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SCHEDULE OF THE SECURED ASSETS E- AUCTION SALE NOTICE TO GENERAL PUBLIC Name of Borrower/ Branch Description of properties Due Amount Date and Time of Auction EMD Deposit A/c No. Reserve Price Sales of Immovable Properties Morgaged to Bank under 'Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act 2002 (No. 54 of 2002). Whereas, the Authorized officer of Punjab National Bank has taken possession of the following property/ies pursuant to the notice issued under Sec 13(2) of the Securitization and Reconstruction fo Financial Assets and Enforcement of security interest Act 2002 in the following loan account with right to sell the same on AS IS WHERE IS BASIS AND AS IS WHAT IS BASIS" for realization of Bank's dues plus interest & Charges as detailed hereunder and whereas consequent upon failure to repay the dues, the undersigned in exercise of power conferred under section 13(4) of the said Act propose to realize the Bank's dues by sale of the said properties. The General Public is invited to bid either personally or by duly authorised agent. * It is open to the Bank to appoint a representative and to make self-bid and participate in the auction. Last date of Deposit of EMD *The EMD shall be deposited by way of demand draft favoring “The authorized officer, Punjab National bank” or through NEFT/RTGS to the abovementioned account Punjab National Bank. The bidders shall submit KYC documents i.e. ID proof of Pan card& proof of residential address through email to the Authorized officer at e-mail as mentioned above. All seatudory dues/attendant charges/ other dues/ including registration charges, stamp duty , taxes etc. shall have to be borne by the purchasers. For further details, please visit the following websites and/or contact the 8630024350, 8859000090 (Recovery Agent) and,, Authorised Officer / Secured Creditor, Punjab National BankDATE : 29-09-2018 Place : Kashipur ADB BRANCH (453400) KASHIPUR (U.S.Nagar) Uttarakhand 244713 Ph. No. : 05947-276279, 276469 Email: Satnam Singh Gill S/I Sh. Ratan Singh Gill 1.Land and building situated at Khasra No. 87min, area 0.243 Hect at village Baxora, Tesil Jaspur Distt- U.S.Nagar Uttrakhand as per gift deed registered at Bahi No. 1 Zild No. 91 on Pages No. 309 to 312 at Sr. No. 624 registered on 23.02.2012 at SRO Jaspur. Rs. 53,29,923.27 + Interest and Other Charges Rs. 58.45 Lac Earnest money deposit A/c 4534002 100003062 12-11-2018 (11.00 AM to 12.00 Noon ) 05/11/2018 ------Hkjksls dk izrhd ! lkoZtfud bZ&uhykeh foØ; uksfVl izfrHkwfr vkfLr;ksa dh vuqlwph m/kkjdrkZ dk uke@'kk[kk m/kkjdrkZ dh laifRr dk fooj.k vkjf{kr ewY; tek /kjkgs j jkf'k uhykeh dh frfFk o le; cdk;k jkf'k ------Hkjksls dk izrhd ! foRrh; vkfLr;ksa dk izfrHkwfrdj.k ,oa iquxZBu vkSj izfrHkwfr fgr dk izorZu vf/kfu;e 2002 ¼la 2002 dh 54½ foRrh; vkfLr;ksa dk izfrHkwfrdj.k ,oa iquxZBu vkSj izfrHkwfr fgr dk izorZu vf/kfu;e 2002 dh /kkjk 13¼2½ ds v/khu izkf/kd`r vf/kdkjh us m/kkj ysus okyksa] xkjaVh nkrkvksa vkSj ca/kd drkZvksa dks ekax uksfVl tkjh fd;k gSA vkxs] foRrh; vkfLr;ksa dk izfrHkwfrdj.k ,oa iquxZBu vkSj izfrHkwfr fgr dk izorZu vf/kfu;e 2002 }kjk iznRr 'kfDr;ksa ds iz;ksx djrs gq, izkf/kd`r vf/kdkjh us fuEufyf[kr izfrHkwr vkfLr;ksa dk dCtk izkIr dj fy;k gS tc fd izfrHkwr vkfLr@ vkfLr;ksa dk fodz; tgka gS tSls gS ,oa tks gS tSls gS fd fLFkfr esa iatkc us'kuy cSad dks ns; izfrHkwr _.k dh jkf'k rFkk Hkfo"; dk C;kt o ml ij cSad }kjk mixr izHkkj o ykxrksa dh jkf'k dh olwyh gsrq lkoZtfud bZ&uhykeh }kjk fd;k tkuk gSA tu lkekU; dks Lo;a mifLFkr gks dj vFkok vius izkf/kd`r ,tsUV }kjk cksyh esa Hkkx ysus ds fy;s vkeaf=r fd;k tkrk gSA cSad dks viuk izfrfuf/k fu;qDr djus] Lo;a dh cksyh yxkus vkSj cksyh esa Hkkx ysus dh Lora=rk gksxhA /kjkgs j jkf'k dh vfa re tek frfFk d`f"k fodkl 'kk[kk dk'khiqj (453400) m/ke flag uxj] mRrjk[k.M फोन न0 : 05947-276279, 276469 ई

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