Building BidAssist: The Journey straight from the horse’s mouth

Diwakar Sankla-
Building BidAssist: The Journey straight from the horse’s mouth

Ever missed a timeline, bank closure, movie, meeting? The same thing can happen with a tender processing guy within a company applying for a tender and the loss to the business, in this case, can be huge. Well, not again. The tech-based solution, BidAssist is here to save your day. 

Let’s understand the tender journey with a movie analogy: Gangs of Wasseypur 1 & 2

Rings a bell? Well, the lifecycle of tender is similar to a movie release. These unprecedented times will help you understand the problem the user faces and the value proposition of BidAssist. 

Now if you want to see a movie, you need to search the multiplex where it is being screened, find the time slot that suits you and then you need to travel to that place. Or else you can choose to watch the same on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other OTTs from the comfort of your home and conveniently schedule your watch. You have options to evaluate and choose from in real-time. Which one will you prefer in general having a busy schedule? The answer is clear, isn’t it?

BidAssist provides the same benefits to our business customers, along with multiple other features aligned with the user’s requirements over traditional channels like newspapers, individual sites. 

Here at BidAssist like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you will find tenders on your internet devices in just a single click:

  • Search your desired Authority (Production house, Director) 
  • Select the range, sector, keywords (Genre) 
  • Download the documents (Download trailer, movies) 
  • Mark your favorite tenders (Add to watchlist) 
  • Get notifications about new tender releases and changes as per your preferences.
  • Qualified Bidders and Tender Awards 

It is because of these reasons that we have occupied a place in the hearts of our customers which have translated into milestones that we achieved lately. You can check out our Journey till December 2020 here: BidAssist: The Journey So Far | Till Dec 2020

As the great saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”, the same is true for any great thing, and BidAssist has a legacy of its own. It all started with a core focus on making tender discovery easy and timely for businesses. BidAssist succeeded in this and as always, having a customer-centric approach was the first to bring features such as Unlimited Keywords search, Transparent and Standard pricing, etc. delivered through carefully curated UX/UI with a mobile-first approach, which is still unheard of in the market. 

The last 6 months have been ground-breaking for us as we launched Global Tenders on BidAssist. We have already received an overwhelmingly positive response on this from the customers. As we travel further and grow higher, our efforts, motivated by customers’ success stories, are dedicated to solving more problems for our customers. Let’s take a look at the road that lies ahead for BidAssist:

  • Localizing BidAssist to serve vernacular customers: Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, and other languages. 
  • Private Tendering is one of our primary focuses, and we hope to bring this formally under the domain of BidAssist.

It has been an exciting journey till now where everyone right from Engineering, Product, Design, Support, and IST team have traveled together with a common destination insight and that is to make BidAssist “The Best”. So get on board with us as we travel ahead. Visit the website and or download the app on Play Store/ App Store and Never miss a tender.