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Shree Singaji Thermal Power ProjectDelhi
Active Tenders of Shree Singaji Thermal Power Project in Delhi

Active Tenders of Shree Singaji Thermal Power Project in Delhi

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The interesting facts about Delhi not as it has arisen from its great number of ancient, historical and heritage artefacts but also since it is a lighthouse of all the three branches of Government of India. With its rich history of empire successions from the Delhi Sultanate to Mughals, British and today the parliament, the city has become one of the rapidly developing cities in the world. Delhi is loved by the tourists as well as its citizens}) for them, it is a city of the heartful people.To maintain the decorum and convenience for both the citizens as well as visitors, the Delhi government works round the clock to provide the best administration and satisfactory services.They float tenders in total 54 departments, from which we have shortlisted 4 of them which releases their tenders frequently, these E-Tenders of Delhi manages the work and supply resources to the betterment of the Delhi governmental Administration.The list of these organisations for Delhi govt tenders (also known as e-tenders Delhi) is given below: Public Works Department Delhi, Delhi Jal Board, Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board, Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board. Public Works Department Delhi- Public Works Department is the vital agency of Delhi Government which takes an active part in designing, planning, construction and maintenance of Government assets. The focus is to build environmentally friendly infrastructures. PWD constructs, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Technical Institutes, Police Buildings, Courts, Prisons, etc. PWD department also develops Roads, Footpaths, Bridges, Flyovers, Subways, Foot Over Bridges etc. Delhi Govt Tenders are issued in this department for the supply of raw materials like steel, cement, sand, machinery, tools, workforce and maintenance of the ongoing work and re-developing the damaged structures. To know more about Delhi tenders issued in this department, log on to bidassist now. Delhi Jal Board- The Delhi Jal Board is the prime body of Delhi government which is responsible for the Production and Distribution of potable and clean water. This freshwater is brought to the usage after treating raw water from various sources like river Ganga, Yamuna, Bhakhra Storage and Groundwater storage. The Delhi Jal board also provides treatment and disposal of wastewater. Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board- DUSIB is actively responsible for improving the quality of life of Slum & Jhuggi Dwellers in Delhi. The population of this capital city is around 1.40 crores. Apart from this growing population, there is a big dilemma for the government because the 1/4th of Delhi's population lives in slums. However, it is a rough assessment, but the fueling prices of properties are becoming a reason why slums are built up. DUSIB is striving hard to implement positive manifesto to rehabilitate these slums by creating economical housing system and implementing various other schemes by the Delhi government. Delhi tenders are issued for construction, supply materials, maintenance and security of these slums from time to time. Get some more details of DUSIB e-tenders Delhi in our personalised notifications, log on to BidAssist now. New Delhi Municipal Council- NDMC resolves to intensify its work in providing better civic administration and services to the citizens and visitors from the homeland and overseas. NDMC strives to improve the quality of life by maintaining equal harmony and providing social and community welfare amenities with a joint venture of public-private organisations.Its special efforts are to develop culture, environmental improvement, cleaning & greening campaigns to serve as the best metropolitan city in the country. E-Tenders Delhi is issued to this organisation for employing the workforce on a contract basis, supplying basic commodities, repair, construction and maintenance work.To know more about these Delhi govt tenders, log on to BidAssist now.
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