What is GEM – Govt E-Marketplace?

Govt E-Marketplace or GEM is an online portal by Government of India for procurement of goods and services by various departments of Govt of India like central government, state government and PSUs. Aim of GEM is to make all the public procurement process completely transparent and efficient and offer inclusivity even to MSMEs. GEM portal is a centralized and unified online public procurement platform for all government buyer organizations and suppliers or goods and services which can be done easily via GEM registration. 

GEM portal’s main objective is to help SMEs (especially MSME’s) and drive ease of doing business (EoDB) and inclusiveness with the government. For that, there has been process standardization backed with a regulatory framework, along with policy reforms online procurement ecosystem’s current processes. In addition to that, using advanced technologies to enable fully automated systems.

Genesis and functioning of GEM portal

Public procurement contributes to ~20% of India’s GDP and hence an efficiently run public procurement process is very critical to our country’s economy. An efficient and well functioning public procurement system helps the development process by improvising the efficient allocation and utilization of government expenditure. India is a diverse country both geographically and politically, hence standardization of public procurement is indeed a herculean task. Already existing public procurement system of the country is characterized by multiple processes and policies that have been operating in silos and always need a very high level of manual intervention. To bring about a real change in the public procurement process in India, and move forward into an era of e-governance using the power of digital technology, was the original drive and need for forming the Govt E-Marketplace (GEM).

Govt E-Marketplace was set up within just 5 months time to facilitate online procurement of goods and services required by different government departments, PSUs and organizations. All the purchases made through GEM by government users are authorised and made mandatory by the Ministry of Finance by adding new rule number 149 in the General Financial Rules, 2017. It offers various tools like e-bidding, demand aggregation and reverse e-auction thereby facilitating government users, get the best value of their money. GEM provides transparency and ease for the buyers and sellers both. GEM portal registration is fully online, paperless and contactless. 

Ways to grow your business with Govt E-Marketplace

Now SME’s and even MSME’s can grow their business and expand their reach with help of easy bidding of tenders of GEM portal. GEM portal is a great one stop online portal for all products and services related to various government bodies, but there are certain limitations to it like, it doesn’t give an option to do advanced searches or get notifications for tenders of your choice that you have interest in bidding for. This is where BidAssist – India’s leading online tender search platform steps in for your help. So that you don’t miss out on any opportunity to do great business with the government of India. On BidAssist, you can find GEM tenders covering 51.2 Lac+ products and services, 38 Lac+ sellers and service providers, with over 92 Lac+ orders fulfilled for 58K + buyers. Some of the salient features are:

  • Verified and identified government departments with an easy access
  • It’s a one stop shop for marketing with minimal efforts
  • Dynamic pricing based on market condition 
  • Seller dashboard for monitoring supplies and payments 
  • One stop shop for bids reverse auction 
  • Consistent and uniform bidding procedures 

How does BidAssist help in finding GEM tenders?

It’s very easy to find relevant GEM tenders on BidAssist.com, as easy as google search. Let’s understand what does that mean in following easy steps:

1. Simply type in your relevant GEM tender search term/keyword in tenders or tender results section

2. On the results page, you will get a list of tenders based on the search query you had made in above step

3. Now you can use the advanced filter option (of location, authority, product/service, amount, last date etc.) and filter these tenders further based on your preferences 

4. Furtheron, if you want periodic notifications to be received, just save those filters and set the frequency of your choice in notification settings under the profile section

Sometimes it may be that you want to identify those tenders which have a specific product or brand mentioned within them. Most of the time, these tenders have BOQs and specific products or brands could be mentioned in them. BidAssist is the only online tender search platform that can help you look for those specific tenders which will have your specific products or brands mentioned in them. This would be saving a lot of time for you and your team, thereby helping in faster decision making for bidding and moving forward with the tender. 

Now in case you need help on how to register yourself on GEM, just check out this detailed article on GEM portal registration on our website. 

Brief background about BidAssist India

To give you an idea on mammoth size & volumes, BidAssist has over 4 Crore+ tenders that are sourced from 50K+ sources globally. On an average, there are about 150,000 active tenders in India and about 280,000 active tenders globally. By far, it is the largest source of tenders, classified into 50+ categories. In addition there are 76Lacs (7.6 Mn) tender results for India and 42Lacs (4.2 mn) tender results for global. The content database is more than double of any other leading players for BidAssist. So, if you are looking for GEM tenders with specific and focused search results on your query,  then look no further and just go to BidAssist.com. If at all you get stuck with some query, for which you need instant support, all you need to do is reach out to BidAssist support team and they will be more than happy to get resolution for your queries. 

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