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Chandigarh Administration

Chandigarh, Chandigarh

  • Opening Date

    26 Feb 2019

  • Closing Date

    05 Mar 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 7,46,000

  • EMD

    ₹ 15,000


Providing And Fixing 07 Nos. Drinking Water Cooler 400 Ltrs Capacity In Near Room No. 1,12,23,33 And 54, Beauty Parlor And Mess Area Of New Wing Hostel Block In Post Graduate Govt. College For Girls Sector 42, Chandigarh.

A. DNlr for the work of providing and fixing 7 nos. Drinking water cooler 400 ltrs capacity in nearRoom No'1, 12, 23,,33 & 54, Beauty ParlJr ril M;"; ;r"i "r New wing hostet btock in postGraduate Govt. College for Girls Sector-42, Chandigarh. Gontract No: Civil Works App. Amount Rs.7.46 takh Bidder Name: ] Oescription- -+ lProviding and taying in position- Earnest Money Rs. 15,000/- Time Limit 2 months Excess(+) 0.OO % - L 0.00 olo aty. Unit DNIT Rates in figure and words Amount 1.00 Cum 3565.05 Rupees Three Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Five And Five Paise Onlv 3565 4.00 Cum 5122.50 Rupees Five Thousand One Hundred Twenty Two And Fifty 920.65 Rupees Nine Hundred Twenty lAnd Sixty Five jPaise OnlV 8.00 sqm I I l -T- I l l 25.00 266.05 lRupees Two Hundred Sixty rSix And Five iPaise Onlv 6651 lcement concrete of specified grade lexcluding the cost of centering and F_hglte4n.q- - A|J _wq( up!o_p!in!h_!e!Lel l1:5:10 (1 cement : 5 coarse sanO - ](zone-lll): 10 graded stone aggregate 140 mm nominalsize lerict< work with common burnt ciay 1F.P.S. (non modular) bricks of class ldesignation 7.5 in foundation and lplrnth rn- lCement mortar t:+ (TCem-eni:a- jcoarse sand) ferwiOing anO fayNg Ceramii glazed ifloor tiles of size 300x300 mm i(thickness to be specified by the lmanufacturer) of 1st quality conforming to lS . 15622 of approved lmake in colours such as White, lvory, iGrey, Fume Red Brown, laid on 20 lmm thick cement mortar 1:4 (1 lCement : 4 Coarse sand), Jointing with igrey cement slurry @ 3.3 kg/sqm iincluding pointing the joints with white cement and matching pigment etc., complete. i tZ ,t 18.10 jproviding a-o tixtng c i- pipes r ] lcomptete with G.l. fittings and clamps] ivvrrr rsrs vy ut \J t il uil llq : i I li/c cutting and making good the wails i i letc. lnternal work - Exposed on watl [-[te to 2 lzo mm oii nominiibore - f-:--1-: +- i 5 i 18.46 jProviding and fixing G.t. Union in C f. i i ipipe including cutting and threading i the pipe and making long screws etc. ._ j complete (New work) : - r - oJicription I t.+A.Z ZO mm nominal bore l l I I otv. Unit DNIT Rates in figure and lAmountwords I 16.00 each 191.35 ]nupees One -fsOoZ Hundred Ninety I jOne And Thirty I lFive Paise Onlv I 7.00 Each 8501 3 Rupees Eighty I 595091 Five Thousand I Thirteen Only i ;tor se s/ in in of 7.00 Each 3400 lRupees Three I zsaoO lThousand Four l lHundred onrv I I all 2000 Ltrs. of 150.00 sft 160.00 Rupees One Hundred Sixty Only 24000 40 kg. 68 Rupees Sixty Eight Only 2720 10 each 591 Rupees Five Hundred Ninety arc_ady_ 5910 suitable for operation on 230 volts + - 10% 50 cycle single phase AC supply storage type 380 to 400 ltrs cap/ cooling cap 150 to 170 ltrs/ Hr. Make: Blue Star/Usha/ Sidwal/ Voltas. tpir ot auiomatic LNi v-rt@e -orrecto of 4 KVA ( Step type) for domestic u copper wound complete with volt meter and ampere meter, MCB, Copper bindingsilicon core with 3 steps complete with time delay relay controls power coated body of 22 gauge with wire 2.0 meter complete all respects to the entire satisfaction all respects to the entire satisfaction the ElC. Make: Deol, Logic, State, Jewel. Providing and placing onGrrace (it floor levels) polyethylene water storage tank, lSi : 12701 marked, with cover and suitable locking arrangement and making necessary holes for inlet, outlet and overflow pipes but without fittings and the base lsuroortlorlant- ]Providing and Fixing-ashed ftG lM.S Jali40x40mm with angle frame l40x40x5mm complete in all respect. Tproviotng ano iixing wttaootea lStand of MS angle (40x40x5) inctuding lcost of priming and two coats of enamel paint complete in all respect Providing and fixing gun matel gate valve with C.l. wheel of approved Description otv. Unit DNIT Rates in figure and words Amount lProvicling and fixing lst quality ceramic lglazeO walltiles conforming to lS: 115622 (thickness to be specified by Ithe manufacturer), of approved make, in all colours, shades except burgundy, bottle green, black of

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