In essence, the term “tender” refers to a procedure that helps an individual or organization invite bids for a specific work. Thus, as you can perceive, government tenders are a similar type of process, helping you acquire government-related bids. However, unlike the normal tenders, then government-based ones are much more liability-protected. Therefore, to acquire it, you will need to provide documentation and fulfill the required eligibility criteria of the government tenders as well. The following are some details that might help you to have an idea about it.

1. Registering Under the E-Procurement Module

Before you can apply for the government tenders, you will, first, need to register yourself under the e-procurement module. To do so, you will have to go to the official government e-tender website and log in there. For filling up the enrolment form, you will need –

  • Your active mobile number and official e-mail ID
  • Details of the contact person (name, date of birth, title, designation, etc.)
  • Information about the tender-receiving organization (TAN/PAN number, name, registered address, registration number)

Once you are done, you will then have to provide a valid Digital Signature certification as well. It needs to have both the signature as well as the encryption code. They will require it for validation purposes.

2. Technical Criteria

Under the technical criteria of the government tenders, you will need to provide the following documents.

  • Details regarding manufacturing capacity
  • Turnover information
  • Credentials of the organization
  • Assurance about the quality control system
  • Performance in the market
  • Usage of machinery and equipment
  • Documentation about the financial background

3. Monetary Criteria

As you can already understand from the name, the monetary criteria of the government tenders deal with capital. Here, the tenderer will ask for a specific amount of quotes with which he/she is comfortable. The buyer has to pay the same amount of cash to complete the tendering process or buy it from the tenderer. Usually, the tenderer who is offering their tender at the lowest price will get the nod over others. However, in some cases, the price of government tenders also depends on quality. So, in that case, finding the minimal cost becomes a bit difficult.

4. Other Criteria

Aside from all these, you will also need to gather a few other documents as well. These are –

  • The tenderer will need to provide a registration document under several applicable laws and liabilities, such as ESI, income tax, service, goods tax, SPF, etc. You will need to proffer a photocopy of the same while filling up the government tenders forms.
  • He/she will need to provide a solvency report, which can be acquired from the banker.
  • On the other hand, the bidder will have to offer their previously-allocated tendering details and work experience-related documents.

Once everything is done, the tenderer will also have to pay a small tender fee, which is non-refundable.


While fulfilling government tenders’ paperwork, most people, especially a tenderer, tend to make several mistakes. Thus, taking professional assistance in this aspect is much required. In this aspect, BidAssist can help you out. The professionals of their team have been working in this particular field for many years and, thus, can aid you with anything and everything.

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