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Rural Development Department

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 3,00,000

  • EMD

    ₹ 3,000

  • Opening Date

    05 Nov 2018

  • Closing Date

    17 Nov 2018


Construction Of Cc Road And Drain At Shahu Fule Dalit Wasti Ward No 2 At Grampanchayat Bramhanwada Thadi Tq. Chandur Bazar Dist Amravati

RECAPITUIATION SHEET Name ofWork: Costru.tton olC.c_ Road & Drain at Brahmanwada Thadi at Shah! Fule D.L.€ r-r,: *5bndE,rmdr\tr1 !.P,Wod! s!tolvnsr.a!h.lp!, Cost as per Pa l t A C iv i tCos t 2527 ! :t: Cos tas pcr Pa. t 3 Tes t ing .har8€s 33a5 a: Co5t as per Par r C Royat iy ChJ 'ges 6972 AA 261631.00 Add ForG.5.T Char8es 12% On Cjv Cost 11616.00 A!d Contengency charees 47 ) f AA 7 Total Amount of Estimate 300000,00 !ESrp4CISfiEEr Name ofWork: - Cost .uct ion ofC.C. Road & Ora in Arahmanwada Thadi a i d s o f r s , u , r i , n . u c n g r e . j o ! r q l r E q a € r d f l r b r € a h ',"y; rh" b,;.q ",";,;t;r";i;;;;; io €mm nq ?aler il i . np - .1c rL f i uo ro 15 0 ) C.iveyis lre e:.?Etec,natela orl orr a9e Llp ro j 0, (Lt M 10 ofrapi 9r? qu.r r€/ sne bedirn! i. Ld nq ba m.,o Pro.ess.,based PLc wrh sc I xpad LPao j re r j e t co r rqendum r .No 24 .01 s r .No .323 spe . No . ad . E . I Page No .237 P,ov.lis and 3r iq n siLr / ieajy n r€0 is13nle 'quarle /qn. s nreta .':rp3.rns ri nr i9 .trrnll el. .o ,e dor.emerq t{rll] rerers 5e drrn r!p-. nre, mmEh Mhh nr pa f i r r r m :e l w l r r scADA 3 Adl.3 s,nj .e]ned 5 90 baqS/cJnlll RaleAs:er SsR 1 i r3 wEF 22917 ssR I s r No 11 25 S. No 332 sre No co 15 Paqe N. ! 3 .03 112 32 cL f 26.6 \ 1219.4s cum 3?:5r : : Provid ns and ayng n sru cemenr rap / g€nte/quarl2iergie ss frera n tace wa inc !d ns c M r o r . i - . , e n r n 1 n 1 1 ! F . b 9 , . . 1 0 0 i . a o 4 . e surface fininq ionrs s'ih brumen. ( (Ercud nq @si of re ̂ torcemeir ) he c M 1 3 plasrer s d honeycombed suda@ ony Ne{y rad concrele shallbe dovere iarpaurin elc twooden cenrernqrornwo* w rnor be anowed) spc. No cD 3/Pisc No.160 /r.s 156 (20001 Proyid n9 seecled hard nuruh r n9 ncuding ayds/itaye6Dr 15 to 20cm*lh waier n9 and mnp Ratc as per NewssR 17-13wEF.?9.9.17 ssR r t . s r . No .1 r .24 s r No .331 spe. No. cD.14 Pase.No.167 Pfovid ns and rayng cemenl concreG noomg40 mm lhck wilh I eve and stope n a lenate bays ndrud ns conpaction filinstoinrs mark rc nes losive re appearaice orl es 0f 30ch x 30 cm oforhersze aid d aqona ly ^q!are ercrfish n9 shoorh (w'th exrra cemen0 in anv@tour as drccred erc compete wilh Naru€ said Frovdinqand ayns 'i s ru / ready m concrere olfaprg.anrte/qu3dzte/ qness meta ror Rcc work n so d/decksraberd inctud'ng €mhns ytbalins cuing. re'nrorcehenr elc compbre (be'sht up ro 4 meterwrh ru y LC wth scADA enabed €vss bre drun type h rs/ coinele baldr m r ptanl (Dan m x€a wth n2luEr /ad rca ssnd) src. No. Br.33G) piseNo r3srrdB.7,piseNo.33 P/ovid ns and I'xiig in pos(Lon T[4T FE.500 b2r re nforcemenl orvanous damele6 ro' R C c pre caps rool i9s rdundatons. larcase newes charas. ,nreis pafdrs copings fins, afches e dris bendne hoor na rhe baL bnd ng r rh $ res orla.r $ed'nq aid supporlnq as szraa -t 3.-iE'.I -.- 6r- o2.26 I E-t d:d ,a {we 4,rd m bq "d" a . no pded eirh aren,; h- i"; ;;r.; :,tii;is wi;:',;,r,t PART B TESTINC IIARGES Frreness Modulas, sirr6nta nr 2610.00 TorarAm6unt or part A 251na!l 590.00 T€st @o.(n- 540 O0 Tesr 5/(|@. T€nsire Erongarion yeird-'. croup Tesl 000 I cohpressivesrrenglhotc c cube I Comp@ssiveS(renghoro c Cube 540.@ - 162i) 00 - @72.q) P%2ffi A-|l.iei{ldr cri .rd tlAl)avtb.LndD{r 2 L \ ! 2 ,

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