Since the turnaround of this year, the JK tenders have become pretty active in the market. Additionally, most of these contracts are considered ideal for both MSMEs and SMEs. So, if you want to, you can put your bet on it and improve your portfolio to some extent.

Here are some of the best available options of BidAssist at your disposal. 

1. RDPR Tender, Baramulla 

With this tender, you will get an opportunity of creating a drain from the Mohd. Maqbool Khan area to Nallah Aahat block in Baramulla. The module was released on 28th August and has an overall tender amount of INR 700,000. The EMD cost, in this aspect, is INR 21,000. If you are interested, be sure to buy its documents by paying INR 300 before 14th September. 

2. PDD Tender, Baramulla 

The PDD tender will ask you to install transformers and improve the HTIT network at the Tangamng block in Baramulla. It has an overall tender amount of INR 27.29 lacs and comes with an expiry date of 15th September 2021. The documents of the same are available within only INR 1,100 (cheaper than most other government tenders). 

3. RDPR Tender, Pulwama 

Launched on 31st August, this RDPR tender is all about implementing an irrigation channel in the Pulwama region. The contract comes with a decent tender amount of INR 140,000 and has an expiry date of 11th September. There are other details about the tender available in its documents. So, be sure to buy it for INR 250 if you are interested. 

4. RDPR Tender, Rajouri 

Unlike other JK tenders, the request of this RDPR tender is pretty straightforward – construction of a road in front of Kanger Panchayat Ghar. It has an overall tender amount of INR 3,80,000 and, thus, will be an ideal proposition for an MSME. The document cost for this one is around INR 500. So, buying it would do you a world of goods. 

5. MES Tender, Kargil

This MES tender asks you to provide fencing at the bathroom, urinal, and office of the military base in Kargil. It has an overall tender amount of INR 17.80 lacs and comes with a closing date of 21st September. The EMD cost will be around INR 35,600 for this contract. 

6. RDD Tender, Leh 

With this RDD tender, you will get the chance of constructing a staff quarter for CIBS at Mudh. The tender amount, in this aspect, is around INR 10,00,000 while the EMD cost is around INR 20,000. You can download its documents by paying INR 1,000 to know more in this context. 


Buying JK tenders, especially in today’s inflated market, can be pretty difficult. So, we’d ask you to opt for BidAssist if you want to bid for something or simply browse through everything. It updates its web pages daily with more than 15,000 unique tenders. So, you will always find something new for your purpose.