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Public Works Department

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 123,345

  • EMD

    ₹ 1,233

  • Opening Date

    10 Oct 2018

  • Closing Date

    05 Nov 2018


Construction Of 1_one_ No Type_v Qtr For Chief Medical Officer At Khowai District Hospital_sh_building Portion Including Water Supply And Sanitary Installation Providing Internal Electrification Thereof_2nd Call

GOVERNMENT OF TRIPURA PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT PRESS NOTICE INVITING .-TENDER No: ee-Ino/AMB/I3/2OIs-I9 FORMAT_A (For publication in the Locol Newspopers ond Websites) DATED- l0/10/2018 The Executive Engineer, Internal Electrification Division, Ambassa, Dhalai rripura invites on behalf of the,Governorofrripura' percentage rate e-tender(s) from central & state Public Sector undertaking / Enterprise and eligible Bidders / Firms /Agencies ofappropriate class registered with PWD / TTAADC / MES / CPWD /Railway / other state pwD up to 10.00 Hrs on 05/lll2018 for thefollowing work:- 2 v. OFWORK F(t (- F F(t E 2 F(t z E z El 20. l- 2. I 2 -9,i<&>=z ?EE{E ;FHEi k: AEa7.2 = 2r-:.= r-24. I <Eol =3=!D.ti:azn-9)o*-oz=o< - o U) Fl U I K of 1(one) No. Type-V etr. For Chief Medical Officer ar an istrict Hospital./SH:-Building portion including water suppty ry installation. / Providing Internal Electrifiiation thereof. DNIeT No:- EE-IED/AMB/l9/2018-19 Vri e. Ilv a. lv h .lq F} F;: ra ao N m T f € q l,n 00 o U s I x 2 Providing Intemal Electrification of Howai Manik Setu Community Hall of Paschim Howaibari Gp under Teliamura R.D Block. (2"d Calt)' DNIeT No :- EE-IED/A MB t2O l}0l}-lg !C V, 9a q V 0( llv '=> 3 Renovation of I.E for 8 Nos type-ll euarters (Two-twin double storied) and kitchen building 9t Brojendranagar pHC, Kadamtala Sub-division, North Tripura. /,S.H: providing E.l at 4 (Four) nos quafters thereof. (2'd Call) DNIeT No:- EE-IED/ Al4B t}l t}0t8-t9 rr r. oc 6l llv (\] .!q 4 Yearly maintenance of E.l. works of pWD quafter complex and l.B. premises at Ambassa for the year 2018-2}lg. ('2"d Call) DNIeT No: - EE-IED/ Al[B tZ2 t2018-lg ! 1- !q (a o( !( ta q) 5 Yearly maintenance of E,I. works of Jawaharnagar composite building at Ambassa for the year 201 8-20 l9 (2"d Call). DNIeT No: - EE-IED/ AMB/23t2018-tg Nq ?al € !c !x ! Eligible bidders shall id 3.11,1":,10' *t^lt^:l P:l :] g,.with,option. for Re-Submission, wherein onty their ratest submirted Bid woutd be considered for :o i'el.iif ,,r'. *n;;H ;;;. il ;#::,;#ff1"ir#;physically is not permitted. Earnest Money and Bid Fee are to be drawn separately on State Bank of India or any other scheduled Bank guaranteed by theRBI' in the shape of "Deposit at call"/ "Demand Draft" in favour of the Executive Engineer, Internal Electrification Division, pwD d of 3 (three) months from the last date of pubrishing of bid. Bid Fee osit at call"/"Demand Draft" and is Non_Refundable. "Demand Draft"/,,Deposit at call" (as a single pDF file of 100 dpi bid. and Draft"/ .,Deposit at call',. related to the Earnest Money and Bid ers Name, Address & phone number, at the office of the ftxecutive assa' Dhalai rripura, positivery before the Bid opening schedule (i.e. Engineer, Internal Electrifi cation intending Bidder through website the Bid opening. For any enquiry, Bid(s) shall be opened through online by ners on behalfofthe Executive Division, PWD (Building), Ambassa, Dhalai same shall be accessible by dders. may like to be present at Note : * MEMO NO. F. l6(6yEE-iED/AMB/2018-1912486-2529 Dated- 10/10/2018 Copy to: - 1. The Director of Information, cultural Affairs, Government of Tripura' Agartala for arranging publication of Format-A in four local leading newspaper {enclosed 08(eight) cop: }' 2.TheNodaloffrcer,I.TApplication(PWD),O/OthechiefEngineer,PWD(R&B)'Agartala'westTripurafor information. 3-g. The chief Engineer, PwD [R&B]/PWD(Buildings)/DWS/WRa{H/PMGSY, Tripura' Agartala for favour of kind ' information g.TheAddlrojectUnit,PWD(Buildings),Agartala,WestTripurafavorrrofkindinformation. t0_16. The Sup .., pwogaB),First circle i Seiond 6ircle / 3rd circle / Fourth circle/ Fifth circle/ SQC, Tripura itoring Cell' 17. The Superintending Engineer, Project Unit, PWD(Buitdings), Agartala, West Tripura favour of kind information l8.TheALC&UnderSecretarytotheGovt.ofTripuraforkindinformation. 19-27. The Executive ivision' Santirbazar/ Belonia Division' Belonia/ Ambassa Division' Ambassa/ Bisr Amarpur Division

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