When you end up losing a tender (for technical/financial or any other reasons) that you bidded for, all of your effort goes down the drain, right? 

Wrong! Or take another case where you don’t qualify for the tender due to any either technical or financial or any other reasons. In that case, can you still get business from that lost tender? Read on to find out the answer. 

Even when you are not eligible to bid for a government tender, you can still get a share of business from them. Find out how?

There may be many government tenders which would be massive in size and opportunity that your SME/MSME can’t bid for on your own. In that case you can become a supplier for the company which will be awarded the final contract. So that means you would want to identify those tenders which have a specific product or brand mentioned in them, as they would be relevant for you in terms of becoming a supplier for that particular tender awardee company. BidAssist has the most exhaustive base of Generally most tenders with have BOQs/NITs. and Further, its advanced search can look into the requirements for specific products, or brands, and even grades could be mentioned in those documents which may be a sitting opportunity for you & your team. Now you must know this is another very important and unique feature of BidAssist. It is the only platform that can help you look for those specific tenders which will have your specific products or brands mentioned in them, thereby saving a lot of time for you and your team.  

How to stay updated with multiple numbers of tenders simultaneously?

Now if the above makes sense to you, you would want to track as many tenders as possible. But then that also becomes an extremely arduous task. 

What does BidAssist do differently to actually help you stay at the top of all tenders which are of interest to you and thereby get business even from the tenders that you may have lost. This is where BidAssist can help you with its “follow” assistant. Let’s understand how the “follow” feature on the BidAssist platform can help you with this. 

Now, being an SME you would have already built a manual system to collect tenders information informally through your own sources/network that you have built over the years. That’s great and works for a limited number of tenders. But when you want to grow your business consistently, then how do you build competitive intelligence? That’s when you need the AI powered feature of BidAssist – “follow”. When you follow the tenders that are relevant for your business, you start getting all the updates related to that tender like – technical updates, awarded bidder information etc in real time for as many tenders that you have followed, so effectively you didn’t miss on any tender updates. BidAssist is the only tender search platform that has the follow feature. So it’s truly your search assistant at all times, rather than you following up manually with multiple people, exhausting your time, energy and money. 

BidAssist.com is the right online tender search platform for you, as it has more than 4 Crore+ tenders sourced from 50K+ sources globally. You will find that there are ~150,000 active tenders in India and then another ~280,000 active tenders globally on BidAssist. It is by far the largest source of tenders, which is categorized into 50+categories. In addition there are 76 Lacs (7.6 mn) tenders results in India and 42 Lacs (4.2 mn) tender results globally. Its entire content database is more than double of any other leading players available out there in the market. 

How is BidAssist going to help you not miss any tender updates?

Now that you know how to search for your relevant tenders on BidAssist, let us learn the most important thing that will help you in not missing out any tender updates for your chosen tenders. So, if you are interested to get all the latest updates on development of a certain specific tender, all you need to do is to “follow” i.e ❤️ that tender on BidAssist.com. Once you follow a tender, you will then start getting notifications on all the updates about that tender; be it the change of dates, corrigendums, result declaration w.r.t technical qualifications or of course the final result declaration itself. 

Now that you know the secret tip on how to stay informed with all important updates, let’s also help you keep it clean and not get your phone/wa/email overcrowded with too many notifications.

How does BidAssist function?

So, just like Google, it’s extremely simple to find the relevant tenders for your SME on BidAssist.com. All you have to do is follow these simple steps: 

1. Type in your relevant search term/keyword in tenders or tender results section

2. On the results page, you will get a list of tenders based on your search query you put in

3. You may filter these tenders now based on your preferences with further advanced filters available on their website like location, authority, amount, last date etc.

4. Now if you want to receive periodic notifications just save those filters and set your frequency in notification settings under the profile section 

How to manage notifications on different channels once you follow tenders on BidAssist.com

Now this is one more very interesting and unique feature that you will find only on BidAssist.com. It gives you absolute freedom and choice to select the notification channels you want to receive your tender notifications on. All you need to do is go to the notification settings in your profile, and then you choose to receive the latest tender notifications either on SMS, WhatsApp or/and Email. If you are a SME/MSME with a team and you want them to access the latest tender notifications, you can actually add up to 5 unique email ids as part of the standard plan of BidAssist. In case you need to add more email ids, just reach out to the BidAssist support team for the same. 

Unlike other tender search platforms, you can even access your notifications from the bell 🔔 icon on BidAssist.com. What’s more is you can even filter the notifications by date range OR by notification type (like follow tender notifications Or daily tender notifications). Moreover you can also set the notification receiving frequency as per your choice as daily, weekly or monthly. Everything is in your control, always.

Save time by using BidAssist’s search assistant – the “follow” feature

Now that you are aware of such unique and extremely business friendly features designed by BidAssist just to help out SME/MSME like yours, don’t let a minute go to waste. Quickly log on to BidAssist.com and start browsing for tenders for FREE. BidAssist is a very transparent platform and in spite of all the efforts to aggregate tender information, it is likely that it may miss a few tenders. But if you let the team know they will do everything possible to get that tender on the BidAssist platform. Just reach out to the BidAssist support and share your query, and they will be more than happy to resolve your queries at the earliest. 

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