Bihar is a state in the eastern part of India and is bounded by Uttar Pradesh to the west, West Bengal to the north east and Nepal to the north. It is divided by the river Ganges that flows from west to east. In Ancient India, this area was regarded as the centre of political and cultural power. It was considered a haven of knowledge and learning. After a low phase in the state post the 1970s, the government has yet again made crucial strides in developing the state in terms of economic revival through increased investment in infrastructure, better healthcare facilities, literary drives and reduction in corruption and other crimes. 

Bihar grew at 10.98% in FY22

Bihar is among the fastest growing economies in the country. Bihar economy had a significant recovery in 2021-22, as the GSDP at constant prices recorded a growth of 10.98% as against the national growth rate of 8.68%. In the primary sector, the two main contributors in the growth of GSDP have been livestock and fishing & aquaculture. As of 2021, the service industry accounts for 61%, agriculture 24% and industry 15% of the economy of the state. The state government continues to focus on increased capital expenditure that rose by 29.4% in 2021-22 as compared to the previous year. This is a commendable feat given its limitations due to high population density, poverty, geographical handicaps and perpetual flood and drought periods.

Growth Story of Bihar

The growth story of Bihar is multifaceted and is one to reckon with. Bihar is ranked 3rd in terms of road density in our country. In the social sector, health and education have seen appreciable growth and ample facilities have reached the remotest areas of the state. The story of social and economic empowerment of women in Bihar has been noteworthy too. Another initiative, with the objective of social & economic empowerment of the rural poor by the government of Bihar called JEEViKA, has already reached 1.17 crore rural households and it is counting. One of the driving forces behind the recent manifold growth in Bihar can be attributed to the Building Construction Department, Bihar. Read on to know more about it.

Building Construction Department Bihar

BCD or Building Construction Department takes care of construction, renovation, upgradation and maintenance of government buildings in Bihar. They are responsible for both residential and non-residential buildings and are involved in planning and designing optimised connectivity between all the departments present.

BCD’s role in the growth story of Bihar

BCD Bihar has been in the forefront of the series of infrastructural development within the state of Bihar. Some of the acclaimed projects completed by BCD Bihar in the past one year include Anjuman Islamia Hall, transport department building, Statue of Amar Shaheed Jubba Sahni, Science Museum, Darbhanga, Bihar Museum, Sports Bhawan, Araria and so on. Seeing their performance, the Bihar Government has recently proposed an amount of ₹4721 crore in its budget for BCD. To be a part of Bihar’s success story and work alongside BCD Bihar, look out for BCD Bihar tenders online.

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Where can you find BCD Bihar tenders?

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