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Border Roads Organisation

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 939,996

  • EMD

    ₹ 18,800

  • Opening Date

    06 Nov 2018

  • Closing Date

    28 Nov 2018


Risk And Cost Tender For Supply And Staking Of Fine Aggregate As Per Is 383 Of 1970, Table-4 And Grading Zone-ii For Permanent Works Between Km 47.00 To Km 57.00 On Tuipang-laki-lope-lungpuk Road Under 71 Rcc/24 Brtf/project Pushpak In Mizoram State

CA NO CDR 24 TF/ 12018-19 Tender No: Cdr 24fFl06 OF 2018-19 Serial Page No 01 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NATIONAL COMPETITIVE BIDDING) BORpER ROApS OR9ANISATIOII -F 24 BORDER ROADS TASK FORCE 1. Online bids are invited on single stage two bid system for RISK ANP COST TENDER FOR ZONE.II FOR PERMANENT,WORKS BETWEE.N K.M 47.00 TO KM 57.00 ON TUIPANG.LAKI. LOPE-LUNGPUK ROAD UNDER 71 RCC/24 BRTF/PROJECT PUSHPAK IN MIZORAM STATE The title of above heading on CPPP site is RISK AND COST fENDER FoR SUPPLY AN.D STAKING oF FINE AGQREGATE 45 PER lS:383 oF 1e70. TABLE-a I GRADING ZONE-IIGRADING zONE-ll F9R PERMANENT WORKS BETWEEN KM a7.00 TO KM 57.00 Oil TUIPANG.LAKI-LOPE-LUNGPUK ROAD UNDER 71 RCC/24 BRTF/PROJECT PUSHPAK IN MIZORAM STATE 2. Tender documents may be downloaded from cppp site as per the schedule as given in critical date sheet as under:- CRITICAL DATE SHEET Date of uploading of tender on CPPP 06 Nov 2018 (1100 hrs) Bid document download sale start date 07 Nov 2018 (1000 hrs) Clarification start d ate 09 Nov 2018 (1200 hrs) Pre bid meeting 12 Nov 2018(from 1000 hrs to 1300 hrs) Clarification end date 13 Nov 2018 (1200 hrs) Bid submission start date 19 Nov 2018 (1000 hrs) Bid submission end date 28 Nov 2018 (1300 hrs) Bid openinq date 29 Nov 2018 (1600 hrs) Opening date of priced bid To be fixed later on 3. Bids shall be submitted online only at cppp website: Manual bids shall not be accepted and liable to be rejected. Tenderers/Contractors are advised to follow the instructions provided in the the Gon for the online 4. The work is estimated to cost Rs.9.40 lacs (Rupees nine lacs forty thousand only) approximately or as subsequently amended in tender documents or uploaded in CPPP website This estimate, however, is not a guarantee and is merely given as a rough indication of cost and if works cost more or less, the tenderer shall have no claim on that account of what so ever nature. 5. The tender shall be based on specifications, General Conditions of Contract IAFW- 1815'Z for the s0pply of stores & materials with schedule "A" (List of works) to be priced by the tenderers. cA NO CDR24TFt t2018-19 Serial Page No 02 Tender No: Cdr 24TF106 OF 2018-19 6. Not more than one tender shall be submitted by one contactor or contractors having business relationship. Under no circumstance will father and his son(s) or other close relatiols who have business relationship with one another (i.e when one or more partner(s)/directo(s) #e common) be allowed to tender for the same contract as separate competitors. A breach of this condition will render the tenders of both parities liable to rejection. 7. The work is to be completed within 85 days under single phase from the date of placing work order)or as subsequently amended in tender documents or uploaded CPPP website website commencing from the date of issue of Acceptance letter. 8. The Commander, 24 Border Roads Task Force, C/O 99 APO will be the Accepting Officer, here in after, referred to as such for all purposes in this contract. 9. lntending tenderers are advised to visit again CPPP website at least 03 days prior to bid submission sta( date of tender for any corrigendum / addendum/ amendment. 10. Earnest money is not required to be attached with tender by the enlisted contractorwith BRO who have submitted standing security deposit but it is required from other contractors to be attached (Scanned copy) with tender documents for Rs. 18,800/- (Rupees eighteen thousand eight hundred only) in the form of BG Bond or Demand Draft issued in favour of The Commander, 24 Border Roads Task Force, C/o 99 APO payable at SBI Bawngkawn, Aizawl, Mizoram Code No. 7059 obtained from any Nationalized/Scheduled Bank and having maturity/validity period 30 days more than validity period of his

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