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Public Works Department

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 69,07,828

  • EMD

    ₹ 1,38,157

  • Opening Date

    05 Nov 2018

  • Closing Date



Renewal To Manhalli Baroor Mdr Road From Km. 0.00 To 6.00 In Bidar Taluka.


vn1ffD 6Z-1 2Kt Govemm.nt of Karnalaka PWP & TWT DEPARTMENT DETAILED AND ABSTMCT ESTIIVIATE FOR ReNwal to Manhali - Baroor MDR Road from (m. 0.00 to 5.0o in Bidd Taluka AMOUNT OF ESTIMATE HEADOFACCOUNT 3054 CMGRY (MDR) for201&10 tust Executtuo Engineer, PWP & lwr. Sub;Dlvn. Bldar /-e--l-c\ i@i t P.ra 133 O ) or 0 Code votume - 1 of wdk Renew.l ro Manhatli - Beor MDR Road {tom (m. 0.00 io 6.00 in BidarTaluka Certificate Cenfled ttat Sin Wj'ne&fuf ath Asst. EnBhzer an[ stui A oLN ,essistafi ntkuti a *Vinee/, Q,W.a. {, I1,1.|IA. Slt,Aivitioa (Bitat liot e prsoaa@ n:Vute[ tte uoL ipot an[ prepare[ tfre estinate l,.r,ing most aol'onbat antr taJ, uq of e\ecutiw tfie wotL &--JL' -*strfi{.ative Ensinrer PW? & IWTD Sui-Division Rcport a..omFanying th. Detailed.nd Abska.tEstimatc f.. Renawal to Manhalli Daroor MDR Road tom Km. 0 00 to 6.00 nr Bidr Tnluka The above worl is apP.oved unler Head of a..ount 3054 CMGRY (MDR) Ior the vear 2018-19 lor anounting to Rs. 77.49 Lakh3. vide Ex€.utive EnSineer Oflice letter No 1477 Dat.d: 27.08.2018 Accordin8ly the estimate is prepared by adloting Pi4aP & IWID SR-2018-19, North-EasrZone Kalburgi, Kalburgi The fouo$ ing provisioN are made in the estimate l Cleaiing and gubbingroad land i ncluding u Proo ting rank veSetat io n, grass 2 Excavation ior roadwork in soil with hydrauli. ex.avator oI0.9 cumL,ucl€tcaPacity 3 Pat hing oId.ep holes by restoring the gratular base coas€ using material T5mm thi.k 4 PatchinA oI deep holes by.estoring the Sranular bas€ coarse using mateial l50mm thick 5 Providing afld layinS bitumino$ macadam on PrcPared surfac. 6 Providing ad applying tack coat usin880/100 srade bitumen (VC 10) 7 Conskuction of sub grade and earthen shouldeB 8 Reinlorced cement con.ret€ M-15 Grade kilomeler ston€ 9 ReinJo.crd cedent€ M-15 Grade H€ctotmer stone 10 Dirtrtion and Placc Identificanon SiSns uPto 0.9 sqm Size Board An early san.tion to ihe estinate is reqmsted DE]AILED AND ABSTRACT TSTIMATE Renewal to Manhalli " Baroo!MDR Roadfrom Kt' sl. B l 5 9 : C:.aring and grubbing road land in luding uP'ooting rank e,N, Dushe' hrib''rPl.'8 dnJ're"' grr I uP h' IJ ", ,.i..,"1.t -ru.p..i trPe .ur '.dlr - ''n- d\Po\dlor :seNiceable mterials ad stacl<ing oI sediceable maierial to - used or au.tioned, uP to a lealt ol 1()O0 metres including :.noval and disPosaL oi toP organi. soil not exceeding 150 m :1 thi.kncss .omPlete as Per sP{ifi'ations comPlete as p'r :.{ifications. IL By Mechanical Means A In arca of light :1rD 5R 2018-19; P, No. 139, Iteh No. 18.15, Rs 18526.00/Ha Sqm 2 6m0.00 2.50 750tu.N/./ : =\iavation 1or.oa.lwo.k insoilwilh hld.auLic ex.avatoi of0 9 -_jn bu.ket caPaciiy in.luding cuHin8 and loa'ling in tiPP'rs' rrnming bottom and side sioPes, in ac'ord'n" with ..ou""ments "f linet grades ald cross sectioE, and tr;porting to the embat*m€nt lo.ation within all liiE and ..a! upto tOOOmcomPlete as P€r qPedti.atioN. ',\D5R-2018-19. F. \o lrr ltcmNo l'lj Rc.ll00/'um anm 2 11)0.00 0.675 0.45 P" ch rs or Jpep ho.e. by rP(lor'rg tne gr"ruldr bi'e 'odtse -".ns tu?ridl(oruuminB lo WBV 8rdd"_l.l srrn'lrrdw W-!,lM .'h;ever nde$aly by hanual meatr includinS himmin8 the a.,h.,le -o rhe reou(pd -hape drtl ,i/'. .lEanrlg thc Porhole .DDl\':ne ."rL .ortl a, ak;/lo'qr o\Fr lhe \^BMTIM\,IM ,,:,.." inctuai.e cte*g er ... dU co\rrinB .hp .u,la e h irh oFlnel mr. -"at rrrC q ,:Om. Lhi. k :''luJ:'8 ecd' io"o'r e un.o-,iinP, ,ouing ,1o Iinhtrirg erc "oroler" a' Per .t a: r nJ ard sDc.iIi.a tbns -:rr)sR-?irl81!: P. No 260,ltem No 35.13 1, Rs 315 o!/tm j3o.da 34s.oo 113350.00 I r n:nu o! J,u 10"' b\ (ror:nB h' 8-dnJ'" brP c "rP .,* m"t, J.;r I 1.,ns t WBNI sr' d( l'l 'r"'J'rd' \dvM ,. .., , ". ....'.," t'. . "aul m- tu ir rudr 'E I' mm:'g 'h! ,""r.,., r." *. ",a '\"p".'nJ {/c rl'l ing r\" !or\ol( ,o. .q ," t . ,L al lL8 lLr'qr oJer 'l'e I BM !\nIIV ., ..-" L,rral*. r"-,"e .'... a..l' o'errng rhe'u r' sil\ .,.--*U * -.1 '\iLA 20'm 'nirt in(lu'linB l""J' :.'.rdin,l, lnloa.lin& rolling d f

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