How Tender Portal revolutionized Tender Processing in India

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How Tender Portal revolutionized Tender Processing in India

Governments invite vendors to apply for tenders which are a  common way of procuring goods and services for executing government projects. The project work can vary from purchasing simple office supplies or furniture to more complex procurements involving large infrastructure projects, such as building roads or hospitals. is an online tender discovery portal that allows users to find various government opportunities based on their preference such as location, categories, industries, EMD etc. BidAssist provides a one-stop solution to thousands of businesses to ensure that all prospective bidders are able to participate and bid for various tenders in India & abroad

The main aim of building BidAssist is to ensure that companies do not have to build extensive offline networks to find new business opportunities. 

BidAssist is a first-of-its-kind tender portal in India, allowing suppliers to bid on tenders with the help of various partners in the value chain. Bidders can create a profile on the site and submit responses to pre-released bids; an algorithm automatically evaluates these responses before being assessed by a team of official evaluators. The BidAssist tender portal increases transparency in tenders because it gives small, medium and large enterprises more opportunities to respond to bids. Some of its features are mentioned below.

New Tender Alert feature

BidAssist allows users to set alerts that notifies users when a new tender is added on the website. Users can simply click on the tender alert and choose a suitable tender from a wide range of the latest tenders.

Keyword Search Engine

BidAssist allows all users to search for tenders using keywords, authorities and other filters, such as the location of the tender, from the date it was posted until its closing date. This feature helps users to respond to tenders at their most convenient time. For example, if one needs to know about highway tenders across the country, BidAssist will help them find these types of tenders by entering the keyword ‘highway.’

Tender results

BidAssist features a results section, which helps users quickly check whether their bid was accepted or rejected by creating an account with BidAssist. 

Tender Data on Excel Sheet

BidAssist allows users to download a spreadsheet consisting of the tender data, including all bidders’ contact information for easy reference. Users can also view the unit prices of each bid in their profile and see if there are any discrepancies or similarities between bids.

Location Search

BidAssist allows users to look for a relevant tender by entering an area of expertise, combined with some location filters. BidAssist has a 1-click feature that allows users to search and bid on a tender once they have submitted the key documents. For example, search ‘Maharashtra Tenders’ and you will get all of the current tenders available.


Tender discovery portals bring efficiency, better discovery and assure fairness and transparency in the bidding process. Companies can search and track relevant tenders and also get notified of new business opportunities at the earliest, hence getting first mover advantage. BidAssist allows its users to bid for government and private tenders with its user-friendly interface and makes procurement more transparent for businesses.
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