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Hkkjrh; vk;q/k fuekZf.k;ka INDIAN ORDNANCE FACTORIES vk;q/k oL=] 'kkgtgkaiqj ¼m0iz0½ & 242001 ORDNANCE CLOTHING FACTORY, SHAHJAHANPUR (U.P.) – 242001 Hkkjr ljdkj] j{kk ea=ky; Government of India, Ministry of Defence Tel: (05842) 223416, 223704 Fax: (05842) 223328, 223298 Email: OPEN TENDER NOTICE (THROUGH e-PROCUREMENT MODE ONLY) General Manager, Ordnance Clothing Factory, Shahjahanpur on behalf of The President of India invite vendors for participation in Source Development Open Tender Enquiry (under Two Bid System) for the following store/services: T.E. NO. & DATE DESCRIPTION OF STORE SPECIFICATION QTY (Meter.) DELIVERY PERIOD E-Procurement Tender ID 2018000098 & 15.09.2018 FABRIC NYLON, KNITTED, ALUMINISED COATED,100 CM(Min.) Width SCHEDULE NO.DMSRDE/TEX-2/93/2 & ANNEXURE 'A' ATTACHED.AS PER RELEVANT CLAUSE OF SPECIFICATIONAS PER RELEVANT CLAUSE OF SPECIFICATION 27253.00 ONE MONTH+ TWO MONTH 108MMETT18001210 (1) This is e-procurement Tender Enquiry and firm/vendor has to participate through e-Procurement mode only failing which offer will not be considered. Firm has to get enrolled with OCF, Shahjahanpur for the participation in the tenders. Firms can enroll themselves as a vendor by login to OFB eProcurement website ( for participation in the above tenders. Link to this website is also available in the OFB website (2) For Complete details & various terms & conditions firms/vendors are requested to view e-procurement tender against ID No. mentioned above at website of ( .

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