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Department Of Atomic EnergyAssam
Active Tenders of Department Of Atomic Energy in Assam

Active Tenders of Department Of Atomic Energy in Assam

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Assam is the state of rivers and plains. It is well known for its world-famous tea leaves and tea powders. Assam is the densely covered by forest and has one of the most fertile soils in the whole country.Due to the presence of many hills, plateaus and big rivers, Earthquakes and floods are very common in Assam, to recover the damage, the government of Assam release lot of e-tenders in Assam.We have compiled the best organisations that frequently releases the tenders under the Assam government. Have a look at them, before enrolling for any new tenders in Assam.Public Works Roads Department-The primary function of the Public Works Roads Department (PWRD) is to develop and maintain the state road infrastructure for providing efficient transportation and connectivity in the state region. It engages the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, flyovers. The department functions the works through contractors with funds provided by both the state as well as central government. It also implements Externally Aided Projects which are funded by international banks like Asian bank and world bank. Tenders are issued for supplying raw materials, RCC slabs, workforce, construction equipment and metal barricades. Many such tenders float for different types of small as well as big projects.Till now more than 200 e-tenders for Assam has been issued under the state and central government projects.Public Health Engineering Department Assam-Public Health Engineering Department of Assam enables every citizen to come up with self-awareness and self-service regarding good health, efficient cleaning and sanitation.Tenders are issued for the supply of essential hygenic commodities like masks, first aid boxes, primary medicines, health centres development, cleaning equipment, construction of information material regarding cleaning, hygiene and sanitation.Till now more than Ten e-tenders for Assam have been issued by the state government.Guwahati Municipal Corporation-GMC is the municipal corporation which covers the entire Guwahati and the neighbouring rural villages for the smooth functioning and administration of the metropolitan region.The GMC is governed by a master plan which is developed by town and country planning department of the state government.Tenders are issued to manage the works of the master plan and zoning regulations in the metropolitan region.Tenders are basically about the supply of construction equipment, rework and repair of damaged public places, extensions of major roads which are going from the city and connecting highways.Till now, GMC has issued up to five e-tenders in Assam state government.Irrigation Department Assam-Irrigation Department of the Assam government controls all the Irrigation Schemes in the State of Assam. The Department implements the works, operate the schemes and also maintains them. Irrigation and water resources development provides the necessary infrastructure for the economic growth of the country, and significant investment has been put on for this agro project.Tenders are issued for constructing and supplying the irrigation equipment like water pipes, hydro jets and hydro pumps. Tenders are also floated for construction of water lines and canals to provide water directly to the fields.More than two e-tenders from Assam government are issued for the works of this organisation.
The Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) was incorporated on August 3, 1954, under the immediate decision of the Prime Minister through the Presidential Order. As indicated by the Resolution comprising the Atomic Energy Commission. The Secretary to the Indian Government to the Department of Atomic Energy is also the ex-officio Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. DAE has been occupied with the development of nuclear force innovation, utilization of radiation technologies in the fields of agribusiness, drug, industry and fundamental research. DAE comprises five research places, three modern associations, five public sector endeavors, and three assistance associations. It has under its aegis two sheets for advancing and funding extramural research in nuclear and associated fields, science and a national organization (esteemed college). It additionally underpins eight foundations of universal notoriety occupied with research in essential sciences, space science, astronomy, malignant growth research, and instruction. It additionally has in its overlap an instructive society that gives instructive facilities to offspring of DAE representatives. The prime work of the Department of Atomic Energy is to empower India through innovation, making more wealth and giving better personal satisfaction to its residents. This is to be accomplished by making India energy independent, adding to the provision of adequate, sheltered and nutritious nourishment and better social insurance to our family through the development and sending of nuclear and radiation technologies and their applications. The Department is occupied with the structure, development, and operation of nuclear force/research reactors and the supporting nuclear fuel cycle technologies covering exploration, mining and handling of nuclear minerals, generation of overwhelming water, nuclear fuel fabrication, fuel reprocessing and nuclear waste administration. It is additionally creating cutting edge innovations which add to the national prosperity. The human asset created and specialized services being rendered by the Department have been greatly helping the Indian industry. The Department is likewise growing better yield assortments, techniques for control/annihilation of creepy crawlies accordingly securing the yields, radiation-based technologies, radiation-based techniques for finding and treatment of disease. Especially malignant growth, technologies for safe drinking water, better condition and clean industry. DAE tenders are issued in various Industrial and Mineral Sector and also in Public Sector Units. DAE e-tenders are issued for the acquiring laser distance meter to measure the long distances accurately. DAE e-tenders are also issued for the obtaining electric scooter to make the commuting work hassle-free between the campus. The tenders are also acquired for getting digital multimeter to record data and manage it. DAE tenders are also issued for the supply of copper tubes to transfer fluid and other elements through different chambers. To know more about the DAE or DAE tenders, log on to BidAssist. BidAssist provides you with an in-depth knowledge of how to acquire a tender, how to register for it, and what paperwork is required for the same. Subscribe to the premium notification of BidAssist and get the best deals and stay ahead of your competitors. Log on to BidAssist now.