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Zilla Parishad

South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

  • Opening Date

    03 Sep 2019

  • Closing Date

    17 Sep 2019

  • Tender Amount

    ₹ 9,61,903

  • EMD

    ₹ 19,238

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Nit No.-wb/s24pgs/565 -sps, Dt.-02.09.2019,sl. No. 03.

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BOQ Items
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Construction of Subgrade and Earthen Shoulders Construction of subgrade and earthen shoulders with approved material obtained from borrow pits with all lifts and leads, transporting to site, spreading, grading to required slope and compacted to meet requirement of Table 300.2 with lead upto 1000 m as per Technical Specification Clause 303.1 for Rural Roads of MORD. (Borrow pit /pre work post work measurement) cum
7M3- 682
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Drum Sheet Walling 1.40m (av.) high on Sal-bullah / Eucalyptus bullah piling 10 cm dia. and 3.25m long driven 1.75m (av.) below G.L. and 75cm centre to centre including fitting fixing 3 nos. of half bullah pieces (from 10 cm dia) and drum(empty bitumen) sheet (approved condition) of height 1.5m , cutting and straightening drum sheet (each joint must have lap length of min.50mm) including cost of necessary nails, bolts, nuts etc. and providing 2 to 3m long half bullah ties of 10cm dia. @ 2.25 m centre to centre fixed with 10 cm dia. bullah posts driven 1.5m below G.L. including cost of all materials and one coat of coal tarring to all bullah etc. complete as per direction
40Mt- 49760
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P-242/ I-4.05 [Analysed Rate] ( Roads ) Supplying , spreading and compacting Silver sand to required thickness , in layers not exceeding 150mm to proper gradient and camber , inundating each layer by water and packing and ramming layer by layer to achieve desired compaction , including lighting, guarding, barricading and making adequate earthen bundh where necessary, curing with water as per direction , mending cracks and depressions by ramming wherever necesssary.
60M3- 71485
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P- 226/ I-a of PWD (building) Brick soling with picked jhama bricks including preparation of bed as necessary with brick joints properly filled in and packed with powdered earth and including necessary cushion of similar material below the soling (and in between layers when more than one layer is used) completes as per direction
812M2- 275437
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P-322/ I-18.05 of PWD(Roads) Hire and labour charges for shuttering without staging upto 4.0 m height using approved stout props with wooden planks/ply wood / steel sheet plate with required bracing , support for any kind of plain or reinforced concrete works in all sorts of minor structure including culvert, box culvert , cross drain, pavement etc. . The rate is inclusive of fitting, fixing and stiking out after completion of work as per specification and direction. > Where staging is not required. (b) Where staging is not required.
65M3- 13910
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P-47/I-3 of PWD(B) Supplying and laying polythene sheet (150 gm/sq.m.) over damp proof course or below flooring or roof terracing or in foundation or foundation trenches.
325M2- 7800
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P-322/I-18.07(a) of PWD(B) [Analysed Rate] Providing and laying Design Mix concrete for plain / reinforced concrete work in any part of bridge (excluding bottom plugging) with coarse aggregates of appropriate nominal size and grading, fine aggregate (sand) conforming to proper grading zone, both of approved quality and cement, as necessary, including labour, cost and carriage of all materials and including preparation of design mix, approval of the same by the Engineer-in-Charge and cost for quality control, sampling, testing etc. all complete but excluding cost of labour and materials for formwork & reinforcement works. a) M 15 Grade (75mm layer)
80M3- 429062
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Construction of masonry display board to display the schematic details as directed.
1LS- 2000
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Photographs for pre / post/during construction view of the site as directed.
1LS- 200
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1LS- 102040
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Labour cess 1%
1LS- 9523

SONARPUR PANCHAVAT SAMITI Sonorpur, South 24 Pargqnqs perccntage (Above/Be1ow) rate tiorn tl-re intending contractors I'raving experience in relevant nature noted in Annexure-l (E,ncloscd). DATED- O2.O9,ZOLg NtT NO.-WB/S24PGS/565 -SPS. dt.-02.09.2019 e-tenders on and working rnentioned as of sirnilar natLlrc of Deptt./Board/Serni- and I'raving annual Contcl..pctge 2,'1 1. The Executive Offiicer on an for behalf of the and n-ragnitude of the constructional rvork ?. The accepting authority does not bind hin-r-selfto accept the lowesttendererand reserves the right to re-iect any pr ail ol tenders receire{, without assigning any reason. He turtl-rer reserves the right ol splitting up any contract and distributir-rg the same to more than one tenderer. a. This is an e-procurement tencler ancl also a two bicl tender. First bid should contair-r document ol earnest rnoney & cost of tender paper deposit. technical docun-rents (as given in clause - 4J and second bid shor-rld cor-rtain the flnancial of-f-erto be submitted online. 3. If any agency fbund subr-t-ritted t-alse documents/statements or false credential the earnest money rvill 'ne fbrfeited and the undersigned reserves the right to initiate any legal proceedings. as he deetns f-it and as per the prevalent larv of the land. 4. The intending tenderers sl-rould subrnit tenders within specit-redtirne along rvith scairned copies of a) Epic/Aadhar Card b) PAN card c) CurrentTrade License d) GST registration certificate and up to date GST clearance. e) lncome Tax return (last 3 financial year) f) Up to date Profession Tax clearance S) Copy of 'Others Terms & Condition' h) Credential certif icate noted in Annexure-l (Enclosed). 5. Date and'l'imc Schedule:- 6. Ihe intending tenderers shall have to turnish original certificate of execution ol sirnilar works ol sr-rtllcier-rt rnagnitr-rde as and wherr that rvill be der-r-randed by tl-re tenderir-rg authority. 7. During scrutiny, if it con'res to the notice to tender inviting authority that the credential or any other papers found ilcorrect/rnanufhcturecl/fabricated, tl'rtrt Tenderer will not be allowed to participate in the quotation and that application u'ill be out rightly rejected witl.rout any pre-iudice. : Sonarpur. PanchayAt Samity invites experienced,bonafrde, eligible resourceful [1. Tlre intending tenclerers ntust htrve experience and technical acufite11 in execution and completion signal work having value of lts. 10.0 lakh and above during last 5 f-rnancial year in Govt. Govt./Corporation/Stalr"rtory Authority/Undeftaking. Credential under sub-contract is not valid. 9. The intending tenderers rnust be subrr-ritted valid documents in support of annual turnover rLlnlover at least Rs.20.0 lakh or above in any one year or an average oflast three years. Sl. No. Particulars Date & Time 1 Date of uploading olN.l.T. & other Documeuts (online) (Publishing date) 03.09.2019, 06.00 PM Z Doculnents do.'vrload/sale start date (Online) 03.09.2019, 06:00 P.M. 3 Docnr.nents dorvnload/sale end date (Online) 17.09.2019, up to 12.00PM 5 Bid submission start date (On line) 04.09.2019, 10:00 A.M. 6 Date of submission of earuest monef in the form olDD and veritlcation olall original documents as mentioued in clause-4. 17.09.2019 from 01.00 PM to 05:30 PM 7 Bid Submission closing (On line) 17.09.20t9, up to 12:00PM 8 Bid opening date lor Technical Proposals (Online) 19.09.2019, 12.30 PM Pase -214 are tO r.nake a carelirl stJcll,rvith regard to all relevant f-actors as might atl-ect their rates a[rd prices. Thel'are also trcquaintecl \\ith rele\ant IS Clauses & Sub C'lauses of the Ter-rder documents and to have firlll acqr-rainteci rvith all cleLails ol' & proposed site levels. position ancl diversion c.ll'transpoftation and barricading etc. I l. lhe Bidder slloulcl quote his/ their rates in figures ancl worcls on the basis of percelltage trbove' below'or a1 pitr with thc scheclrrle of rates attached willr tl're tender tbil't-t online

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