Are you waiting to expand your businesses in new markets? Have you ever considered going Global? We at BidAssist have opened the doors to a number of opportunities just for you.

This is an opportunity not only for large corporations but also for small and medium-sized businesses to expand in new markets. Many companies, governments and aid agencies issue global tenders not only for one contractor to win the tender but also to find new suppliers to service for regional and country-specific markets.

Your search ends right here. Explore a multitude of countries with BidAssist across the globe. You can also view the tenders across Multi Funding Agencies with unlimited keywords search. You are no more confined to specific regions and markets as expansion is the key to success for any organisation.

While browsing the tenders, you have to be careful in selecting tenders relevant to your qualifications as it accelerates the chances of success of winning tenders. The budget level of the tendering organization, your capacity to serve the client in a given time frame, and your technical abilities are all key factors that you must consider so that you do not waste your time and can make prudent decisions.

Risk Management is crucial and should be incorporated into your decision making. When you are aware of all the implications and have done enough market research, you can easily mitigate the risks attached. Remember that benefits are worth the risks. BidAssist watches out for all the red flags for all the tenders listed on our portal. Good quality tenders will provide clear specifications, the due date for submission & deliverables, among many other specifications.

Explore our pricing plans which are perfect for Global services with Unlimited Keyword searches & Unlimited downloads for ALL India and Global countries throughout the year. You can customise the plan for Premium services according to your interest.

Tenders are issued by the country, by area, and by region across the globe. Investigate the region that you are interested in expanding into and select the tenders that you are able to fulfil. We are trusted by over 350K+ users, covering 195+ countries globally and our tender count is over 3.8 Lacs and counting…

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