Whether you believe it or not, cleaning tenders are known to be extremely popular, especially amongst the experienced clientele. Primarily, there are two reasons that work in favor of it. 

To begin with, these types of tenders are pretty common in the e-tendering cosmos. For example, BidAssist is currently housing around 10,850 tenders on their official website. 

Due to such an abundance of availability, most people tend to get these contracts to buff up their organizational portfolio. 

Additionally, the contract duration of the cleaning tenders is usually somewhat limited. Therefore, if you can quickly complete the received project, you may opt for another option right away. The more you work, the easier it will be to improve your job profile. 

But, how are you going to find the best tenders without having to go through any hardship? Here, in this article, we are going to give some insights into this respect. 

So, be sure to keep reading! 

BidAssist – The One-Stop Platform of E-Tendering 

Since its inception in the cosmos of e-tendering, BidAssist has been very proactive in the market. It updates its website almost regularly and adds more than 15,000 tenders daily. Here are some other reasons that make BidAssist the best e-tendering platform in India. 

  • The official website of BidAssist has an alluring yet beginner-friendly UI system. Besides, it is pretty lightweight and quick, making it almost invulnerable against crashes and server issues. 
  • BidAssist provides almost all the tender details that can affect the bidding decision of an individual. It offers information about the tender amount, EMD cost, opening-closing date, and many more. 
  • By creating an account on BidAssist and logging into it, you can also get daily updates on your favorite tenders. Besides, the website will also inform you when it updates newer tenders on your frequently visited categories. 
  • The customer service of BidAssist is quite incredible as well. They are almost always active and, therefore, can solve your problems right away. So, be sure to give them a call or drop an email in case you are having trouble. 

Available Cleaning Tenders on BidAssist 

There are currently thousands of cleaning tenders available on BidAssist. Here are some of the best bits amongst them – 

  • MSME Tender, Hyderabad: The MSME tender is all about cleaning electronic locomotives for MSME companies in Hyderabad. The task also includes maintaining the flit and radiators of the engines. It has a tender amount of INR 32.42 lacs and will be closing on 27th July. Be sure to download its documents to know the other tender details about the contract. 
  • UGVCL Tender, Ahmedabad: With the UGVCL tender, you will get the opportunity of providing cleaning and mopping work to Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited. The tender was released on 2nd July and will be closing on 31st July. So, hurry up and bid on it as soon as possible. 
  • SAI Tender, North 24 Parganas: The SAI Tender offers a contract on procuring dietary and cleaning items for the branch of Sports Authority of India in West Bengal. The module was launched on 6th July and will expire on 27th July. So, be sure to hurry up and check its details before bidding on it. 


The cleaning tenders are available in abundance on the official website of BidAssist. However, be sure to check their documents before bidding on them. Otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong option for your organization.