The tendering process is a tedious and time-consuming task. The most troublesome part of it is to find the exact tender that fits your needs and capabilities. Even with the help of the internet, it is still difficult to find the exact thing you could be looking for. Despite so many Tender Discovery portals in the market, it is difficult to find a single place where you can find quality tenders with precision. Furthermore, at times you might not even get the complete information of a given tender on certain websites.

You might think that even after all this advancement in technology, you still can’t find tenders. You are not wrong, but you’re not entirely right. BidAssist is an online tendering website that can solve all these problems for you. With its vast collection of tenders offering over 15000 public and private tenders daily and its customized user interface, it is the Tender Discovery pioneer that ensures an easy and simple experience. Moreover, it has added and updated new features to make your search even easier than before.

Here are the new BidAssist features that help you search relevant tenders further easily.

Finding Tenders is a bothersome task. But with the following new features of BidAssist, you don’t have to struggle every time just to find the right tenders as per your needs.

  • Upfront Search For Categories: Now you can easily select and search your preferred category – Indian Tenders, Global Tenders, Tender Results etc. Previously users had to switch categories from within the filters selection to look for relevant results. 

However, this has been brought upfront now. You can now directly choose the category without going into the search bar dropdown. Furthermore, it allows more space in the search as well as allows easy switching between the category for a particular search term or filter. With just a Singal Click, you can search within your desired categories of tenders with ease. 

  • Just 1 Click to save filters: Just one tap and you can easily save the filters which give you relevant search results. Many users found it difficult to save the filters which gave them relevant results. The Save filter option is now fixed on the top right below the search bar so that users can easily save the currently applied filters to make their Tender Discovery process easier in the future.
  • Modify Saved Filters Anytime: With the new feature, you can review your filters history and easily modify or add search criteria to get relevant tender results. Advanced search options provide two advanced filters for better search results: 
    • Enable Exact Search This filter allows users to get specific tender exactly matching the keyword.
    • Disable Search in BOQ – This filter allows users to exclude the tender results from Bill Of Quantity (BOQ).

Furthermore, while adding new filters in an already saved filter you can now view what you are currently adding and what is already present separately in that particular saved filter so that in case you mistakenly select a new unwanted filter, you will be able to easily identify and remove it without scrolling through the list of the filter.

  • All Filters In One Tab: Previously you had to use 2 different tabs to sort & apply advanced filters. These 2 tabs created difficulties for the users. Thus, in the new update, you can do everything in one single tab. Instead of the 2 buttons, a single new button of Filters & Sort has been added for users to improve the discoverability of available filter and sort options. It offers all the filters under one tab to simplify and accelerate your Tender Discovery process.
  • Search Suggestions & Quicker Results: Now, you will be able to see relevant search suggestions against the keyword you are typing in the search box of Tender Results. Users will get search suggestions with the closest match to the chosen categories and sub-categories to quickly find the relevant tenders as per their needs.

With these new and updated features of BidAssist, you are now able to increase your efficiency and complete your tendering process with ease and comfort.

BidAssist has been the leading Tender Discovery portal for the last 4 years. It has the experience and expertise to help you get the tender you want. With its frequent updates, friendly easy-to-use interface,24/7 support, and user-friendly features BidAssist assure that you get exactly what you want without any hassle.