seventy only DEPUTY EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PANCHAYAT IRRIGATION

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