If you know the fundamentals of technology, using BidAssist(tender portal) will be a piece of cake for you. However, if you are still trying to match the pace of digitization, it might be a bit difficult for you to use BidAssist’s features properly.

But, there’s no need to worry.

To offer you some assistance, we have introduced a thorough guide to use BidAssist for e-tendering. So, without making any further ado, let’s get started with it!

Things Covered in this Blog Below

  • All About Our Homepage 
    • How to search Indian Tenders
    • How to search Global Tenders 
    • Tender Results 
    • How to Post or Bid for Private Tenders 
    • Other Features 
  • Sub Filters for better search Result 
  • Pricing 
  • BidAssist App 

All About Our Homepage

bidassist home page, bidassist tender portal.
BidAssist – Tender Portal

We will discuss the features and components available on the homepage of BidAssist in this segment. Kindly go through the same carefully, as it will contain a hefty amount of details.

So, when you enter the official BidAssist platform, you will be invited with five primary features. These are – Indian Tenders, Global Tenders, Tender Results, Contracts, and Pricing.

There’s also the WhatsApp number of BidAssist, notification section, and the sign-in feature available here. But, we’ll talk about them later. Let’s focus on the four key features now.

1. India Tenders – How to use filters and find all active tenders

With this feature, you can open various doors to acquire information on several Indian tenders available out there. Here are some sub-features that you need to be wary about:

●  All Indian Tenders Search Result: By clicking on this option, you can surf through each tender on BidAssist. As of now, there are 1,10,155 different options available on the platform. Also, around 15,000 tenders get updated here daily. So, be sure to check back often to find out your favorite ones. Here are some examples of what you can find in this point –

○        IIT Tender, Raipur

○        DOLBU Tender, Etawah

To explore All Active Indian Tenders:- https://bidassist.com/all-tenders/active

●   Indian Tenders By Preferences: Unlike the “all” feature, you can create and find your favorite tenders with a single click by using the “by preferences” module. You can utilize the available filters on the webpage and click on those options that seem preferable to you. Once you are done, you can, then, click on the “save filter” button to save your preferences. You can use it again whenever you enter BidAssist to search or bid on tenders. 

●   Indian Tenders Result By Keywords:

tender results by keyword,

As the name implies, the “by keywords” feature will allow you to browse through popular keywords available in the world of e-tendering. For instance, if you want to do almirah-related tasks, you can click on the “almirah tenders” feature to explore your options. Here are a few examples of what you can find here –

○        GIL Tender

○        UAD Tender

Visit this link to explore all active tenders by keywords:- https://bidassist.com/all-tenders/keywords

●  Indian Tenders Result By Authorities:

tender search result by authorities, indian tender authorities,

In this section, you can find several authority-based e-tendering projects. Some of the top authorities to provide tenders in India are – 

Visit for more active Tender Authrorities:- https://bidassist.com/all-tenders/authorities

●       Indian Tenders Result By Categories:

tender results by categories, tender categories,

Aside from the authorities, you can also find different tenders on BidAssist by browsing through categories. For instance, if you wish to work under the agriculture category, you can always opt for the Agriculture or Forestry Works Tenders. Some examples in this segment may include –

○        HUDA Tenders, Panchkula

○        KMC Tender, Kolkata

Visit this link for more active tender details by state : – https://bidassist.com/all-tenders/categories

●   Indian Tenders Result By States:

tender result by states, actice tender in each state,

With this option, you can surf through different tenders in a specific demographic segment. On BidAssist, you can find almost any state in India, such as Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Goa, Chandigarh, etc. The following are some of the examples you can find in this segment –

○        SCR Tender, Andhra Pradesh

○        NR Tender, Delhi

Visit for all active tenders details by states:- https://bidassist.com/all-tenders/states

●  Indian Tenders Result By Cities:

Active tenders by cities,

Like “by states”; “by cities” also allows you to go through a particular demographic segment. However, in this aspect, you can be more precise with your selection, as you are going through cities. Usually, the capital and important cities of a state in India are considered here as a viable option. Let’s check some of the prevalent examples that can be found here –

○        GMDC Tender, Ahmedabad

○        JNMC Tender, Ajmer

Visit this link for more active tender details by cities:- https://bidassist.com/all-tenders/cities

2. Global Tenders- How to find them on Bidassist 

As the name implies, you can find almost each and every international contract under the “global tender” segment. There are currently 2,17,242 options available in this section. Here are a few sub-options that you need to know about in this regard –

●   All Global Tenders:

All active global tender details,

This is commonplace for someone who does not have any specific target and wants to browse through every possible option. Some of the available contracts in this section are –

○        Jabatan Kerja Raya Tender, Malaysia

○        UKCS Tender, Bosnia and Herzegovina

For more details visit:- https://bidassist.com/global-tenders/all-tenders/active

●      Global Tenders By Countries:

all global tender details by countries,

By using this feature, you can search tenders from the most suitable countries. You can either find your favorite nation by typing its name in the “search” section or use the “A-Z” option instead. Some of the tenders that are prevalent in this segment are –

○        DSRG Tender, Australia

○        CPA Tender, Bangladesh

Visit for more tender details by countries:- https://bidassist.com/global-tenders/all-tenders/countries

●    Global Tenders By Multi-Funding Agencies:

Global Tenders By Multi-Funding Agencies,

BidAssist also offers a different segment for the multi-funding agency-based tenders. For instance, you can find contracts from Asian Development Bank, Alberta Public Sector, etc., here. A few examples from this segment would be –

○        ABD Tender, Tajikistan

○        Armed Forces Hospital in Riyadh Tender, Saudi Arabia

Visit the link for Global Tenders By Multi Funding Agencies:- https://bidassist.com/global-tenders/all-tenders/multi-funding-agencies

●   Global Tenders By Political Regions:

global tenders by political details,

The “political regions” segment usually offers information on a specific demographic, unlike the “countries” section. Some of the available options, in this aspect, are – African Union, BRICS, European Union, Arab World, etc. Some of the prevalent found here are –

○        Ministere De La Sante Tender, Morocco

○        Manapla Water District Global Tender, Philippines

●     Global Tenders By Geographical Regions:

global tender details by geographical region,

This option offers a broader perspective on the demographic segment by providing tenders available in the continents. Some of the regions you can find in this regard are – Asia, Europe, Balkans, North America, MENA, etc. Here are a few examples of e-tendering in this regard –

○        RMS Tender, Rwanda

○        JOC Ltd. Tender, China

3. Tender Results 

details of all tender results, tender awardees

The “tender results” segment will inform you about the tenders that have been won by a certain contractor. If you are a bidder, you can find your tender rewards here. Other details, such as the contract period (which determines a contract’s validity), contract date, and value of a specific tender can be found here. The documents you can get in this segment are – the AOC documents, details of the bidder, financial evaluation summary, BOQ comparative chart, etc. 

Now, let’s learn about the available filters here. 

  • All: As you already may have perceived, you can use this option if you don’t have any specific target in mind. 
  • Tenders By Preferences: You can use this option to create your preference and find suitable tenders as quickly as possible. 
  • Tenders By Authorities: You can also search for tender results by using the “by authorities” segment to get accurate results. 
  • Tenders By States: If you prefer to work under a particular state, you can choose this option instead of others. 
  • Tenders By Cities: With this option, you can search tenders in various specific cities in India. Several metropolises, such as Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Chennai, Coimbatore, etc., are available here. 
  • Contract Value: Contract value usually offers information about the amount of money available or to be used for a certain tender. With this filter, you can find tenders between INR 50 lacs to INR 100 crore. 
  • Contract Date: With this option, you can search the recently-released tender results on the website. BidAssist has implemented a calendar-like UI to make things more convenient for the user. 

4. How to Post or Bid for Private Tenders (Contracts)?

all active subcontracts, details of private tenders,

The procedure for posting a contract or bidding on an existing one is entirely different. So, to bid for a tender, you will need to create an account on BidAssist. You can, then, search for a specific offer and make your claim on it through bidding. 

If you have an SME, be sure to use our sorting system to your advantage. For instance, most of the low-amount contracts are ideal for beginners, as they have a requirement of low labour. You can also check out the contract period in “tender details” to have an idea about it. If a tender comes with a substantial contract period, it might require more manpower than usual.

Posting a contract on BidAssist usually requires you to log in to your account and upload details on your organization on the website. After you become verified by the website, you can, then, post your tender and add your own requirements. 

Be sure to fill up details like contract period, tender amount, need for the number of laborers, etc. This way, it will be easier for our clients to find you out amongst the crowd.

Some of the benefits for choosing BidAssist as your contract publishing platform are –

●   You can offer your contracts to a plethora of bidders without paying any fee.

●   You will be able to connect with more than one million SMEs in your region and beyond.

●    All of the responses you will get are verified by BidAssist. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about cheating or fraud.

●  You can choose your required business categories and create a personalized contract from scratch.

  1. Other Features

Aside from the crucial five, there are some other features available on the homepage of BidAssist as well. These are –

●    Contact through WhatsApp: This module can help you to get connected with BidAssist through WhatsApp. The required number is provided here as well.

●  Notifications: Through this option, you will get notified about your favorite tenders. Besides, BidAssist will also store the news and updates regarding contracts here.

●    Log-In: With this option, you can create an account on BidAssist and do various exclusive tasks. You will only need your active phone number to activate your BidAssist profile.

5. Additional Sub filters available for Indian tender, Global Tender and Tender Result on Bidassist 

You can find a searching module at the top section of BidAssist’s homepage. You can type in the name of the tender here and click on the “search” button to find whatever you want for your purpose.  You can also use the dropdown menu to choose the category and make your results more precise.

After searching, a new page will open where all of your results will be waiting for you to explore. In the following section, we’ll be discussing the common sorting options found in global, Indian, and tender results. 

However, the former comes with some additional alternatives as well, which will be talked about later. 

●       Sort By: With this feature, you can sort the available results as per your requirement. The available options are –

○        Opening date (ascending/descending)

○        Closing date (ascending/ descending)

○        Tender amount (highest first/ lowest first)

●       Keyword: If you are looking for something specific, the “keyword” feature will be ideal for you. There are various auto-generated keywords available here to offer a more convenient experience.

●      Authority: In case you want to find tenders provided by a specific authority, be sure to use this feature. It contains the same names, which are available under the “Authority” categories from the homepage.

●      Categories: This section works as an all-in-one place for all the available tender categories to offer a convenient searching experience.

●      State and City: With the former, you can search for available tenders in a region, while the latter will help you find the same in a specific city.

●       Tender Amount: If you have a specific tender amount in mind,  this one would be your go-to option. You can select between:

○        Below 1 lac

○        1 lac to 50 lacs

○        1 crore to 50 crore

○        50 crore to 100 crore

●  EMD Cost: The EMD (earnest money deposit) cost of a tender is a form of refundable remuneration, It is usually taken from the bidder to ensure that they are serious about the project. You can search up to the amount of “50 lacs to 1 crore” on BidAssist in this regard.

●  Closing Date and Created Date: Each tender comes with a separate “created date” and “closing date”. So, you can sort the results by using these options as well. Usually, the “closing date” of a tender carries more importance than the other.

●  Saved Filters: You can save your filter requirements with this feature instead of filtering your search results every time. Thus, finding the best contract for your organization will be much easier for you.

As mentioned before, you can find a few other modules in the “Global Tenders” section as well. Here’s what you should know about them. 

  • MFA: The option of MFA, or multi-functioning agency, will offer insights on the projects provided by organizations like Asian Development Bank, Alberta Public Sector, etc.
  • Geographical Region: It focuses more on the larger geographical segments like Asia, Europe, North America, etc. The Middle East and Balkans are also included in this segment for organizations originating from these areas. 
  • Political Region: This option is a bit more specific than the previous one, as it covers the regions covered by different economic political fronts. 

Besides, you can also use the “country” tag if you want to work in a certain country, such as the USA or Spain.

Aside from this, you can find several other features under the tenders as well. These are –

●       Take notes (used for writing short remarks about a tender)

●       Email tender (can help you in emailing the tenderer about the contract)

●       Share (used for sharing the tender with one’s friends and associates)

●       Follow tender (allows you to follow and get notifications about a specific tender)

●       Download tender (used for downloading the documents of the tender to avail of more details about the same)

6. Tender Notification Subscription Plan Price-

Unlike most other e-tendering platforms in India, BidAssist allows you to search for your favorite tenders for free. However, you can subscribe to the platform’s services by paying a small amount of money. This way, you can get various benefits depending on your subscription. Let’s learn more in this context.

●   Solo (INR 3000 – 1 Year/ INR 5000 – 2 Years): With this subscription, you will be able to search unlimited keywords through your account. You will also get tender alerts on your phone through SMS. However, the downside is that you can only log in with two IDs on BidAssist in this aspect. 

●    Business (INR 6000 – 1 Year/ INR 9000 – 2 Years): Like the previous one, the business subscription, too, allows you to perform an infinite number of keyword searches. Besides, you can use three email IDs, in this regard, instead of only two. Additionally, you may search and download tenders documents from up to five different states instead of one. 

●   Enterprise (INR 10,000 – 1 Year/ INR 14,000 – 2 Years): The aspect of unlimited keyword searches and continuous tender alerts (on up to five accounts) is prevalent in this regard as well.

●    Custom: Apart from having everything common with the other plans, the custom subscription can offer you the “multiple-user” facility. You can get opportunities for creating subcontracts, joint ventures, and consortiums too. Aside from these, the platform will also provide you bank guarantees and 3% savings on raw materials savings. Be sure to contact BidAssist today to create your customized plan and reap its benefits. 

Visit this link for more information on pricing:- https://bidassist.com/pricing/1

7. BidAssist App

For some people, using BidAssist through a search engine, such as Google, might be confusing. So, instead of doing that, you can download the official BidAssist app from Google Play or Apple App Store. It’s a lightweight application, which comes with almost each and every feature of our platform. Also, you won’t have to pay a single penny to buy this app. So, install BidAssist today and start searching for your favorite tender!


Searching for the most suitable tender can be pretty challenging for even an experienced individual. Thus, we would encourage you to use BidAssist at least once before looking for other options. Hopefully, you’ll get a lifetime of experience with us. Good luck with your business venture!