DSIIDC is the backbone of the capital of India, Delhi. It plays an important role in driving the development of the capital of India which houses more than 30 million people. Since its inception in February 1971, DSIIDC has transformed the capital city Delhi by propelling huge projects by aiding, counseling, assisting and financing them. 

DSIIDC’s role in growth & development of Delhi

DSIIDC’s work is not only restricted to many big projects (like Development of DTC bus depot at I.P. Estate, Development of housing for urban poor or Knowledge based industrial park (KBI) at Baprola), but also supporting the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board, Government of NCT of Delhi by providing them with modern fireproof night shelters for homeless people of Delhi, especially during the harsh & biting cold winters. 

DSIIDC is one of the few organizations to make aadhaar authentication for 8 online services related to Delhi State Industrial & infrastructure Development Corporation. The eight online services covered are Permission for mortgaging the properties, freehold conversion, request for fund, restoration of lease deed, change in constitution of firm/company, application for possession, time extension for construction and online payment of dues. 

This means an entity or individual looking for services like possession application or mortgage permission, can get them done without having to visit DSIIDC offices multiple times. For SME’s this step further helps them in “ease of doing business”. 

How is DSIIDC transforming the capital of India?

Delhi state industrial and infrastructure development corporation has taken a number of deposit works on behalf of Delhi Government’s various departments. 

  1. Housing for urban poor: For balanced growth of capital of India, DSIIDC has built more than 13,820 houses. These houses are provided with essential services like electricity, water, sewage disposal. Moreover these houses are earth-quake resistant and compatible with environmental standards. DSIIDC uses two construction technologies to build these houses at low cost, these are Monolithic RCC construction and precast RCC planks & joist roofing systems. 
  2. Developing and maintaining industrial areas under public private partnership: Delhi has 29 industrial estates which are maintained by DSIIDC, PWD, MCD & a couple of other agencies. DSIIDC has selected 4 estates i.e. Okhla, Patparganj, Bawana & Narela as pilot project under private public partnership model for their maintenance
  3. Unauthorized colonies development work: DSIIDC has been doing a lot of development work in unauthorized colonies of Delhi to provide basic infrastructure like roads and storm water drains. They have already completed more than 500 projects and more than 50 are ongoing. 
  4. Redevelopment of Vikas Bhawan, IP power station, bus depot at IP estate and DTC headquarters: The project is aimed to change the skyline of New Delhi’s central business district. 

How to work with DSIIDC to be a part of the growth of the Nation’s capital?

DSIIDC does infrastructure development work for Delhi government by releasing several tenders from time to time. At any given time, there are ~1000 active DSIIDC etenders. But searching for and keeping track of DSIIDC tenders can be a really time consuming and tiring process. This is where an online tender search platform comes in handy. BidAssist is the most efficient online tender search platform with the largest volume of tender database. Unlike other tender search platforms where users can’t search tenders for free, BidAssist allows you to search for any tender absolutely FREE just like Google. For that matter, users can search for their relevant search term even within BOQs (Bill of quantities). While the BOQ search is enabled by default, you can always disable it by using the “More Filters” button. You can also find the “exact search” option which can be used in case the search results are not relevant for you. For example, searching for other Delhi authorities tenders like PWD Delhi is equally easy, just a click away. 

How to apply for DSIIDC tenders online? 

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  2. Reviewing tender details: After finding the relevant tender for your business, now is the time to go through important information like eligibility criteria, scope of work and submission deadline. These details would help in determining if your business is eligible to apply for the DSIIDC etender and whether your business has required resources to take up and successfully finish the project.
  3. Submitting the bid: Once you have reviewed the tender details and decide to move forward, then submit your bid. This is done by submitting a detailed proposal covering your company’s experience, qualifications & capabilities to take up and complete the project.
  4. Tracking the tender status: After submitting the bid, you need to start tracking the tender status. For example any change in the submission dates or any additional information about the project. 

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