Introduction to NWR

The North Western Railway, or NWR, is one of the 17 railway zones in the country. It began its operations on 1st October 2002 and is headquartered at Jaipur, Rajasthan. This NWR zone is formed along with five other new railway zones that are approved by the Ministry of Railways.

Indian Railways (IR) classified its operations into different zones where each zone is further subdivided into divisions. There are a total of four divisions come under NWR- Jodhpur, Bikaner, Ajmer, and Jaipur divisions. NWR is made up of two existing railway zones i.e. Northern Railway and Western Railway. The Jodhpur and Bikaner divisions were initially part of the Northern Railway (NW) zone, whereas Ajmer and Jaipur divisions were part of the Western Railway (WR) zone.

NWR plays a vital role in improving transport infrastructure & operational efficiency in the country. Apart from the contribution to economic & social development, it also creates tremendous business opportunities for SMEs in India.

What is the total route length of NWR?

NWR consists of 578 railway stations with a total route length of 5,459 kms, out of which the broad gauge rail covers 2874 kms, whereas the meter gauge rail covers 2585 kms.

What are the types of tenders released by the North Western Railway?

The most common tenders issued by the North Western Railway department are supply of raw materials, supply of power transformers, a supply of catering facilities at stations, construction of lamp posts, and signboards. BidAssist covers all these tender requirements for this flagship project of the NWR, where you can find & download the latest railway tenders documents and previously awarded results.

Supply of Raw Material:

NWR floated raw materials tenders that are used in railway construction purposes such as – the building of railway bridges, railway lines, railway junctions, railway stations, etc. There are various types of construction of raw material that are procured under North Western Railway, such as- iron, steel, cement, crushed stones, ballast mats, etc. SMEs can take advantage of these tender opportunities and grow their business in no time.

Supply of Railway Transformers:

The NWR floats tenders for the supply of power transformers in the railway sector. It not only gives electricity to the entire North Western Railway (NWR) belt and all the connected stations and junctions but also important for the safety of passengers. Various types of transformers that are procured, such as Onboard Power Supply Transformer, Leakage Transformer, etc.

Supply of Railway Canteen Facility at Stations:

NWR issues the e-procurement notices under North-Western Railway tenders for installing food refreshment centers and managing them.

Construction of Lamp Posts and Sign Boards:

NWR floated tenders for the development and management of the lamp posts and signboards which are located at the specific points of the railway routes. These lamp posts help the loco-pilot to assist the signals and directions.

How many ‘zones’ are there in the Indian Railways (IR)?

Currently, there are 17 railway zones with a total of 70 sub-divisions in India. Out of all, the Northern Zone is the largest railway zone in the country with a route length of 11,040 kms.

Which is the largest railway zone in India?

Indian Railway (IR) divides the railway network into 18 zones that are further sub-divided into various divisions. Out of all, the North Zone is the largest railway region in the country that has a total route length of 11,040 kms. Out of which, the broad gauge rail line covers 8920 kms, 2020 kms for meter gauge, and 100 kms works as a narrow gauge.

How many e tenders were published by NWR in 2018-19?

Like tenders of other government tendering authorities, NWR also issues all tender notices, bid awards on various government websites and invite bidders to bid so that they can assess who’s the one that can provide the best quality at a reasonable price.

The graph below shows that more than 16,000 NWR tenders were published in 2018-19, and more than 15, 000 NWR tenders were published till Feb 2020. Click on the graph to get a better insight.

What are the top-performing states for NWR in 2019?

NWR releases tenders just like other government tendering authorities. In the year 2019-20, more than 15, 000 NWR Tenders in Rajasthan have been published. This is followed by NWR Haryana Tenders.

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