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Public Works Department

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 6,413,024

  • EMD

    ₹ 521,000

  • Opening Date

    08 Oct 2018

  • Closing Date

    20 Oct 2018


New Construction Of Hetampur Road Km-2 To Yakoobpur Link Road Under Unconnected Habitation Within 5 Km Perimeter Of Two Lane Wide Road Year 2018-19 In Distt. Shahjahanpur

Short Term Notice Inviting E-Tender No. : 10375/142C (e tender)-3/18-19 Date : 06/10/2018 1. The S.E. Bareilly Circle, U.P.P.W.D. Bareilly on behalf of Governor of Uttar Pradesh invites the percentage rate bids online from the eligible and approved Contractors registered with UP PWD, under mentioned categories in column no. 11 The Bidder may submit bids for any or all of the works. Bidders are advised to note the minimum qualification criteria specified in Clause 4 of the Instructions to Bidders to qualify for the award of the contract. 2. Sl. No Di st ric t Name of Work Estimate d cost ( Lac) Bid Security ( Lacs) Time of completion of work in days (including rainy season) Cost of Document (in Rs.) Address of Executive Engineer executing the work Address of S.E Address of C.E. Eligible Registration Catagory of Contractor/ Firm 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Under Unconnected Habitation Within 5 km Perimeter of Two Lane Wide Road Year 2018-19 in Distt. Shahjahanpur 1 SH AH JA HA N PU R New Construction of Lipulek Bhind Road (SH- 29) Km-512 to Ahvaran ki Madiya Link Road. 64.28 5.22 60 Te nd er C os t+ St at io ne ry C ha rg es +G ST R s.2 72 5. 00 Co ns tr uc tio n Di vi sio n- 1, P .W .D ., Sh ah ja ha np ur Su pe rin te nd in g En gi ne er , B ar ei lly C irc le , P .W .D ., Ba re ill y Ch ie f E ng in ee r B ar ei lly , Zo ne , P .W .D ., Ba re ill y A,B,C 2 New Construction of Lipulek Bhind Road (SH- 29) Km-513 to Bazeerpur (Bagiya) Link Road. 82.22 6.12 60 A,B 3 New Construction of Jalalabad Budhvana Road Km-3 to Chauk (Manorathpur Sahaspur) Link Road. 59.71 4.99 60 A,B,C 4 New Construction of Harnaukha Link Road Km-5 to Bamanua Khajua Link Road. 62.75 5.14 60 A,B,C 5 New Construction of Sahaspur Simariya Road Km-2 to Khanpur Hakimpur Link Road. 57.72 4.89 60 A,B,C 6 New Construction of Mirzapur Paraur Road Km-5 to Madhopur Link Road. 57.06 4.86 60 A,B,C 7 New Construction of Nagla Harju Link Road Km-1 to Nayagaun (Naugawan) Link Road. 88.03 6.41 60 A,B 8 New Construction of Gazipur Chikahtiya Road to Pahadpur Link Road. 58.59 4.93 60 A,B,C 9 New Construction of KKC Road Km-70 to Sate Nagla Link Road. 68.31 5.42 60 A,B,C 10 New Construction of Hetampur Road Km-2 to Yakoobpur Link Road. 64.14 5.21 60 A,B,C 3. Time allowed for completion of work as per mentioned in column no 6 including rainy season. 4. The bids shall remain valid for acceptance for a period of 90 days from the last date of submission of bids. Bids once submitted cannot be withdrawn. 5. Bids must be accompanied by non-refundable fee as indicated in Column 7 of the above table, in the form of Demand Draft of any Schedule bank, in favour of “Executive Engineer, Construction Division- 1, P.W.D. Shahjahanpur” payable at Shahjahanpur. A set of bidding documents will be available online on website 6. Bid document with detailed terms and conditions will be available online on website from 09.10.2018 to 20.10.2018 upto 12:00 Hours. Bid must be submitted online only at e-tendering portal of on or before 12:00 Hours on 20.10.2018 and received technical bids online will be opened on 22.10.2018 at 12:30 Hours. If the office happens to be closed on the date of opening of the bids as specified, the bids will be opened online on the next working day respectively, at the same time and validity of bid will be considered from the original date. The date and time of opening of the financial bid shall be notified on website. The Financial bids shall be accordingly opened online. 7. A pre-bid meeting shall be held in the Office of the Superintending Engineer, Bareilly Circle, U.P..P.W.D. Bareilly for above work on dated 16.10.2018 at 12.00 Noon corresponding to the respective package to clarify the issues and to answer questions on any matter that m

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