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MODEL PLAN, ELEVATION & FOUNDATION DETAILS FoR THE co*st*r"r,o BANKURA DISTRICT. FRONT ELEVATION ALL DII\,IENCTION ARE IN 'MM' DI?AWN BY : GROUND FLOOR PLAN (SCALE - l:100) l"(q l".J l! Il I RB t t CLASSROOM I I RB I I (e00x_+80) ll ! lt l lt Dl or" ,xTz-"/^--'*9 "f f ' 4** D;"?TJ*,?&!&,, li;ti:i."iii,.r i.,:r;, ril.'..,l-iei,,j au-Al PROPOSED COLUMN FOUNDATION DETAILS & SEC, OF COLUMN, LINTAL' WALL BEAM & ROOF SLAB FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF ONE NO. ADDITIONAL CLASS ROOM IN BANKURA DISTRICT. ALL DIMENCTION ARE IN .MM. + 4 nG16 mm bar r#r a t.. "t^pll ll o tzs mm a" tlJl (2S X 250) CSLUMN SPECIFICATION o D1(DOOR)- 1200X2100 o W1(WINDOW) - 1200 x 1200 ^m-_il*i.Ff6 p* (250 X 250) yER{,\DA SORDOL 75T8, P.C C 75 TH. B,F,S mm bar@ )fuffi*n'u ,t-ttt \ \ 1, : [zJ^;*t1r* ffitt r)Distri':( l- '''";:Ccr Bankura Ziila Farishad kmro Asltt. Engineer $31,i, Banhura I SEcrcFR6oF BEEMlRil SCAI-E-1:25 COLUMN FOUNDA I ION UE I AILS SCALE-l:50 MODEL ESTIMATE FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF ONE NO, ADDITIONAL CLASS ROOM IN BANKURA DISTRICT. This Estimate has been formed on the basis of schedule rate under P.W.D, (Effective From 1st November 2017) Sl no Items No Length Breoth Height Quantity Unit Rate Amount 1 Vol-1-A-2-o, P-01 Earthwork in excavotion of foundation trenches in oll sorts of soil inctuding removing spreading Or stocking the spoils within a leod of 75m& depth of excavation not exciding 7.5m Column 12 1.500 1.500 L.500 40.500 cum Moin wall 1_ 24.200 0.375 0.450 4.084 cum Steps & rump 1 5.000 0.300 0.300 0.540 cum TOTAL:- 45.L24 cum 1_L9.27 538L.94 2 Vol-1-A-4-A,P-02 Filling in foundation or plinth by silver sond in layers not exceeding 750mm as directed ond consolidoting some by soturation with water ramming completed. lncluding the cost of supply of sand Column 12 L.500 1.s00 0.2s0 6.750 cum Moin woll 1 24.200 0.375 0.150 1.361 cum Floor of room 1 9.000 4.800 0.600 25.920 cum Verondo 1 9.000 1.800 0.600 9.720 cum 7/3 th of excavotion % th of 4s.124 L5.041 cum TOTAL:- 58.793 cum 375.21 22059.72 3 Vol-1-C-1, P-14 Single layer brick flot soling of picked ihoma bricks including romming ond dressing of bed to proper layer and fitlinq joints with locol sand Column 12 1.500 1.500 27.000 sqm Main woll L 39.200 0.37s L4.700 sqm Floor of room 1 9.000 4.800 4i.200 sqm Veronda 1 9.000 1.800 16.200 sqm TOTAL:- L01.100 sqm 294.00 29723.40 4 VoL7-C-22, P-34 Cement conc. with graded stone ballast (32mm size) excluding shuttering with (6:3:1) proportion Column 12 1.500 1.500 0.075 2.025 cum TOTAL:- 2.0s0 cum 3255.00 6672.75 5 Vol-L-C-4-d, P-24 ordinarycementconcrete(mix1:2:4)withgrodedstonechips(20mmnominolsize)excludings floor os per relevant ls codes....(d) with local hard blackstone variety chips (crusher broken) Floor of room 1 9.000 4.800 0.075 i.240 cum Veranda 1 9.000 1.800 0.075 L.215 cum Steps & rump 1 3.000 1.500 Q.12s 0.563 cum TOTAL:- 5.018 cum 4218.00 2LL65.92 6 Vol-1-C-10-(iv), P-26 Ordinory Cement concrete (mix 1:1.5:3) with graded stone chips (20 mm nomino! size) excluding shuttering and reinforcem"rt y ony floor as per relevont lS codes. Col u m ns recto ngu I o r portion 12 L.500 1.500 0.200 5.400 cum Col u m ns tro pezoi dal portion 12 0.900 0.900 0.300 2.916 cum Columns up to roof level 12 0.250 0.250 5.250 3.938 cum Plinth level beam L 39.200 0.250 0.37s 3.57s cum Lintel 1 27.100 0.2s0 0.L50 L.0L6 cum Verondo Sordol 1 12.100 0.250 0.250 0.755 cum Chojja for Veronda 1 14.100 0.450 0.075 0.476 cum Chojjo for windows 3 1.450 0.450 0.07s 0.L47 cum Roof beom 2 4.800 0.250 0.350 o.840 cum Wall beam L 39.200 0.250 0.300 2.940 cum Roof slab 1 9.500 7.350 0.12s 8.728 cum TOTAL:- 30.8j21 cum 4888.001 7 Vdl-1-C-40-a [ii), P-44 | Reinforcement for reinforced concrete work in all sorts of structures including distribution stiffups, Binder's etc including supply of rod' cutting to requisite rength, hooking And bending to correct shape placing in pioper position complete as per drawing anil direction"'(i) Tor sre el /-tt rt d sie eL..'..1 t

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