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Brahmos Aerospace Thiruvananthapuram LimitedKerala
Active Tenders of Brahmos Aerospace Thiruvananthapuram Limited in Kerala

Active Tenders of Brahmos Aerospace Thiruvananthapuram Limited in Kerala

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Kerala is one of the states with the highest literacy rates in India (up to 90%). From Food to Agriculture to Animal Husbandry and from rural development to urban development, there are around 146 organizations in Kerala which are floating e-tenders for the smooth administration of the state. The duration of the application process of the eprocurement in kerala is generally between 1 to 2 days. Bid Assist offers the latest eprocurement updates of Kerala at one place. Whether you are looking for e-tenders from Kerala Government, or from other organizations, Bid Assist lists all the active Kerala govt. tenders and other tenders on this page. We have shortlisted some of the most prominent and frequently active eproc Kerala tenders which are given here - Local Self Government Department ,Public Work Department,Kerala Water Authority ,Irrigation Department,Forest Department,Directorate of Panchayat. Local Self Government Department - Local Self Government departments perform local administration in a particular area of the state. They are also known as the third sphere of the Indian government. The first and second spheres are union and state, respectively.In the Local Self Government Department, the administration is managed by the municipal corporation in the urban areas, while the panchayat raj system is established to manage the rural areas.Local Self Government departments have floated more than 2000 e-tenders in Kerala for under the administration of Kerala Government.Public Work Department- PWD stands for Public Work Department, and this department looks after the formulation, implementation and maintenance of the public department works which are undertaken by the government of Kerala. Creating proper road infrastructure for the economic development and ease of mobility of the state is the primary work of the PWD Department. PWD department floated more than 400 Kerala govt. tenders recently. Kerala Water Authority- Kerala Water Authority is an autonomous department under the Kerala government which manages the water functions and wastewater management in the state. The vision and mission of this department are to provide quality water supply service to the doorsteps of every resident of Kerala in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.Kerala Water Authority issued more than 200 tenders to maintain the water supply and improvise the wastewater management. Irrigation Department-Irrigation Department design builds and manages the water bodies and the resources required for the agricultural development and water management in the state.Irrigation department strives to build dams, canals, bridges and water storage entities to supply quality water to the farming lands. This department has issued more than 200 tenders regarding construction and maintenance of water bodies. Forest Department-Forest department handles the preservation of the biodiversity of plants, animals and humans. It also looks after the protection of the environment and develops the natural habitat of the forest by planting more trees. It also plays a significant role in developing tribal life and empowering the weaker section through transparent and rational methods. This department released more than 100 Kerala government tenders.Directorate of Panchayat- Panchayat system is the ground level administration system of the state and central government. Panchayat system is responsible for constructing roads, schools and managing the village administration. Directorate of Panchayat has issued more than 100 Kerala govt. tenders for roads, schools and community development. There are many more organizations that release Kerala tenders on a periodic basis, most of which can be found on Bid Assist. Get the latest Kerala govt tenders on this page.
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