What is your bidding strategy? Are you/your company choosing tenders and bids the old school way of references and few online options? Then you are missing out on a lot of business opportunities. Or if you are able to find relevant tenders, do you have a bidding strategy?

If you don’t have answers to above questions, you surely would like to know more about us, and how we advise SMEs or even large companies with their bid strategy and not just that, further help them through the journey of bidding process. 

How to participate in more & more government tenders in India

In the conventional style, bidders do a lot of lobbying in the Government Department to get information or assistance in filling up tender documents to avoid rejection in technical rounds. As governments have introduced online bidding systems, it is important to not only adhere to technical evaluation criterias mentioned in RFP documents BUT also be aware of technical submission know-how of the systems. Once you understand this and have sufficient knowledge, you can significantly increase your bid submission volumes. 

A lot of steps have been taken by the government of India in the past decade for the ease of doing business to offer transparency to small and medium businesses with the help of digitization of various government bodies be it at authority wise (like NHAI, PWD etc), state (Gujarat, Bihar etc), or the most recent initiative by GoI to get all the tenders under one roof via GEM portal. 

Challenges faced in submitting online bids

So now you have eProcurement portals for states and authorities, or the one stop destination GEM Portal. All these online portals have mostly come into existence in the past decade. That means a lot of people are still trying to get used to operating these portals. From simply going online, registering with a login, creating profile, listing your products/services and mapping them with right categories on GEM, or getting DSC (digital signature), DSC mapping on eProc site, there are lot of complex steps which require lot of focussed and detailed effort and time to put things in order, before you start bidding. Even once you start bidding, there are steps where one needs to be careful on technically uploading the right set of documents etc. In nutshell, there are too many steps, and if new to this, one can get lost in between. Then what is the way out of this?

GEM & Bid Advisory 

As the bidding process has started becoming more digital and online, new bidding strategies are required too. GEM & Bid Advisory service by BidAssist is the stepping stone for that. 

Did you know that if you want access to every single tender that’s released not just in India but even globally, you have to subscribe to the largest tender search platform – BidAssist.com. It has more than 5 crore tenders sourced from 50K+ sources globally, with about 150,000 active tenders in India and another 280,000 active tenders globally. It is by far the largest source of tenders, categorized into 50+categories. Further on, there are 76 Lacs tenders results in India and 42 Lacs tender results globally. Its content database is more than double of other leading players.

Now that you know about the depth and breadth of tender information on BidAssits, read on to find out what we have to offer in GEM & Bid Advisory service. Best way to understand the service with various needs of different types of clients (SMEs).

Getting started on GEM Portal and list your products

If your company is still in early stages with online government tender portals, and you want to understand what GEM portal is, how it works, and its benefits for you when looking to expand business via bidding process, then choose an offering which helps you with GEM vendor registration, catalogue listing & management. So, not only will you get to understand why and how of the GEM portal, you will also get all the support to get set up on the GEM portal with creation of a new user id instantly, seller id and MSME/Udyam registration. 

Once you have done the basic setup on the GEM portal, now you should get help with listing your products and services on the portal too, so that when you are actually bidding for a tender, this would come in handy. Let’s understand how. You/your team will get help in doing your brand mapping to the right GEM categories, and even get assistance in stock updation for bidding preparation from our Bid advisory team of experts.  

Get bidding support for GEM & other e procurement portals 

Once you have become comfortable with login and listing of your products on the GEM website, and are at the stage to start the bidding process and looking for technical support for the same, then go for an offering where you get technical support to verify and upload the documents, getting technical and financial evaluation updates, and even support in the order acceptance and invoice generation.  

Let’s say you have already been well versed with the GEM portal in basic operating procedures, and are looking for advanced help. More on the lines of technical support/aid with desktop assessment on QCI website, activation of OEM and reseller panel and even vendor assessment under exemption.  

All of these things will help you get through with the bidding processes for GEM portal, now if you want to bid on other online government tender websites like eProcurement website for state or authority wise, then also you are taken care of. You get all the support you need for these other websites and also get support for online bidder registration, DSC mapping on NIC or eProc portal or other tendering portal, and document checklist and even bidding support as well. 

If you want to bundle various features and requirements together as you want to start bidding on eProc as well as GEM portal simultaneously, in that case you also have the option to go for something customised for you specially. 


Based on your needs, an offering can be created to help your company navigate and sail through the bidding process with absolute ease on these online portals for government tenders. If you are looking for any of these support to start your bidding process online with these government websites, with features and pricing information, just reach out to the BidAssist support team with your requirements and they will direct you to the GEM & Bid Advisory team with an apt solution. As you explore and subscribe to our bid advisory services, you will start getting more clear and confident about the processes, as our seasoned subject matter experts will guide you through every step of the journey.