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Item No. Item's Of Work Unit Qty Rate Amount 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 KSRRB 200-3.2. Clearing and grubbing road land including uprooting rank vegetation, grass, bushes, shrubs, saplings and trees of girth upto 300mm, by manual means, in area of thorny jungle, removal of stumps, disposal of unserviceable materials, stacking of serviceable materials labour charges complete as per specifications. Specification No.KRBS 200-1 MORT & H Specification (P-136 I-18.12 of BCSR 2016-17) sqm 1500.00 9.72 14580.00 2 KSRB 2-1.2: Earthwork in surface excavation in hard soil for levelling and lowering the ground manually (other than foundation of buildings, culverts, road drains and trenches of pipe lines and cables) and removing the excavated stuff to a distance not exceding 50m and lift upto 1.5m, excavated surface levelled and neatly dressed, disposed earth to be levelled after breaking of clods and neatly dressed as per specifcations. Specification No. KBS 2.1(b) / 2.3.1 (P.5/I.2.2) PWDSR - 2016-17 Cum 500.00 237.60 118800.00 3 KSRB 4-1.2 Providing and laying in position Plain cement concrete of mix 1:3:6 with OPC cement @ 220 Kgs, with 40mm and down size graded granite metal coarse aggregates @ 0.892 cum and fine aggregates @ 0.465 machine mixed, concrete laid in layers not exceeding 15 cms thick, well compacted, in foundation including cost of all materials, labour, HOM of machinery, curing complete as per specifications. specification No. KBS 4.1, 4.2, (P.12 / I 4.2) PWDSR - 2016-17 Cum 85.00 5449.68 463222.80 4 KSRB 5.2-3 : Providing and constructing granite / trap / basalt size stone masonry in foundation with cement mortar 1:6, stone hammerd dressed in courses not less than 20 cms high, bond stones, at two m. apart in each courses including cost of materials, labour, curing complete as per specifications. KBS 5.1.13 (P.23 / I 5.6) PWDSR - 2016-17 Cum 36.00 4521.96 162790.56 5 KSRB15-3.7 : Providing 18mm thick cement plaster in single coat with cement mortar 1:3, to brick masonry including rounding off corners wherever required smooth rendering,: Providing and removing scaffolding, including cost of materials, labour, curing complete as per specifications (P-109 SI NO-15.15 of BCSR 2016- 17) cum 500.00 263.52 131760.00 BANGALORE UNIVERSITY ESTIMATE Estimate for Providing and Constructing Cloth Washing Platforms for New Boys Hostel at Jnana Bharathi Campus, Bangalore University Bangalore. Page 1 of 3 Item No. Item's Of Work Unit Qty Rate Amount 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 KSRB 4-1.5: Providing and laying in position plain cement concrete of mix M20 with OPC cement at 300Kgs, with 20mm and down size graded granite metal coarse aggregate at 0.69cum and fine aggregate at 0.43cum with super plasticizer at 3ltrs conforming to IS 9103-1999 Reaffirmed-2008, machine mixed, concrete laid in layers not exceeding 15cms thick, well compacted, in foudation plinth and cills, including cost of materials labour, HOM of machineries, curing, complete as per specification. Specification no. KBS 4.1, 4.2(P.No.12, I:4.5, PWD SR:2016-2017) cum 45.00 5985.36 269341.20 7 KSRB 15.1.3 – do – Providing ruled pointing to coursed stone masonry with cement mortar 1:3, 20mm deep, after raking joints to depth of 20mm nicely lining, including cost of materials, labour, curing complete as per specifications. (Item No. - 15.3, Page No. 109 ) Sqm 150 105.84 15876.00 8 Providing and fixing Pre cast solid concrete kerb stones made out of CC 1:2:4 and finished with CM 1:3 plastering and finishing cutting etc., complete. - of size 450 x 200 x 400 mm (Item No. - 5.29.1, Page No. 25 ) Nos 250 393.12 98280.00 9 Providing granite slabs of selected quality roughly dressed and fixed in cement mortar (1:6) including fixing curing etc., complete. - 10 cms thick (Item No. - 5.31.2, Page No. 25 ) Sqm 50 841.32 42066.00 10 KSRB 13-11.1 : Providing and placing on terrace, polyethylene water storage tanks with manhole lid and suitable locking arrangements, making holes of suitable diameter for inlet,

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