The tendering market of India has been quite active since the beginning of 2021, especially due to the cancellation of the lockdown. Thus, all the construction-based organizations are going to be in an ideal position to boost their portfolio. 

So, if you are willing to do the same, then we would ask you to opt for BidAssist. According to the regular users of the platform, the website is the ultimate hub of government tenders. Thus, it can help you to find everything you are looking for in an instant. 

Aside from this, the website is pretty easy to use as well. Therefore, even if you are not a tech-savvy individual, you can still utilize it pretty efficiently. So, in this write-up, we are going to provide you with some of the best offers available on BidAssist for you. 

Furthermore, the article will briefly discuss the subject of MCD tender elaborately. Thus, be sure to stay with us till the end! 

What are MCD Tenders? 

The abbreviation, MCD, usually refers to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Hence, the tenders regarding this aspect will provide you with the chance to serve the same. Usually, the average tender amount of an MCD tender tends to be over INR 50 lacs. So, it will offer a decent opportunity to you to get the best option for your organization. However, the MCD in Delhi generally governs over eight out of the eleven districts in the metropolis. So, you may not get the chance of offering your services to the other sections of the city. 

Available Government Tenders in Delhi 

The availability of the MCD tenders is not really visible throughout the country. However, the official website of BidAssist currently has some of the best government tenders in the country. So, if you are interested in the same, then be sure to check out the following list. 

  • MPHIDB Tender: The MPHIDB tender is all about redeveloping the government land and the construction of government facilities at the Meghnagar district. The tender amount of the same is around INR 10.6 crore, which is pretty substantial for anyone. It will also be available until 2nd June. So, you can take your time before bidding on it. 
  • RABD Tender: If you are willing to partake in the construction of a brand new government high school in Gujarat, then the RABD tender will be perfect for you. It has an overall tender amount of INR 2.9 crore. Moreover, you have until 10th May before you can submit your bid. So, download its documents and make up your mind quickly. 
  • Pey Jal Nigam Uttarakhand Tender: This Pey Jal Nigam Uttarakhand tender will allow you to work upon the task of renovating and upgrading the infrastructure of Survey Chowk Government Girls. The tender amount of the same is around 2.75 crore and you can wait till 10th May before bidding on it! 
  • PWD Tender: With this PWD tender, you can get the chance of constructing the RCC compound wall on the Government Plot Boundary at Katwa district. It has a tender amount of 1.51 crore and will be closing on 10th May 2021. So, be sure to hurry up! 
  • NMDC Tender: The NMDC tender is about door to door collection and transportation of MSW operation and maintenance of equipment machineries. The tender amount of the same in this aspect will be available on its documents. So, download them today and bid on the same before 17th May, 2021. 


Currently, the number of available and active government tenders overflowing in BidAssist. So, do not forget to take your chance and visit the website as soon as possible. This way, you can get the best opportunities before the other hopefuls like you. Good luck!