The number of DRDO tenders has begun increasing recently, especially after the vaccination was made possible. Currently, BidAssist hosts around 425 active tenders, while more of these modules are added daily. Here are some of the available options you may find intriguing with regards to the DRDO tender.

With this DRDO tender, you will get the opportunity to offer annual maintenance of electrical equipment (CCTV, AC, camera, etc.) at IITM Research Park, Chennai. The tender was first made available on 20th August and will be expiring soon, on 9th September. It has an overall tender amount of INR 2.55 lacs, while the EMD cost is around INR 5,100. Be sure to spare only INR 500 to buy its documents and learn more about the tender’s essentials. 

This DRDO tender is all about provisioning alteration and addition of existing hardware storage hangers. Additionally, you will also have to perform other miscellaneous and civil works at the technical hangar of ASL AL RCI, Hyderabad. The tender amount, in this aspect, counts at INR 2.82 crore, while the EMD cost is around INR 5.64 lacs. The document for this module would cost only INR 2,000, so be sure to acquire it beforehand. 

If you are interested in providing maintenance service to an official DRDO transit facility, this DRDO tender should be ideal. It was first launched on 24th August and will be closing on 9th September. It also carries a decent tender amount of INR 19.57 lacs. However, the EMD cost for this tender is only INR 39,140. Some other crucial details (tender fee) about it can be found in its documents, which costs only INR 500. 

This DRDO tender provides you with the opportunity to repair a 2000-kva transformer in Acem in Nashik. The tender was first available on 24th August and came with an overall tender amount of INR 5.36 lacs. It also has an EMD cost of INR 10,720. This module is going to expire on 6th September 2021. So, we urge you to hurry up and download its documents (costs only INR 500) today to make a thorough and informative decision. 

With this tender, you will need to offer certain additional works regarding the creation of a dynamic building in the ETF, AT, and TBRL range, Ramgarh. It has an overall tender amount of INR 43.32 lacs and will only be available until 17th September. Make sure to refer to its documents to learn more about its EMD cost, tender fee, and many more! 


In essence, the available DRDO tenders on BidAssist are quite different than each other. Therefore, before deciding on any of them, you must download their documents. This way, it will be easier for you to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the contracts. Good luck!