Archived Tenders of Place Architects Limited

Archived Tenders of Place Architects Limited



Works To Roofs And Plant At Okehampton Charter Hall Including Replacing And Reconfiguring All Ventilation Distribution System, Installing New Maintenance Access To Hall Roof Space, Replacing Failing Flat Roof Coverings And Relaying New Natural Slate Pitched Roof Coverings. The Works Being Tendered Are Described In Full In The Specification And Consist Generally Of The Following: Designing And Erecting Scaffolding. Demolition Of Redundant Chimney. Removing And Reinstating Existing Suspended False Ceiling, Polythene Wrapped Insulation Rolls And Adding New Insulation Under. Removing Existing Air Handling Unit (ahu) For Repair And Reinstatement. Removing Existing Ahu Ductwork, Installing New Ductwork Inside Existing Roof Space To Building Services Engineers Design. Installing New Steel Access Gantry Within Existing Pitched Roof Space With New Access Ceiling Hatch. Installing New Steel Support Structure To Carry Ahu. Stripping And Recovering Work To Slated Pitched Roofs And Flat Roofs Including Constructing New Flat Roofs And Lead Valleys, Replacing Gutters And Abutment Flashings. Setting Aside Natural Slate For Salvage Company For Employer Benefit. Raising Stone Wall To New Wall Plate Height. Timber Roof Structure Modifications. Installing Replacement Roof Ventilation System, Associated Timber Repairs To Roof Structure, Slopes And At Eaves. Overhaul Rainwater Goods And Disposal System. Making Good And Decorations. Applications By The Deadline Must Include A Completed Tender Form And Schedule Of Work (section 3 Of The Specification) Including The Schedule Of Rates.

Opening Date

02 Aug 2022

Closing Date

06 Sep 2022

Tender Amount

EUR 200 K (USD 199.1 K)