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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

  • Opening Date


  • Closing Date

    29 Aug 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 57,17,476

  • EMD

    ₹ 57,175

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Construction Of Barrier Wall At Gulbai Tekra From Gulbai Tekra To Passport Office In Navrangpura Ward At West Zone..

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Tender Fee Rs.2400.00 Earnest Money Rs.57175.00 Contractor’s Name & Address : MEMORANDUM OF WORK IN BRIEF 1. Name of Work : Construction of Barrier wall at Gulbai Tekra from Gulbai Tekra To Passport Office in Navrangpura ward at west Zone.. 2. Tender Estimated Cost : Rs. 57,17,476.00 3. Earnest Money : - 1% of the Tender Cost i.e. (Rs.57175/-)(D.D. / Pay Order / Local Micr Check/B.G.) 4 Tender Fee Rs : Demand Draft of Rs. 2400.00 5 S.D. : 5 % 6. Time-Limit : 12 months 7. Validity Period : 120 Days 8. (i) Last Date of Submission of the Tender : Dt.28-08-2019 upto 12:00 PM (ii) Mode of Sending : a) In Sealed cover in duplicate copies by Registered Post A.D, or by Courier.or hand delivery b) Tender sent by ordinary post will be rejected out right. (iii) Description essential to be made on sealed cover : a) Name of work, Tender Notice No. & Tender No. b) Date of receiving tender by Corporations. (iv) Mode of quoting rates in Schedule of Quantities and Rates : In Figures as well as in words. 9. Date of Opening : Dt.31-08-.2019 12:00 PM 10 Place of Submission & Opening of Tender : Submission of EMD. Tender fee and other Documents during office hours: On date.30-08-2019 & 14:00 pm West Zone, 2nd Floor, A.M. Office, Dr. Ramanbhai Patel Bhavan, Usmanpura.Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, W.Z. Office, Ahmedabad-380013. 11 Penalty Due to Delay of work Rs.250 per day but not more then 10% of bill 12 Defect Liability : As per ‘B-1 Form Close 13 GST ltKtk Ftðþ vhevºt lkch - 31, <t.07- 07-2017 Bþsc yb>tJt> BGþrlrm5j ftuvtuohNl btk Ítulj ytuVem / v.J.yu. / «tusu¾x rJCtd îtht htuz / rcÕz´d/jtEx/c{es Ft<tytu îtht cnth vtzJtbtk ytJujt xuLzh suLþk mcbeNl <t.01-07-2017 vAe fhJtLþk &tg Au, <uJt <btb xuLzhtubtk <&t nJu vAe cnth vtzJtbtk ytJlth Wvhtuf< rJCtd/Ft<tltk <btb xuLzhtubtk (bxehegj + juch mÃjtg mt&u) GST lt ltuxeVefuNl Bþsc GST sgtk jtøþ vz<tu ntug ðgtk, m>hnwk ftblt Bidder yu GST ltuxeVefuNl Bþscle yuÃjefucejexe ægtlbtk htFelu huxLþk cez´d fhJtLþk hnuNu. Signature of contractor Add. City Engg.(West Zo ne) AHMEDABAD MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT-WEST ZONE ABSTRACT SHEET Name of Work:- Construction of Barrier wall at Gulbai Tekra from Gulbai Tekra To Passport Office in Navrangpura ward at west Zone.. S.R. NO Qty Items Rate Per Amount 1 1270.00 Excavation for foundation upto1.5m depth including sorting outandstacking of useful material sand disposing off the excavated stuffupto 50 Meter lead.(A) Loose or soft soil ( Chapter.4 ) Sor Year 2015-16 67.20 Cmt 85344.00 2 145.00 Providing and laying cement concrete 1:3:6(1- Cement:3-coarsesand:6-hand broken stone aggregates 40 mm nominal size) and curing complete excluding cost of form work in (A)Foundation and Plinth (upto 10 ton) 2501.00 Cmt 362645.00 3 1125.00 Filling available excavated earth (excluding rock) in trenches, plinth, sides of foundations etc. in layers not exceeding 20 cm. in depth consolidation each deposited layer by ramming and watering. Chapter No.4-4.12 Sor year 2015-16 79.00 Cmt 88875.00 4 13.00 Filling in plinth with sand underfloors including watering ramming, consolidating and dressing etc.complete Chapter No.4- 4.24 Sor year 2015-16 398.00 Cmt 5174.00 5 Providing & L Brickwork using common burntclay building bricks having crushing strength not less than 35 kg./Sq.Cm. in foundation and plinth in Cement Mortar 1:5. (1- Cement :5 -fine sand) a 29.00 (a) Modular 3096.00 Cmt 89784.00 b 85.00 Brickwork in super structure above plinth level upto floor two level (A) Modular. 3255.00 Cmt 276675.00 6 Providing laying and jointing in true line and level. U.P.V.C. Pipe (SCH-40) for cold water including fittings make PRINCE / SUPREME / ASTRAL / FINOLEX or equivalentas approved by Engineer In Charge. Pi

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