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NOTICE INVITING TENDER OPEN TENDER ENQUIRY (OTE) E-PROCUREMENT CELL Army Hospital (R&R) Delhi Cantt-110010 2337/MS/EXP/DGLP/Med Store(Drugs)/CFA-Oct-57/2018-19 Dt 09 Oct 2018 TENDER NOTICE FOR EXPENDABLE MEDICAL ITEMS AS PER APPX ‘ A ’ TO THIS NIT 5. Commandant, Army Hospital (Research & Referral) Delhi Cantt , on behalf of President of India, invites online e-tender under two bid system(Technical & Commercial)from original manufactures or their authorized dealers/distributers or registered dealers of Army Hospital (R&R) who are fulfilling RFP criteria for procurement of drugs/disposables as per items listed in Part II of this RFP and which can be viewed at 2. The Bids (both Technical and Commercial, in case two bids are called for) should be uploaded by the due date and time. The responsibility to ensure this lies with the Bidder. 3. Two-Bid System: will be followed. Cover-1 : Technical Documents – The product details – Online only as per RFP (The EMD will be deposited in a sealed envelope in the tender box with the superscription of RE/Tender reference at Office of Brig I/C Adm and Commander Troops, Army Hospital (R&R) Delhi Cantt-10) Cover -2 : Financial Bid –Online only. 5. Rate per unit should include all transportation, loading/unloading, if any and other incidental charges for delivery of supplies at Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt-10. The rates quoted must be valid for 180 days from date of opening of bids. 6. Place of Opening of the Bids. Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt-10 for duly filled downloaded bids. The result of opening of Bids will be available online for all Bidders to see. 7. General condition of the supplies are as under :- (a) The supplies must conform to standard Specifications as per QR (b) The quotations should be valid for the period 06 Months. I The following marking will be stenciled on each bag/packet:- (i) Description of contents. (ii) Name of the supplier, origin, manufacturer, and date of Expiry (d) Payment will be made by PCDA, Western Command. Chandimandir (e) Any dispute related to the vendors will be decided by the CFA (Commandant) (f) Purchase qty is being made on requirement basis and may be changed at the discretion of CFA. (g) The tender authority holds all rights to withdraw the tenders at any stage. (h) All clauses as per DPM-2009 and its amendments thereafter will be applicable to all the tenders. (l) The bidder may seek clarification on any of the points as he desires prior to submission of online bids. 8. Critical dates are as mentioned in the Tender Documents (M S Gill) Brig Presiding Officer DGLP Committee For Commandant Appx ‘A’ Ser No Description of item A/U Specification Qty proposedfor procurement 1 Potassium Citrate 1100mg, citric Acid or Mag citrate 300 to 400mg per 5ml bott of 200ml Bott Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 750 2 Suspension 15 ml containing milk of magnesia 11.25 ml,Liq paraffin 3.75 ml bott of 170 ml Bott Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 1800 3 Prednisolone Syp 5mg/5ml in bott of 30 ml Bott Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 300 4 Triclofos Sodium Syrup 500 mg/ml bottle of 60 ml Bott Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 600 5 Dicyclomine drops Bott Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 300 6 Bromhexine Syp 5 ml containing 4 mg of Bromhexine Hcl bottle of 100 ml No Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 1800 7 Syp Cough Linctus Paediatric Bott of 60 ml Bott Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 900 8 Disodium hydrogen citrate 1.4 gm/5 ml bott of 100 ml Bott Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 1050 9 Iron Syp Paediatric each 5 ml containing minimum 25 mg Elemental Iron, Folic Acid- minimum-0.5 mg and Vit B12- minimum-5 mcg with or without multivitamins in a bott of 50 to 200ml Bott Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 1200 10 Multivitamin syrup 200ml bott Bott Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 1200 11 Syp calcium containing elemental calcium at least 82 mg Bott Any reputed mfg as per DPM 2009 450 12 Vitamin D3 Drops No An

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