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Public Works Department

  • Opening Date

    31 Jul 2019

  • Closing Date

    29 Aug 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 5,30,07,00,000

  • EMD

    ₹ 21,20,000

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Multilevl Parking And Advocates Chamber For Honble High Court Allahabada

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OFFICE OF SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER PRAYAGRAJ CIRCLE, P.W.D PRAYAGRAJ E-Tendering Notice Press Note NO – 5145 /39 Bhawan-Pray Cir /19 Date : 23-07-2019 1. The Superintending Engineer, Prayagraj Circle, P.W.D, Prayagraj on behalf of Governor of Uttar Pradesh invites percentage Rate online bids from National and International consultants. 2. Sl. N o. D is tr ic t Name of Work Estimated cost of project (Rs in Cr) Bid Securit y (Rs.) Lacs Cost of Bid Document (Rs) Time of Completion (Month) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 P ra ya gr aj Multilevel Parking and Advocates Chamber for Hon’ble High Court Allahabad 530.07 @ 2% 10.60 20.00 1-Stationary Fee Rs. 2000.00 2-Tender Fee Rs. 300.00 3- GST - Rs. 54.00 60 days for Architectural and Design Consultancy + 26 Months for Construction work + 12 Months for Defect Liability Period. 3. Website may be referred for detailed terms and conditions of invitation of Bids. 4. Bid document with detailed terms and conditions will be available online on website from 31-07-2019 to 29-08-2019 up to 12:00 Hours. Bids must be submitted online only at e-tendering portal of on or before 12:00 Hours on 29-08-2019. Bid received online will be opened on 30-08-2019 at 12:30 Hours. 5. The prospective bidders who do not posses Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) must get the same issued from approved agencies before submission of bids. (Vipin Kumar Rai) Superintending Engineer Prayagrja Circle, UP PWD, Prayagraj dk;kZy; v/kh{k.k vfHk;Urk iz;kxjkt o`Rr] yksd fuekZ.k foHkkx] iz;kxjkt bZ&Vs.Mfjax fufonk iszl lwpuk i=kad% 5145 @39 Hkou&iz;k0o`0@19 fnukad 23-07-2019 1- egkefge jkT;iky mÙkj izns'k dh vksj ls] v/kh{k.k vfHk;Urk] iz;kxjkt òRr] yks-fu-fo-] iz;kxjkt] }kjk fuEu rkfydk esa vafdr fooj.k ds vuqlkj izfr'kr nj ds vk/kkj ij vkWu ykbZu fufonk jk"Vªh; ,oa vrajk"Vªh; Lrj ij vkeaf=r dh tkrh gSaA 2- Øe al- ftyk dk;Z dk uke vuqekfur ykxr ¼djksM :0 esa½ /kjksgj /kujkf'k ¼yk[k :0 esa½ fufonk izi= ewY; ¼:0½ dk;Z iw.kZ djus dh vof/k 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 iz;kxjkt Ekk0 mPPk U;k;ky; bykgkckn gsrq eYVh yscy ikfdZXk ,oa ,MoksdsV pSEcj ds fuekZ.k dk dk; Z 530-07 @ @% 10.60 20-00 LVs”kujh pktZst :0 2000-00 fufonk +$ izi= ewY; :0 300- 00 +$ th0,l0Vh0 :0 54-00 60 days for Architectural and Design Consultancy + 26 Months for Construction work + 12 Months for Defect Liability Period. 3- osclkbV ij fufonk ls lEcfU/kr leLr fooj.k ,oa foLr`r 'krsZa rFkk fcfMax MkWD;wesUV~l vku ykbu ns[ks tk ldrs gSA 4- fufonk ls lEcfU/kr leLr vfHkys[k osclkbV ij fnukad 31-07-2019 ls 29- 08-2019 dks e/;kUg 12%00 cts rd izkIr fd;s tk ldsaxsaA vku ykbu fcM fnukad 29-08-2019 dks nksigj 12%00 cts ;k blls iwoZ bZ&fufonk ij vfuok;Z :i ls vkWuykbu tek dj nh tk;s ,oa vku ykbu izkIr leLr fcM fnukad 30-08-2019 dks nksigj 12%30 cts [kksyh tk;sxhA 5- bPNqd fufonknkrk ftuds ikl fMftVy flXuspj lfVZfQdsV (DSC) ugha gS] og bls fufonk tek djus ls igys vizwOM ,tsalh ls izkIr dj ldrs gSA ¼fofiu dqekj jk;½ v/kh{k.k vfHk;Urk iz;kxjkt òRr] yks0fu0fo0] iz;kxjktA

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