E-procurement has been the talk of the town lately. All thanks to the malpractices involved in the tendering process. Various pleas have been filed resulting in e-bidding to stay afloat and ubiquitous these days.

E-bidding is an effort to plug loopholes in the government tendering process which has curbed the irregularities by officials & misconduct by contractors who physically prevent others from participating in the bidding. Corrupt officials simply reject the bid on the ground of insufficient documents which are misplaced by them deliberately. The influential and rowdy officers use muscle power to keep other bidders off the tendering process. E-tendering undoubtedly has removed the man-to-man contact which has its own consequences. Transparency is another ingredient that will smoothen the process which was completely off-the-table before. The online tendering process has put an end to the associated malpractices and dismal quality of services witnessed in works of government and the construction industry.

”Is E-procurement right for your organization?” has changed to “How e-procurement can be effectively be managed with our goals of profitability, growth and innovation?” The thorough understanding of your goals of the organization can make you identify and implement the best software in practice for cost reduction. General goals include cost savings, increased efficiency and high strategic and competitive decision making supported by using e-procurement to:

  • Streamlining business process
  • Collaboration, analysis and decision making via centralised data management
  • Create and manage global supply chain by strong vendor relationships
  • Reduce waste, inefficiencies and human error

Goals will vary from organization to organization but generally, E-procurement is net positive albeit of the challenges faced by the organization who are not prepared. Corporate culture seems reluctant to move beyond traditional methods and situation-specific integration issues may confine the organization to choose the software and may pose confusion and ignorance related to capabilities and functionality. These challenges can easily be mitigated by research and planning, researching all the viable options best suited to keep the cost, chaos to a minimum and providing training & information sessions during and after implementation.

The transition to E-procurement can reap benefits by understanding the capabilities and wonders that this online system avails while overcoming the potential hurdles. An organization needs to connect with the future of procurement to craft its cost-effective future built on the foundation of cost-savings, transparency, higher profits and strong competitive advantage.

If you align with the thoughts penned above, then do go for E-procurement software. BidAssist team would be more than happy to connect with you and help you further in shortlisting and working towards a winning strategy for government tenders. Reach out to us on 1800 102 9586 or you may write to us contact@bidassist.com