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. General Abstract Name of Work PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF WBM ROAD AND C.D. WORK FROM RAGHOJI JUARE,S HOUSE TODINA NAHAR AT CHAMORSHI,TAH : CHAMORSHI, DIST : GADCHIROLI Rs. 15,96,765.89Cost of Work c.s.r. (12%) Rs. L ,91 ,611.91 Cont igencies Charges (5%) Rs.79 ,838.29 Rs.3I,935.32Work Establ ishment Charges (2%l Rs. 19100 rLSI.4t Rs. 19,00,000 a"nrffi WChief Officer Nagar Panchayat, Chamorshi Nagar Panchayat, Chamorshi Dist. Gadchiroli rr.r .rer.ii,.-r* .-ar,.r i. Iit rf+ Dist. Gadchiroli fi-unhiigAr "Ar:r rhE PLAT,IS AND';STITilATE I$ t €G lfltlcAllY SANCT t$t{ E[] AItl ouNTlNC i o Rs.l9g9,9gq (lN lruoRul Rs' N'{''trlen :!-ae l"' oltlg- --' oNLY rne eniTnY ie*EN lN RAGISTARoI fEcHNtcALtiAhlcTtouvlogsRNC' *o: r-!N PAGE-€E- tlA't'ED 20 ' 68 r t 8- i rhlDERlfEAD*.44,.€ *r\),2 ,ru-#Z Hame of work 'RoPosEDcoNsTRUcT|oNoFwBMRoADANDc.D.WoRKFRoMsHR|MGHoJ|JuARE.sHoUsEToD|NA XA}IAR AT CHAMORSHI,TAH : CHAMORSHI , DIST: GADCHIROLI Measurement Sheet I tem Discr iPt ion No . Length ( M ) Breadth ( M ) width/ Depth ( M ) QuantitY Un i t Sr . No. 1 Excavation for catch / side water gutter in all sorts ot ca i t c r n r ha <np r i f i ed sec t i on i nc l ud ine s tack i ng t he zoz 0.75 0.5 196.50 Cu .M Provid ing ear th work in embankment wi th approved mater ia ls obta ined f rom departmenta l land or other 1 L O Z + 0.2 209.60 Cu .M Required Quant i ty -196.s0 Cu.M Total 13.10 Cu.M 3 Construct ion of granular sub-base by provid ing c lose sraded Mater ia l , mix ing in a mechanical mix p lant at 0 262 o.2 0.00 Cu.M Total 0.00 Cu.M Provid ing, lay ing, spreading and compact ing stone :gsresates of soeci f ic s izes to water bound macadam q I L O Z 4 0.075 78.60 Cu.M Total 78.60 Cu.M Provid ing, lay ing, spreading and compact ing stone . dd16oa raq n f cncc i f i c s i zes t o wa te f bound macadam 5 z 262 + 0.07s L57 .20 Cu .M Total t57.20 Cu.M 6 iupply ing hard murum/ kankar at the road s i te , nc luding conveYing an@ 1 262 1 .5 0.3s | 137.55 Cu.MO m lm 6 ) ?m r / c Total | 137.55 lsq.M. Spreading hard murum for s ide width etc ' complete Sect ion 19m x 3m @ 15m c/c 262 . 1 . J 786.00 sq.M. Total 785.00 Sq.M. lay ing in layers on each s ide wi th power ro l ler I inr l r rd ino ar t i f ic ia l water ing etc. complete. I8 Sect ion 19m x 3m 1 262 1 .5 786.00 S q . M . Total 786.00 sq.M. such as 'Name of work, Tender cost , Name of q Sect ion L9m x 3m a 1.00 Nos . Total 1.00 Nos. Qual i tv Contro l Charges for Test ing l- 1.00 Job10 ao"ro# Nagar PanchaYat, Chamorshi Dist. Gadchiroli Chief Officer Nagar PanchaYat, Chamorshi Dist. Gadchiroli l- 'J€ :- r.3'K IEITIS€D CONSTRUCTION FWBM ROAD AND C.D. WORK FROM SHRI RAGHOJI UARE'S HOUSE TODINA NAHAR AT CilX)RSHI,TAH : CHAMORSHI, DIST I GADCHIROLI Measurement Sheet J \ : I tem Discript ion N o . Length ( M ) Breadth ( M ) width/ Depth ( M ) Quanti ty Un i t I I j smant l ing the R.C.C. work 1 - :2 :4 and sor t ing ou t the '- laterials such as steel etc. as directed and stackins 0 0 0 . 1 0 0 C u . M ixcavation for foundation in earth, soi l of al l types, sand, 3rave l and so f t murum, inc lud ing remov ing the 3.D. Work L 8 5 1.5 60 C u . M Total 50 Cu,M Provid ing rubble f i l l ing of t rap/ grani te/ quartz i te gneiss s tones f o r f ounda t i ons i nc l ud ing hand pack ing f i l l i ng C.D. Work 1 8 5 0 . 4 l o C u . M Total 16 Cu.M Prov id i ng and l ay i ng i n s i t u cemen t conc re te o f 1 :4 :8 proport ion wi th t rap/ grani te/ quartz i te/ gneiss metal in C.D. Work 1 8 5 0.2 8 C u . M Total 8 Cu.M Prov id ing and lay ing in s i tu /Ready Mix cement concre te M-20 of trap / granlte /quartztte/ gneiss metal for R.C.C, C.D. Work L 8 4.8 0.4 15.36 C u . M Total 15.36 Cu.M Prov id ing cas t in s i tu / ready mix M20 grade cement concrete for head walls of CD work / retaining walls etc. C.D. Work 2 8 0.4 2 1 2 . 8 C u . M G u i d e w a l l 2 4 . 8 u . t 5 0 . 6 0 .864 C

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