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Probable Amount of Contract : (Rs.In Figure :- Rs. 23.74 Lakh (Rs.In words :- Rs S. No. Sor Item No. Particular Unit Qty. Rate Amount Amount (in words.) Rks. Embankment Construction with Material Obtained from Borrow Pits (Construction of embankment with approved material having CBR>7 obtained from borrow pits with all lifts and leads, transporting to site, spreading, grading to required slope and compacting to meet requirement of table 300-1, 300-2 and as per relevant clauses of section -300) G.Total Cum 1662.00 144.00 239328.00 Crusher Run Macadam Base (Providing crushed stone aggregate, depositing on a prepared surface by hauling vehicles, spreading and mixing with a motor grader, watering and compacting with a vibratory roller to clause 410 to form a layer of sub-base/Base in accordance to Table No. 400-14, 400-15 and as per clause of section 407 of specification) (ii) For 37.5 mm maximum size G.Total Cum 273.00 949.00 259077.00 Construction of Shoulders with approved material/selected soil i/c excavation all lifts & leads i/c 2 S O R I te m N o . 4 .1 2 ( ii )/ 2 9 3 S O R I te m N o . 4 .1 3 B /2 9 1 S O R I te m N o . 3 .1 0 /2 4 BILL OF QUANTITIES ( BOQ) General Description of work :-N.I.T. Schedule of items for CONSTRUCTION OF CC APPROACH ROAD FROM BHOPAL VIDISHA ROAD KM. 31/10 SOR Dt-29-08-2017 Twenty Three Lakh Seventy Four Thousand Only. grading to required slope & camber of 4% and compacting using vibratory roller of 80 to 100 kN static weight to meet requirement as per relevant clause of 400 B- Hard Shoulders (CBR value >12) Total Cum 437.25 181.00 79142.00 Kilo Metre Stone (Reinforced cement concrete M15grade kilometre stone of standard design as per IRC:8-1980, fixing in position including painting and printing etc) (i) 5th kilometre stone (precast) Each 2791.00 0.00 (ii)Ordinary Kilometer stone (Precast) Each 1.00 1681.00 1681.00 (iii)Hectometer stone (Precast) Each 1.00 495.00 495.00 Direction and Place Identification signs with size more than 0.9 sqm size board.(Providing and erecting direction and place identification retroreflectorised sign asper IRC:67-2012 made of high intensity Micro- Prismatic Grade Sheeting (Type XI) vide IRC-67:2012 clause 6.7.,4.,3 and 801.3.4.3 fixed over Aluminium composite material sheet with thermoplastic core of Low density polyethylene (LDPE) between two thick skins/sheets of aluminium with overall thickness of 4mm and aluminium skin of thickness 0.3 on both side, the ACM shall conform to Table 6.1 of IRC 67:2012 & table 800-1 of MORT&H specification and high Intesity micro prismatic grade cube corner sheeting shall conform to table 6.9 of IRC 67:2012 & table 800-6 of MORT&H specification. In line with clause 6.8 IRC 67- 2012 & clause 801.3.7 of MORT&H for the directioneal, informatory place indentification and other sign boards, the messages ((legends numbers letters etc) & borders shall be cut out form durable transparent overlay of cut out from the same reflective sheeting only 5 S O R I te m N o .8 .6 /4 9 4 S O R I te m N o . 8 .1 6 /5 1 S O R I te m N o . 4 .1 3 B /2 9 Page 1 of 3 S. No. Sor Item No. Particular Unit Qty. Rate Amount Amount (in words.) Rks. Cut outs shall be from durable transparent overlay film or cut-out form the same reflective sheeting only. Cut outs shall be from durable transparent oberlay material as specified by the sheeting manufacturer and shall be bonded with the sheeting in the manner specified by the manufacturer and should be supported on MS sign post of size 75mmX 75mmX6mm fixed to ground by means of properly designed foundation of dimension 450x450x600mm with M15 grade concrete, The ACM sheet shall be fixed to the post with Four minimum four number breakaway bolts & supported with a back support frame of 25mmX25mmx3mm angle. 10 years warranty for retro Reflective sheeting from the origianl sheeting manufacturer as per clause 6.9 of IRC 67:2012 & a certified copy of three years outdoor exposu

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